Pick ME, HLB!

So have you guys visited Healthy Living Blogs yet? If not, then you definitely need to go give it a peek. They have so much to offer over there, and are really a great way to meet new bloggers, too!

So by visiting HLB, I happened to come across a very exciting post a few weeks back about a giveaway for one registration to Camp Blogaway. Plate

Camp Blogaway?? What is that?

Well, Camp Blogaway is basically what you’d call a food blogger + traveler’s dream weekend. HLB puts it best…

Camp Blogaway is a weekend of the very best food blogging education, held in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California. The list of speakers, topics and activities can only be classified as EPIC, featuring presentations by some of the most popular people in food blogging, hands-on breakout sessions, and several fun extra-curricular activities you can expect to find at camp – including hiking & wine tasting!

So, in order to enter the giveaway, I had to put my thinking cap on and plead my case for why I should be chosen for the free registration…

Ahhh, the pressure! Confused smile

Well, after a couple nights of brainstorming, a few glasses of wine, and a few pieces bunch of chocolate, I finally came up with a way to express exactly…

Why I Should Win the Camp Blogaway Registration…

brought to you exclusively in a “Camp Blogaway” acrostic poem:

California has been calling my name forEVER! Being from the east coast, I don’t get the opportunity to travel to that neck of the woods too often. This would be EPIC.

Activities sponsored by Wilton? Yes, please! Hello, “Fondant University” here I come!

My sanity will be forever grateful…by the end of April, this 5th grade teacher will be ready for a weekend AWAY. I know, I know…this acrostic poem post has teacher written ALLLL over it.

Pointers from the fabulous speakers listed for this year’s events would be MORE than welcome! Who wouldn’t love to learn a little bit more on how to build a better community and balance the pressures of blogging???

Bootcamp? I LOVE the sound of blogging + bootcamp in the same scenario. Should I pack up my camos?

Look at that list of speakers! Lori Lange of RecipeGirl??? Do you think if I ask nicely, she’d make some of her Samoa M&M Blondies for me?

Out of all the (almost) 27 years of my life, I’ve never gone away to camp. As a youngster, I was always too afraid to leave home and would get homesick. Now? I’m ready to experience LIFE…bring it on, new adventures!! 

Getting the chance to meet so many new faces leaves me giddy with excitement. Not to mention the fact, it will give me a chance to giveaway some of the 200+ business cards I have sitting in a box on my desk…

After seeing all of the breakout sessions, I got so excited, I may have peed a little…

Wine tastings and me go together like, well…umm…how ‘bout we say peanut butter and anything. Needn’t say more.

Aaaaand, while we’re at it…you totally tugged at my heart strings by throwing in the opportunity to go hiking. Would you believe that I’ve never, EVER, been hiking? This needs to be changed ASAP, don’t you think?

You know you want to some vlogs on the good ‘ol blog! If I get the chance to go to Camp Blogaway, hopefully Carolyn O’Neil can prep me for that TV show, “Baking with Sweet Tooth Courtney” I’ve been dreaming about…?

Whew. That took a lot out of me…I think I need to go grab another glass of wine and a piece of chocolate. Winking smile

Pick ME, HLB!! Fingers crossed


  1. Jen says

    My favorite part – when you said “After seeing all of the breakout sessions, I got so excited, I may have peed a little.” Hahaha!!


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