It Melts In Your Mouth Kinda Good

Tonight was one of those nights where I wish I had a Hoveround…


It would have come in quite handy to roll me out of my in-laws house after indulging in an amazing, comfort food-filled dinner. Winking smile

We started things off with a simple, innocent enough tossed salad, which I topped with a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette.


Which even came with a little festive treat! Mmmm, chocolate. Smile with tongue out


So, it’s always good to pack away extra veggies before the “main event,” right?


I really wish I could say that by doing this, I end up eating less of my main meal (as everyone says you “should” end up doing). But no, not me.

I guess I just eat more food. Winking smile

Speaking of more food…check it out! My in-laws made homemade lasagna.


Mmmm. I sure do love me some homemade lasagna.



I also had a piece of Mastroianni (the best around) bread to soak up any leftover sauce. What else are you supposed to do with leftover sauce?? Smile


Then…came dessert.

Ohhhh the dessert.


My MIL put together an incredible recipe which I really need to share with you. All it requires is three ingredients, but be warned…it’s dangerous.

*The recipe that she had gave a bake time of 20 minutes. Hers wasn’t done at all by this point, so we kept checking in every 10 minutes or so. Hers cooked for almost 60 minutes, but we agreed it could have been a little less.


It literally just melted in my mouth…it was soooo good.


I may or may not have gone back for a small helping of seconds. Winking smile

Hence the reason I could have used one of these…

Oy vey. Eye rolling smile

Time to go roll myself into bed…g’night ya’ll!!

Question for the Evening:

What’s one of your favorite “so bad for you but oh-so-good” desserts?


  1. briana says

    I love all desserts I think that’s a problem, but I good carrot cake or pb chocolate cake covered in ganache is the best!

  2. says

    An easier question would be ‘what’s not one your favorite desserts?’ 😉 My Dad makes a cherry cobbler with cherry pie filling + vanilla cake mix + butter and it is phenom! But it def. leaves me wishing for a hover round too! haha

  3. says

    I would definitely say you had a successful night in the good food department!! That dessert sounds similar to the pumpkin cake bars my mom makes–and I can agree, there is no turning down a slice!!


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