Secret Mission…Accomplished!

Hehehe, sorry to keep you all in suspense this morning…I just couldn’t help myself.

Ok, so the secret mission got started once our friends Joe & Kate arrived at our house this morning. The boys had their own plans for the day, we got our day started with a trip to the Farmers Market.




I actually didn’t find much worth buying today, and only walked out with a couple ciabatta rolls for the hubby. But that’s ok, because the Farmers Market trip was really only a cover up for the REAL secret


Our boys treated us to a mani-pedi’s today!! Open-mouthed smile

So the “secret mission” was actually me getting Kate to the nail salon, because it was a complete surprise for her. Joe had asked me earlier in the week if I might be able to help him get her there, which in turn, got me in on the deal too. Saweeeet!


We realized once we got in the car that we pretty much chose the same polish colors. Great minds think alike. Winking smile In case you’re wondering, the nail color I chose was “Boris & Natasha” by O.P.I.


The two of us definitely had a great time and left feeling thoroughly relaxed!

But that wasn’t the end to our day…next up was a lunch date with the boys at Olive Garden! Open-mouthed smile

As I’ve mentioned before, I usually try to avoid chain restaurants, but Olive Garden will always be one of my favorites. It’s just so good.


I mean, really, how can you pass up the unlimited salad and breadsticks???



I doubled up on my portion or salad and definitely treated myself to two breadsticks. YUMM!


For my actual lunch, I ordered the Asiago Ravioli with Chicken, which was asiago-cheese filled artisanal ravioli tossed with chicken, peppers, mushrooms, and caramelized onions in a creamy white wine sauce.



It was pretty tasty, but a little heavy than what I’m used to for lunch, so I probably ate a little more than half before calling it quits. But of course, that doesn’t mean I didn’t leave room for dessert. Check out these little cuties!


I looooove me some mini desserts! My choice was the Amaretto Tiramisu with Almond Cookie Crumble.



Absolutely heavenly!!

It’s definitely been a great day, and we actually still have Joe & Kate here with us hanging out. We just finished watching The Other Guys (which wasn’t too bad…had its funny moments) and now we’ll see where the rest of the evening takes us! Smile


  1. Lindsay @ Brownies For Brunch says

    What a wonderful day! Your nails are beautiful, your lunch looked scrumptious, and that movie is hilarious! I wish all days could be like that one :-)


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