Queen of Combos

I love it when I get my butt in gear early enough for Sunday morning BodyPump! It just makes the rest of the day seem that much more productive for some reason.

I set my alarm and was up right on time to head out to the gym this morning. Before leaving, I was feeling a little hungry, so I snacked on half of an Arnold’s Sandwich Thin with peanut butter & banana slices.


Once I got to the gym and set up my equipment for class, I had exactly 17 minutes to spare, so I hopped on a treadmill and ran about 1.75 miles. I would have liked to have had more time, but such is life!

BodyPump was great today, and both the squat and lunge tracks that the instructor chose today were killerrrrrr. Surprised smile She also told us that she just received Release 77 in the mail this week, so we should be getting that one soon. Thank goodness!

After class, I made a quick pit stop for coffee. I know, I’ve been having quite a bit of coffee out, which is not very frugal of me, but we ran out and need to get more today. PLUS, today is my last day of vacation (<—insert enormous SIGH here) so it’s ok. Smile


Today’s coffee of choice was a combo of three flavors: Caramel Crème, White Chocolate Truffle, and Old Fashioned Sugar Cookie.

It’s actually the same combo I created yesterday, and it is just fantastic. I’m telling you, if you live anywhere near Flavour Café in Troy, you MUST check it out!

Once I got home, I made myself a delicious cereal combo bowl:

Quaker Oatmeal Squares + Multigrain Cheerios + Kashi Go Lean Crisp, with vanilla almond milk and more sliced banana.


Apparently, I’m really into combinations when it comes to my food and drink choices. Is that weird? Nahh, let’s just say I enjoy variety in my life. Winking smile


Time to go shower up and head out to take care of the grocery shopping for this week!

Question for the Day:

What are some of your favorite food and/or drink combos? (Maybe I’ll find some more to try out!) Winking smile


  1. says

    today is my last day of vacation too :( why do the weeks when you’re on vacation always go by the fastest??

    YUM, that coffee combo sounds AMAZING! My favorite coffee combo is Dark Chocolate Raspberry with Mocha Nut Fudge (they serve the Green Mountain flavors in the campus center) and its always so tasty :) I definitely need to make my way over to Flavour Cafe at some point!
    Emily recently posted..Something delicious

  2. says

    Here’s a tasty combo that I recently heard about…. but have yet to try… sounds like a good sandwich though.
    -sandwich thin/bagel thin
    -hummus (which I know you obviously love)
    -honey mustard spread
    -cheddar cheese, or pepper jack
    -green/red peppers
    I thought the mix of hummus and a honey mustard spread sounded good!

  3. says

    Ohhh I have so many fave drink combos!! Have you ever had the soymilk at Starbucks? well for some reason I think it tastes like graham crackers, so I LOVE dipping chocolate covered graham crackers in there…so good! Your bodypump sounds awesome!
    Olivia recently posted..Friday! And great eats!

  4. Amanda says

    Is it wrong that I’m kinda glad you’re going back to work? I’ve been jealous of you on holiday this last week! Enjoy your last day x

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