Cody Loves The Spotlight

Before dinner tonight, I had a little fun playing with my favorite fur ball. :) Turns out, he was enjoying the spotlight.




Until dinner was ready, that is…then the only thing he wanted anything to do with was getting to my plate.


I can’t blame him, though. It may have been a pretty simple dinner, but it tasted incredible!


Hubby got to choose the bread selection in the house this week, so he went with potato bread. Potato bread is actually one of my favorites, but I always feel the need to buy whole wheat. Either way, it’s a welcomed change!


I made a turkey & provolone sandwich, complete with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and honey mustard. Mmmm Mmmm GOOD!


On the side I finished up the remaining tomato, along with about a serving’s worth of TJ’s Tortilla Chips with an Identity Crisis.


For my dessert, I’m planning on having two of my chocolates: milk chocolate caramel & dark chocolate truffle. Mmmm. 😛


Now Jay and I are about to play a new game that we bought ourselves for Christmas! I’ll give you a hint: it’s one of our favorite summertime games, only smaller…

Mini Flippin’ Cornhole!


How fun is this, right?? We found it while out shopping for the other people on our list, but we seriously could not pass it up. The guy at the store told us that he actually goes to pick these up from an Amish man who makes various things from wood. Super neat! 😀


Hey! Get outta there mister!


Hopefully we can get in a couple games before Cody totally hijacks the whole thing. 😉

Have a good night everyone!! 😀


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