I’ve Got Goodies Up For Grabs

If you read STSL often, then it should be no secret that I love cereal.

So when I was contacted from MyBlogSpark asking if I’d be interested in participating in a giveaway involving Multigrain Cheerios cereal, there was really no question!


I honestly LOVE Multigrain Cheerios! I don’t know why I don’t think to pick it up more often?!?

Well, Multigrain Cheerios has teamed up with The Biggest Loser and created the Biggest Loser Club. On specially marked box of Multigrain Cheerios, you will find a special code which will give you exclusive access to tools on the Multigrain Cheerios website, such as:

    • A Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator to gauge how much weight you may need to lose or gain to be considered healthy and not at risk for serious health problems
    • An exclusive 7 Day Plan that pairs daily meal plans with cardio and strength-training routines
    • 15 tasty recipes that will give your body the fuel it needs to get through the day
    • Daily workouts that couple cardio with mobility and resistance exercises to hit major muscle groups

To help spread the word, Cheerios is offering to giveaway a prize pack to one lucky reader! Open-mouthed smile

mg cheerios_web

Included in the prize pack:

  • One box of Multigrain Cheerios cereal with an exclusive online code
  • Gym bag
  • Water bottle
  • Cereal container


I am totally loving the abundance of purple in this prize pack!! I don’t know about you…but I’d be excited. Winking smile

The water bottle and cereal container are both perfect for those on-the-go snacks you might need for at work, the gym, or even while traveling.


And check out the snazzy gym bag!


Seriously, who can’t use a new bag, right? Smile


So you want in on the goods??

Here’s How To Enter (up to 3 entries!):

  1. Leave a comment on this post telling me why you need this prize pack (this entry is mandatory).
  2. Become a fan of Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life’s Facebook page, and leave a comment letting me know that you did (or that you already are!)
  3. Tweet about this giveaway (“I just entered @SweetToothCourt’s Giveaway! – http://bit.ly/fac9Ij) and leave another comment letting me know that you did.

**I will announce the winner of the Multigrain Cheerios Prize Pack on Friday, January 21st.**

GOOD LUCK!! Open-mouthed smile

*Disclaimer: Cheerios provided me with the product and information through MyBlogSpark. All opinions expressed were my own.


  1. says

    Oooh! I love Cheerios! I would love this prize pack because I am a girl on the go; I work over an hour from my house so I have to load up my car with lunch, work clothes, gym clothes and any other goodies I might need over 12 hrs. It is hard to keep it all togehter, so these bags and containers would be great!

  2. Sam says

    I think I need the prize pack so I can help my “Biggest Loser”-like team win our “De-chunk-athon” at school. Someone you know very well is on my team… 😉

  3. Lauren says

    Ooooh yum! I love cheerios! I could really use that cereal container at work since I usually wait to eat until after I teach my first class. The bag and bottle would be an added bonus!

  4. patience says

    I too am a fan of multigrain cheerios, well any cereal for that matter. I would love to win this for the cereal container. I currently pack cereal every morning in a zip lock bag so this would save me time and money. I also follow you on fb.

  5. Julia says

    I need the prize pack because of the gym bag as well as the cereal container! Going from classes to meetings to work, it’s hard to find time to get to the gym, especially if you don’t have any kind of gym bags to help bring your stuff along to make for quick transitions!

    I’m also a obsessed with cereal :) Cheerios just have a way of making you completely satisfied and happy after eating them!

  6. says

    I need this because I just melted my favorite water bottle in the dishwasher :(
    Also, I take cereal with me to work every day, so the container would be much better than a ziplock bag!

  7. Karla says

    I need this because I am a teacher who leaves for work at 5:45am and since I am still practically sleeping when I leave, I need something to pack cereal in so I can eat when I get to work!

  8. TJ says

    Like the Cheerios. Don’t want the pack though lol. And my main reason for leaving a comment was to BASH the crappy BMI. Its a terrible way to guage whether you need to shape up. Any person that has any reasonable amount of muscle mass will always show up as needing to drop weight. Body fat tests, not just calipers, are MUCH better. Sorry sweetie. You know I love ya anyway.

  9. Karen says

    I am a HUGE cereal person as well. I could eat cereal for all three meals and two snacks…ha-ha. I love the that the three items are purple which is one of my favorite colors. The cereal container would be great because I bring cereal with me to work everyday so that would help out so much plus the water bottle would be great for work & the gym. The gym bag looks so nice as well. Hope you have a great day!!

  10. Andrea says

    I need this prize pack because I need some more purple in my life! (as I type this from my purple laptop with my purple blackberry beside me… haha)

  11. says

    I am a lover of all things cereal! I eat it every day and I love, love, love Multigrain Cheerios! I need this bag because I am constantly shuttling myself between my apartment, my fiances apartment, visiting my parents, work and class. It would be so marvelous to have one nice bag (I love purple) to be dedicated to the gym!
    Colleen @ The Lunchbox Diaries recently posted..Back In Action!

