February 2011

Now You Know My ABC’s

by Courtney on February 23, 2011


I’m addicted… I kid you not when I say that Cinnamon Chip Scones were probably one of the first three things that popped into my head this morning. (The other 2? “Why is Jay making so much noise right now…?” and “I really need to pee but I’m too lazy to get up.”) To go […]


You Have Got To Try These Recipes

by Courtney on February 22, 2011


Holy cow…I had one fantastic meal tonight! Earlier this evening, Jay and I had my parents over for dinner. I always know it’s a safe bet to go Italian when my parents are around, so I decided to go that route. Italian food is always ok in my book, too. Here’s the spread: A simple […]


A Coffee House Date

by Courtney on February 22, 2011


Happy Tuesday everyone!! Guess who I’m hanging out with this morning…? The lovely Heather, that’s who! Have I mentioned how much I enjoy being on vacation yet? Heather and I met up earlier this morning at J Watt’s Barista House for a little caffeine and blog talk, As always, it’s been fantastic! As soon as […]


Gift Card and Cookies Giveaway

by Courtney on February 21, 2011


I really am loving today. I’m loving it a lot! And I’m thinking you guys may too when you check out the end of this post! Being my first day of vacation this week, I slept in a bit, enjoyed a mug of coffee while lounging on the couch, and then headed out to the […]


White Chicken Enchiladas

by Courtney on February 20, 2011


Hey hey! How’s everyone’s Sunday been treating them?? Well, mine has been great! After indulging in a couple delicious Cinnamon Chip Scones this morning and afternoon, I made sure to squeeze in a little workout. I ended up deciding on my 30 Minute Speedy Interval Run, which always kicks my butt. Next, it was time […]


Cinnamon Chip Scones

by Courtney on February 20, 2011


I have a secret to share with you all… I never used to like scones. I always found them to be too dry, and just not quite sweet enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. But all of that went out the window the day I made these. This recipe for Cinnamon Chip Scones is the […]


Top O’ The Mornin To Ya

by Courtney on February 19, 2011


I just slept for 10 hours…yikes! I have a feeling I will probably now feel tired for the rest of the day. Does that ever happen to anyone else? Too much sleep, and you’re left feeling sluggish?? Hopefully I won’t be left feeling too tired – I’ve got a LOT to do! So as I […]


10 Days of Vacation!

by Courtney on February 18, 2011

Wow, you ladies really know and like your self tanners! Thanks so much for the suggestions. It appears as if Jergens Natural Glow and L’Oreal Sublime are two pretty popular products! source I didn’t get a chance to stop at the store after work today, but I will definitely be making a trip tomorrow to […]


On The Hunt For Self Tanners

by Courtney on February 18, 2011

If I can make it through to 3:00 today, I will be one happy camper because THAT will mean that I’m on Winter Recess! One week of vacation…and boy could I use it! So this morning, I ran a wonderful 3 miles on the treadmill to get my day started off on the right foot. […]


Is Gluten My Enemy?

by Courtney on February 17, 2011


Ladies and Gentlemen, we are one day closer to Friday! Can I get a WOOT WOOT!! *********** So I got my Thursday started nice and early with an early morning workout combo; and I will say that the 5:30 alarm really didn’t seem all that bad when it was accompanied by the sounds of chirping […]