Fashion Friday: Gold Jewelry

Well, the snow has once again come back to show its ugly face today…


Actually, I can’t really call it ugly…it looks quite beautiful outside my window this morning, wouldn’t you say?


Unfortunately, this just means I’m stuck inside for a while. Ohhh well…I’m pretty sure I could think of worse things in life. Winking smile


I guess that just means I’ll curl up on my couch after I enjoy my simple, yummy breakfast.


A super-ripe banana, a mug of coffee with skim milk, and the last of my Cinnamon Chip Scones (besides the few I stored on the freezer – we’ll see how long they last in there).



So, you know what today is, right?

Happy Fashion Friday!!

Today’s Topic: Gold Jewelry

Although silver has usually been my jewelry of choice, I’ve been starting to experiment with some gold. It’s actually quite versatile! It looks great both in the winter and in the summer, and you can mix it up with so many different hues, like yellow, white, rose, tarnished, etc.

In case you’re thinking about grabbing some of your own gold jewelry, here are a few tips for wearing it!

1. Bright gold jewelry looks great with solid colored outfits, such as a simple LBD. Make sure the pieces that you wear are a bit chunkier, so that it stands out from the super feminine dresses. I did a little “window shopping” online to search for some good pieces. Here are a few examples of gold jewelry from ShopNBC. If you’re going for a brighter, more colorful outfit – go for the tarnished, vintagey looking bracelets and necklaces.


2. Bangles also seem to have become a hit lately. Well, add in differently colored metals to give it a touch of uniqueness; mixing metals always make outfits fun and stand out more. Different colored chains also work well with this theme. That way, you can wear your favorite silver ring and your favorite gold necklace and still be good to go…which is good for me, since I already own a lot of it!


3. Gold works really well with gems. Since gold stands out more, it makes the gems seem more brilliant while not overshadowing the metal, like it does with silver.


Hopefully, now, you have some ideas on how you can wear some of your gold jewelry…or you’ve been inspired to go and add a piece to your mix!

Question for the Day:

What jewelry do you usually wear – gold or silver? (Or neither!)


  1. Jessica L says

    Oh my goodness, I absolutely adore the mixed bangles and ALL of those jewelry pieces with the gold and white! SO cute! I was actually wondering how I could wear my two favorite rings, of which one is sterling silver and the other is bronze.

  2. says

    It snowed here too :(

    I’m allergic to yellow gold – how weird is that?!

    My engagement and wedding rings are both white gold and I typically stick with silver/other white gold earrings/necklaces/bracelets. The exception is when I wear “safari-colored” clothes – then I always do some bronze/yellow gold colors!
    Kristen @ That Hoosier Girl recently posted..Volvos and Tennis Lessons

    • says

      Hahaha, considering how allergic I am to everything and anything…no, I don’t find it weird at all! :)
      I’m actually allergic to nickel, and always have to buy the “nickel-free” jewelry.

  3. says

    A snow day sounds so perfectly cozy right now! And I am impressed that you have scones left! 😉

    I usually wear both silver and gold. Love your choices above, especially the ones with gems. That green and gold combo is calling to me!

  4. Whitney says

    I have been really into gold jewelry the past year I would say. My fiance makes fun of me and says I’m trying to channel the 70’s; I simply reply ” You don’t know what’s in style” haha :)

  5. says

    BOTH! I have two very special David Yurman bracelets that are made of gold and silver. I wear them every day. Since they’re both colors, I don’t worry about matching. I just wear what I want on the other arm (if anything) and my ears.
    Emily recently posted..ELB’s ABCs

  6. says

    I’m a big fan of white gold and wear silver sometimes, because it’s cheaper! I’ve always hated yellow gold for some reason, but it is warming up to me with age. My mom always said I’d like it more when I was “older”…

  7. says

    I mostly wear silver, but my favorite necklace is two tone so that I can wear my diamond earring which have a silver setting and my grandmothers wedding ring which is of course gold. I LOVE that gold and silve can be peiced together as long as they are not over done! :)
    Lindsay recently posted..I’ll Be Back…

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