  12. Amara says

    I am in desperate need to get my booty back in the gym after the holidays! That purple-licious bag could definitely do the trick! My fiance stole my bag for himself and subsequently ripped it (p.s. I haven’t forgiven him yet!). Plus, I drive an hour to the gym after work and would love to try out that cereal container to prevent them from spilling all over the car like they currently do. On top of all that – PURPLE is my favorite color!

    *I am a faithful Facebook fan already! :)

  13. Kelly says

    I would love this prize pack because I just left my water bottle in my anthropology class about 30 minutes ago, and I’m going to die of thirst, haha!

  14. Whitney L. says

    I would LOVE to win the prize pack because the Multi Grain Cheerios are my new favorite cereal!!! It’s the breakfast I ate most mornings while we were in Hawaii for Christmas so eating it brings back memories… I’m currently out of cereal so it would be wonderful to win :)

  15. says

    I want to win because I want to find out if my goals (for losing weight!) are realistic & healthy! Plus my yoga bag has seen better days 😉

    Now I’m off to facebook to “like” your page! & then I shall tweet tweet tweeet!
    Leanne (For Health’s Sake) recently posted..Love

  16. Lindsey says

    I need this prize pack because I am in desperate need of an actual GYM bag. I am currently using a raggedy duffle bag to shlep my stuff to and from the gym. My current water bottle is kind of a pain to open and close and I love containers b/c I pack breakfast, lunch and snacks every single day to take to work and you can never have too many containers! I’m also excited to try out the BL online tools :) If I don’t win, I will still get the MG Cheerios and try it out. Plus, I live in Baltimore and purple=Ravens!

  17. says

    What a great giveaway! I need this prize pack because I need a new gym bag desperately and I want to start taking water in a reusable bottle to work again. I lost my favorite Nalgene, but a new bottle would give me motivation to start carrying one again :)
    Jessi recently posted..Shop Til You Drop

  18. Lacey says

    I need ALL of the items!! Multigrain cheerios really are delicious! I don’t have a gym bag, all my items stay loose in my car! The water bottle is beautiful and I’ve been wanting one of those cereal contains forEVER!! Pick me!

  19. Jessica says

    I would LOVE this prize pack! Ive been reading healthy blogs for a few months now, and as of January 1st I started eating healthy, learning portion control, and my next step is to start exercising!! I’ve lost about 6 lbs so far but I have sooo much more to go!!

  20. Jennifer says

    I need this prize pack because I need all the help/motivation I can get to be in shape for my wedding in April! And I love Cheerios!

  21. says

    I would love to win this not only for all the snazzy purple gear, but the website seems like it would be wonderful for me. I would love to have access to the recipes, BMI calculator, and the motivation.
    Kristi recently posted..The Great Debate

  22. Julie K. says

    I could definitely use all of prize pack! The purple waterbottle would keep me drinking water throughout the day, the bag would make me go to the gym (quite a bit more), cereal container=easier to transport breakfast to work, and Multigrain cheerios….YES PLEASE!!

  23. Michelle says

    I need this for 2 reasons:
    A. My birthday is coming up on January 26th – what a great birthday present if I won!
    B. My husband is addicted to cheerios so getting him hooked on the healthier Multi Grain version would be sweet!

  24. says

    Dear Courtney,

    I’ve been thinking of a way to express my need for this prize,
    so I’m going to give it one of my greatest tries!
    I am writing a poem for all to see,
    why the winner of these treats should clearly be me!
    I am training for a half marathon so water is dire,
    and that cute purple water bottle would match all of my running attire!
    That little purple bowl would be perfect to bring breakfast to work,
    eating a good breakfast keeps me from acting like a jerk. :)
    The gym bag is handy and stylish to boot,
    If I won it, I would tote around all of my new loot!
    Last but not least, those Cheerios are calling my name…
    Healthy, delicious and sweet…oh how I love multigrain!
    I hope that you thought this poem was off the hook…
    and now off I go to comment on your facebook!

  25. says

    I need this prize pack because:

    1. I love purple (look at my blog if you don’t believe me ;))
    2. I always bring my lunch to work and the containers would be absolutely perfect for on the go!
    3. The gym bag would be perfect for all my gym and dance gear!
    Lauren @ Hungry Dancer recently posted..Personal Stylist

  26. Kelly says

    I need this prize pack b/c I’m always reusing my plastic water bottles and I could use a new one…especially in my favorite color!!
    I also LOVE cheerios so that won’t hurt either 😉

  27. says

    I need the prize pack to fit my busy life style. I always take my breakfast on the go (on my way to work as a teacher), so the cereal container would be great! Then, after a long day of standing on my feet, I leave the school and hit the gym. Clearly, the bag and water bottle would come in handy. And I can always use delicious cereal. :)
    Molly Carter recently posted..Fudge Covered Ritz Crunch Cookies

  28. Malika S. says

    I NEED this prize because I absolutely ADORE this cereal. I eat multigrain cheerios 5 times a week and I never get tired of it. I’m not even kidding! I would love the cereal container (: Not to mention that gym bag is hardcore! haha Thanks for the opportunity Courtney & Cheerios!

