Guess What I Found Out Today?

Well, yesterday was a bit of a bummer…


Unfortunately, my Jets didn’t win their game last night, but I was at least happy to see them put up a good fight. The beginning of the game was lookin’ iffy!

Fortunately, I was in good company, with plenty of good food to go ‘round…



(FYI: One positive thing about snow? It acts as a fantastic substitute for ice in the cooler! Winking smile)



Unfortunately, I proceeded to drown my sorrows in way too many chocolate chip cookie cups. Ooooof. Embarrassed smile


I went to bed feeling pretty stuffed and gross, but since I didn’t get into bed until late, I decided an early morning workout was probably out of the question. I did, however, decide to start it out on the right foot with a simple and healthy breakfast!

All stacked up and ready for consumption. Winking smile


Using my new cereal container, I packed up some Multigrain Cheerios + granola…


and mixed it up with a vanilla Chobani and about 1/2 a container of blueberries.


Along with my coffee, it was deeeeeeLISH! (<— Fun fact: Jay can’t stand when I say this!) Rolling on the floor laughing



Lucky me had the pleasure of enjoying lunch at home today. Ohhh, it’s the little things. Smile

I kept it simple with some baby carrots + grape tomatoes,


along with the rest of my leftover Pasta Fagioli.


A slice of Italian bread and a handful of Kashi crackers also went undocumented.


So do you guys wanna know why I was able to enjoy lunch from home today???

Well, I had a doc appointment this afternoon to get allergy tested.

This was my first time ever being tested, and guess what…


Turns out, I’m full of allergies! Disappointed smile

Apparently, I’m allergic to a lot of things, but some of my worst offenders are grass, mold, dogs…and my number one allergy?…


CATS Sad smile


Awwww Cody! At least he knows there’s no way we’re gettin’ rid of him…I guess I’ll just have to keep taking my allergy meds.


After my appointment, I did a simple workout of my 45 minute Interval Treadmill Walk + 20 minutes of Abs. My legs are feeling pretty tight from yesterday’s run, so today’s workout really hit the spot.


Check it out!


I cooked!!!!

Granted, it wasn’t anything crazy, but I’ve been getting pretty antsy with not being able to do anything.


I picked up some tilapia filets at the grocery store yesterday, and put together this simple dish.


I served up our tilapia with some steamed sugar snap peas. I loooove me some sugar snap peas!!


Now I’m thinking that a nice mug of tea and one cookie will be a perfect dessert for tonight while Jay and I do some more work in the kitchen…

Things are alllllmost done!!!!

Question for the Evening:

Do you like eating fish? If so, what’s your favorite?


  1. says

    Oh my goodness – I can’t believe you’re allergic to Cody! I’m happy to hear that you’ll be keeping him, though!

    Also, thanks for sharing the tilapia recipe. I’m always looking for new fish recipes (my husband LOVES fish), so this is super helpful.

  2. says

    I was allergy tested in the first grade.

    in the first grade your arms are not large enough for all those needles.
    so they put them in your back.
    but they don’t put them in your back at once.
    I’m pretty sure i had to go for five different sessions.

    not a fan. not a fan.

    p.s. i miss you. let’s play, soon!
    Heather recently posted..The Lonely Files- Part 4

  3. says

    I don’t eat fish anymore (vegetarian), but my favorite is salmon ;). My grandmother makes a delicious salmon tartar… probably wouldn’t be able to pass if she made it.
    Charlie recently posted..Tiramisu

  4. says

    i love salmon! my favorite fish!

    i got allergy tested—along w/allergy shots every 5weeks (culprits include dust, mold, eucalyptus, down feathers–i still use a down pillow, i can’t help it!, and DOGS!–i could never give up my puppy…i just had my dosag upped!)
    Erica recently’s that time again…

  5. Sarah says

    You should try allergy shots… I was highly allergic to grass/pollen, etc, and after a round of shots I’ve been symptom free for years (no meds needed either!) :)

  6. says

    Ah! The sight of your arm made me cringe! The only time they ever tested me for anything, they just took a big vat of my blood and tested it somewhere else…and called me a week later.

    Love the fish recipe!!! I’m always looking for creative ways to use it since we seem to have a bag of the stuff on hand at all times :)
    Kristen @ That Hoosier Girl recently posted..Journey to Happiness

  7. says

    I love fresh rockfish!! Baked at high heat with a little olive oil, sea salt, black pepper and lemon – oh my! Ugh sorry about the loss last night, I was really rooting for the Jets to be up against our Packers :/
    Stephanie @cookinfanatic recently posted..1 of 2011

  8. says

    So sorry you are allergic to your cat! I think my girls are allergic to our cat too : ( and I really don’t want to get rid of him.

    That tilapia looks amazing!!
    Karen recently posted..Crazy Busy

  9. says

    Aww I’m so sorry to hear about your allergies :(

    Good for you for keeping Cody… Just vaccuum more and brush him a lot and take those meds and wash your hands after touching him and everything will be just fine!

    I love your blog, don’t know that I’ve ever commented…

    Take care :)
    Sarah Lynn recently posted..Muse

  10. says

    I say delish all the time!! Haha.

    The Bears lost yesterday too – it’s for the best. We would have been crushed by either Jets or Steelers.

    I am allergic to cats too!! I feel like a lot of people are…
    Jessica Lee recently posted..good intentions

  11. Karen says

    I hear ya on being bummed about the Jets. I am a Bears fan so it was a let down because I was looking forward to a Bears-Jets Super Bowl…oh well, maybe next year.

  12. Gabby says

    Did you get that tilapia recipe from the Price Chopper flyer? I made the same thing on Sunday!!! It was delish I will completely agree!

  13. says

    Aww Court, that sucks :( I knew you said before that you were allergic to him, but I didn’t realize it was that bad.
    Craig is HIGHLY allergic to cats, and non-hypoallergenic dogs….& it REALLY sucks..bad. I had to give up my 2 cats & golden retriver when we decided to move in together. It was one of THE hardest decisions of my life. Thank goodness they are in good homes- my sister has my 2 cats & a friend has my Golden. (her name was pancake 😀 )
    I hope your allergy medication gives you much relief!
    Oh, and I was TOTALLY pulling for the Jets. Have decided to boycott the Superbowl..well, I really do want the Packers to win, I do like them :) , but I cannot STAND to even hear one thing about the Steelers….or Ben…EW!
    Holly recently posted..Cheesy Pierogie Casserole


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