Double Date Night Deals

Last night was so much fun! Open-mouthed smile

Jay and I had a blast hanging out with Sarah and Jeff at dinner. They’re such great company, how could we not??


YAY for Double Date Night Celebrations! Open-mouthed smile


(yeah, I rocked the glasses and the extremely static-y hair yesterday…blah!)

Once we got to Wheatfields, we tried to snag a table in the bar area so we could get the “Happy Hour” specials, but it was pretty packed. Fortunately, the staff was extremely accommodating and said they would honor the deals for where we were. The four of us were very impressed with how friendly and helpful they were. Smile

So we started off with a round of drinks, which are “Two for One” from their 4-7 Happy Hour. Saweeeeet!

I ordered a glass of Pinot Grigio, which eventually turned into two once I got my “two-fur” later on in the evening. Winking smile


After sitting for probably 30 minutes without even looking at the menu, we figured it’d probably be a good idea to order some food…


Another phenomenal deal that Wheatfields offers during Happy Hour is $5.00 pizzas.

For Real.

No question there!


Sarah and I ordered the Blanco pizza to share, which has caramelized onions, ricotta, roasted garlic, goat cheese, and mozzarella.

It was awesome.


The boys both got their own pizzas to share. Jay ordered the Margherita pizza, which I traded him a piece of mine for. It was, once again, delicious.


Then to share with the table, we got an order of Bruschetta,


and their Sweet and Sour Calamari.


This calamari is fantastic. The sauce was actually almost a little too spicy for me (although that’s not saying much…). but the flavor really was incredible!


The four of us decided that we’re actually going to try to make this a bi-weekly event…especially after we saw how great the price was. Believe it or not, for 2-3 drinks per person, 3 pizzas, calamari, and bruschetta, our total bill only came to $51 and some change.

Seriously! Is that not a deal or what??? Open-mouthed smile


Now I’m about to head out the door to tackle this Friday, but I think I can handle it…

It’s pay day, it’s Coffee Friday, and it’s Comfy Cozy day!


*Let’s consider this my Fashion Friday post for today, shall we?* Winking smile

I really think I could get used to rockin’ this kind of attire to work everyday, wouldn’t you??

Question for the Morning:

What are YOU celebrating this Friday?? Smile


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    I miss Wheatfields! We used to always go there when my now husband went to Skidmore. We have to get back up to Saratoga sometime soon. It’s been way too long. Happy weekend!

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