Friday, January 14, 2011

Pick ME, HLB!

by Courtney on January 14, 2011


So have you guys visited Healthy Living Blogs yet? If not, then you definitely need to go give it a peek. They have so much to offer over there, and are really a great way to meet new bloggers, too! So by visiting HLB, I happened to come across a very exciting post a few […]


Speedy Interval Run

by Courtney on January 14, 2011

Winking smile

So I have to tell you guys about this killer, speedy interval run that I did this morning…it was intense! I’m pretty sure that I got this fantastic routine from Holly, although I’m not totally positive. (Holly! Help me out…was this you???) [] Those 10’s are NO JOKE! Talk about a nice Friday morning wake-up […]


Double Date Night Deals

by Courtney on January 14, 2011

Open-mouthed smile

Last night was so much fun! Jay and I had a blast hanging out with Sarah and Jeff at dinner. They’re such great company, how could we not?? YAY for Double Date Night Celebrations! (yeah, I rocked the glasses and the extremely static-y hair yesterday…blah!) Once we got to Wheatfields, we tried to snag a […]