Early Morning Paint Date

Well, hubby wasn’t kidding; we were both up nice and early to get some painting done this morning. I tried to treat it as an early morning date, which made it that much more fun. :)


We’ve only got one coat on the walls so far, but I am so happy with the color!


We picked out our paint color a couple nights ago, using our countertop as somewhat of a guide. The picture below really doesn’t show the wall color very well, but you can see how it coordinates with the countertop nicely. :)


I guess I’m in charge of finishing up the second coat later this afternoon. Yikes! 😯

I’m taking today as a “rest” day from working out because, well, I just feel like it. Our painting efforts this morning interfered with my planned BodyPump class, but I’m really not too worried about it. My muscles are actually still pretty sore from Tuesday’s strength training, so I’ll just enjoy my rest day. :)

And I’ll enjoy another delicious breakfast while I’m at it, too. 😉


Today’s pick was another favorite of mine: the Cereal Combo Bowl!



I’ve got to make a trip to the mall later this morning (which will most likely include a Starbucks pit stop), followed by a visit to mom for a little hair trim. Time to get rid of these split ends! 😉

Question for the Morning:

Do you enjoy painting?

*If so, want to come and take care of this second coat for me???? 😉


  1. Liz says

    When I was 18, I had started a new job and went to a movie with a coworker and my boss, both older than me (old enough to be my mother). It was The Crying Game which I had no idea at the time what is was about. Anyway, at one point my boss reached over and covered my eyes. I was like what the heck. Anyway, not a good movie to go to with people you don’t know very well!

  2. says

    The kitchen is coming together so nicely. I LOVE it.
    I hope you had a WONDERFUL Christmas- sorry I’ve been MIA on blog reading- just catch up…or at least trying.
    Have a great time painting…or at least try :)
    Holly recently posted..Christmas Re-Cap

  3. Thetreadmilldiaries says

    Good paint color choice. It goes perfectly with the countertop pattern. And I wouldn’t worry about missing your workout. You’re getting some serious calorie burn in painting the room I bet.


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