  29. Jennifer says

    I would love this gift pack because: I have wanted to try this kind of Cheerios (I’m obsessed with Cheerios), I don’t own a gym bag and would like one, and that cereal holder is cool and would come in handy so my cereal wouldn’t get crushed like it does in a bag!

  30. Denise says

    I haven’t had Multigrain Cheerios in ages. My last dose of Cheerios was the Honey Nut variety. :) I would love to win this giveaway!

  31. Jennifer says

    I need this prize pack because I love cheerios and I need a new gym bag! Plus, the cereal container is adorable.

  32. VanessaG says

    I love cereal, especially Cheerios!! . I’m a first grade teacher and always need breakfast to go. Oh, and as a bonus my birthday is next Friday (28th) and my favorite color is purple! Please, I need some Multi Grain Cheerios in my life!!

  33. Madison says

    Hi :) I NEED this prize pack because I just signed up for my first 1/2 marathon and have begun training (inside on a treadmill until this upstate weather picks up!). I also just moved out into my first apartment and money is tight and I can’t buy fun things like this for myself. It would be nice to have a little surprise to keep me motivated and to keep my healthy during these next few training months!!!

  34. Suzanne says

    I would LOVE to win this prize pack from Cheerios! I literally purchased a membership to a yoga studio just 5 minutes ago online and the gym bag, water bottle and cereal container would be perfect to help me stay motivated! Since I intend to hit the studio in the mornings before work, I can then pack my breakfast to tote along with the rest of my new gear :)

  35. Heather says

    I need the prize pack b/c I am in need of a new gym bag & b/c I LOVE anything purple! It’s even the color of my bridesmaid dresses for my wedding!!

  36. laura says

    I need this prize pack because I really need to step up my intake of multigrain foods. i’ve been in a MAJOR food rut, but a new cereal would certainly help!

  37. Ashley Green says

    I’m a teacher too (2nd grade) and I NEED to start eating breakfast on a regular basis – that cereal container would be super helpful =)

  38. Aria says

    I would LOVE that gym bag because now that I’m frequenting the gym more often (wedding in t-minus 9 months!) I’m in desperate need of a real gym bag! Plus my fiance would looveee those cheerios :)

  39. Kathryn says

    I’d love a new gym bag….mine has a rip. I love cherrios of all kinds. They are so addicting that I don’t keep them in the house too often in fear of eating half a box in one sitting.

  40. Jordan W. says

    I need this awesome Cheerios prize pack because (a) I’m almost out of cereal and (b) I commute 45 minutes to work but I’m rarely hungry when I leave but starving by the time I get there. I would love to have a cool container so I can enjoy cereal at the office :)

  41. Brianna says

    I would love this prize pack because I absolutely love both Multigrain Cheerios and the Biggest Loser!!! Awesome!

  42. Jessica T. says

    What a great prize!!!
    I definitely need it because I am a teacher who feels like she lives at work and never has a break, but packs breakfast, lunch and snack every day and a bag for the gym to go after work or when I coach Girls on the Run. I want to make sure I’m fueled and stay healthy given that I’m never home and ride metro to work (so I can’t keep things in a car :/ ). Water bottle, cereal container and bag (and of course the CHEERIOS!!!) would help make life easier!!

  43. says

    Soo many reasons why! But they all revolve around one basic thing. I am a broke college student!
    1.) I don’t even have a gym bag, I just carry all my stuff in my backpack when I head to the gym :(
    2.) I love Cheerios! I eat them as a snack straight out of the box instead of chips! YUM!
    Natalia@ The Health Script recently posted..Exciting Running News!

  44. Erica says

    I would love to win this!!! I am a grad student so I am constantly in class or working which means I never know where/when I’ll be able to eat something. As a result I tend to bring lots of snacks wherever I go which is why the water bottle and cereal container (plus the addicting/delicious Cheerios) would be great! Because of my crazy schedule, I also never know when I’ll be able to fit in a quick trip to the gym so I always have some workout gear in my car just in case. My current gym bag has definitely seen better days and a new one would be fantastic!

  45. says

    Eeee! I LOVE cereal! I’m a student in college and it would definitely be great because I’m always on campus during the day and I need a good snack. I’m also a journalist so I’m always running around in places I don’t know — snacks on hand are a must!
    Floey recently posted..Al Final

  46. says

    I want to win this because it will leave me with no choice but to eat a healthy breakfast because I can take it with me to work. I am not hungry when I get up and have had a really hard time finding a way to bring anything to work so this would be great!
    Thanks for the chance!

  47. Jody says

    I would love to win this prize pack for my mom. Over the past 7 months or so (excluding the holidays) she has been trying so hard to change her life style of healthy living and eating. She has done a fabulous job, losing roughly 25 lbs but did struggle over the holidays, so I want to give her a few new gifts to rejuvinate her motivation for her! She would be so appreciative.
    Thanks so much, have a great day :)

  48. says

    I would love this prize pack! My racing alter ego is Grape Crush and I try to get all the purple I can! Its also my college color, and the color of Relay for Life, the overnight American Cancer Society fundraiser which I bring a group of high school students to every year. And my husband and I LOVE those cheerios!!!
    Michelle recently posted..The cold-weather running blues


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