Am I Really Going To Cali?

I think I’m still in shock…

I can’t believe that I’m going to California!! Open-mouthed smile

All afternoon I’m pretty positive I walked around this place with a huge smile plastered on my face. Open-mouthed smile I was so pumped, I even decided to do a second workout after my morning run.

But of course, I also took some time to fuel up…

Starting out with a veggie + cracker + hommus plate.


You can never beat a simple hommus combo…especially when there’s Kashi crackers involved!


About an hour later, I munched on a plain Chobani mixed with some honey, cinnamon, and topped with Kashi Heart to Heart cereal.


Again, simple yet super satisfying.


Before I knew it, dinner time rolled around, so I got to work on our menu for tonight: Pizza!


I used a Trader Joe’s Garlic & Herb pizza dough, and topped it with some pizza sauce, reduced-fat mozzarella, roasted peppers, onions, and broccoli, and a link of Italian herb chicken sausage.


Since broccoli sometimes bothers hubby’s stomach, I made sure to keep it all on my side. Winking smile


I enjoyed two pieces for dinner, and easily could have gone for a third, but I’m saving room for dessert tonight.



I was so proud of the fact that I held off on my sugar cravings all day, so I’m going to end my evening with a nice sweet treat! Now the only question is: Fudgy Peanut Butter Brownie Cupcake or Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chunk cookies??? Rolling on the floor laughing

Either way, I’m going to enjoy every last bite…maybe it will help me forget about this cold that has suddenly taken over my body. Sad smile I’d been trying to avoid the lingering symptoms since Saturday, but by this afternoon it seems to have hit full-force. My nose is sore. Real sore.

So hopefully a little dessert and a good night’s rest will have me feeling better by tomorrow!

P.S. – Make sure to check back tomorrow morning…I mayyy or may not have a giveaway coming your way! Winking smile

Question for the Evening:

Any tips to help curb cold symptoms???


  1. says

    Congrats again! I’m so excited for you. I’d have been walking around with a smile on my face if I were you, too. :)

    I swear by zinc lozenges – start taking them right when you start to show symptoms of a cold. My pharmacist once recommended it to me and I really think it cuts down the duration of the cold.
    Liz (Little Bitty Bakes) recently posted..3-2-1 Brownie Batter Dip

  2. briana says

    Im in the same bout Iv’e had a runny nose and been sneezing all day, my biggest tips are taking zicam and airborne and if you get congested boil water with peppermint and sage and steam cover your head with a towel and breathe all that in for as long as you can. Sounds wierd but it works!

  3. says

    Congrats on the big win–can’t wait to see all you do/see/learn on your Cali adventure. I knew you’d win :-) :-)

    And feel better with your cold–that’s never fun!

  4. Stefanie says

    I’ve never tried EmergenC, but whenever I feel I’m coming down with something I take Airbourne, which I think is similar. I take it in the morning & evening and it works like a charm every time!

  5. says

    Sleep and water. When I went to college a friend of mines Mom who is a Dr. pulled us all aside and told us that if we started to get sick we should drink a lot of water all day everyday.
    Ellie recently posted..The Globes

  6. amy says

    Congrats on ur trip. I’m so excited for u. You’ll have a blast.
    To knock that cold out quick get u some vitamin C with BIOFLAVINOIDS(very importtant) and take 5,000 mg a day till u feel better. It knocked my cold out in a day, hubby who wouldn’t swallow pills was sick over a week.


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