A Weird Day

Yeah, today was kind of a weird day. But eventually, in a good way.

The first half of it was incredibly lazy, which left part of me loving it, and the other part of me feeling rather antsy. This happens quite a bit and I get so frustrated when it does! I really wish I could just relish in the laziness and not feel like I should be doing something else. Grrrrr.

So after spending more time than necessary browsing the internet, I decided I should really get up and do something – you know, maybe shower, brush my teeth…

So first, I took care of the teeth brushing, then hopped on the treadmill with a magazine and did my 45 minute treadmill walk. I really wasn’t in the mood to work out at all, but as always, I never regret a workout. And at least it got me a little more motivated to get moving!

It also worked up an appetite for some lunch.


I used up the rest of the leftover salad from last night’s dinner, and topped it off with some extra roasted red peppers, 3 baby carrots, cottage cheese, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.


I really love adding cottage cheese to my salads. It makes ‘em so creamy PLUS an extra dose of protein.


On the side, I had a piece of heated up cornbread with a little honey butter.


I actually baked this up on Monday, using this recipe that I found a while back from Iowa Girl Eats. It’s pretty tasty!


In other news, a shower did, in fact, occur after lunch AND I actually shaved my legs for the first time in probably 3 weeks. TMI? Maybe, but oh well. Winking smile


So one of the benefits of being home this week is that I get extra time to play around with my cuddle buddy. We actually spent a good 10-15 minutes this afternoon playing fetch with his favorite toy.


Yep…he really plays fetch. And he’s quite good at it, at that!

“C’mon mom, just throw it already!”


“There we…wait, do I hear birds…?”


Yes, he DID in fact hear birds, which made me very, VERY happy. Little signs of spring are more than welcome at this point!


“Alright, that’s enough…give it back.”


“Golly gee, I really do love my mom.” Open-mouthed smile



After playing with Code-man, I did have to take care of a couple errands, including:

A stop at the post office.


A stop for some tea (Yes, TEA! Red Raspberry Rooibos tea to be exact. And it was FREE because I filled up my beverage card from Flavour Cafe. YIPPEE!) <—Aaaand, apparently I like to rhyme. Winking smile


And a little cookie baking for my giveaway winner. Smile


I may have consumed a few too many bites of cookie dough in the baking process, so I’m not quite sure what dinner will entail tonight. We’ll have to see once I get my appetite back. Eye rolling smile


So before I leave you all, I have a teensy weensy little favor to ask. Winking smile

Hopefully if you’re already reading this post then that means you’re already a fan of STSL. First and foremost, THANK YOU to all of you wonderful readers out there – and a special shout out to some of the new names and faces I’ve seen around here lately. Welcome! Knowing you’re all out there reading is what keeps me coming back for more.

Women’s Health Magazine is currently looking for submissions for your favorite fitness, health, weight loss, and lifestyle blogs on the web. Already being a major fan of Women’s Health, it would be a true honor to have my little ‘ol blog be a part of their “Blogs We Love 2011” group. Because even though my blog may not be “the biggest and the best,” I still strongly believe that it represents all of the elements of living a fun, healthy lifestyle. Hopefully, you feel the same!

So, if you have a few free seconds, and would like to nominate my blog as one of your favorites, you can do so by clicking the link below:

Nominate Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life HERE!

Thanks so much, guys! You rock. Winking smile

Now, it’s time to go figure out some dinner and relax with my boys!

Question for the Evening:

Can you enjoy being lazy without feeling antsy? Or do you feel like you’ve always got to be doing something?


  1. says

    Hi Courtney! Of course we’ll all vote for you- your blog is so cute, fun, and inspirational! I’ve been reading for a while now but have never commented before. You are one of the bloggers who inspired my roommates and me to start our own blog! We just made it last night! Thank you for sharing your life with all of us!

  2. says

    Much to the dismay of my husband, I’m very good at relaxing as I like to call it. haha I always have to be doing something, but I’m totally okay with grabbing a magazine for 30 minutes and just enjoying it. He gets antsy!
    Kristen @ That Hoosier Girl recently posted..Priorities

  3. says

    I’m horrible at being lazy. Even when I am watching TV, I still have to be doing something else (like reading, on the computer, doing my nails, cooking). I am really trying to be better about being a lazy bum. Maybe I need more practice. :)
    Erin @ The Grass Skirt recently posted..Furry Friends

  4. says

    That is such a great cornbread recipe! Love it!
    I get strangely crabby when I relax too much, too. I need to feel like I’ve accomplished something. It’s so weird, though, because when you’re in a funk like that, it’s so much harder to make yourself do something, even if you know it will make you feel better.
    Melissa recently posted..Ciao Bella!

  5. elise says

    i’m really sorry, i don’t mean to be rude…but did you actually say 3 baby carrots? 3?????? do you get what i’m saying? i love your blog and love what you eat, but 3 baby carrots i can’t get over/understand


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