Busy Baker

Happy, Happy Sunday everyone! How’s your day been so far??

Jay and I actually spent some time sleeping in this morning, since we didn’t get to bed until almost 2am last night.

Oh yes, we were too busy dancing our faces off once again…


I’m telling you, this Just Dance 2 game is hilarious! Smile


This morning, I’ve been hard at work in the kitchen. My mom asked me if I could bake up a batch of Chocolate PB Cup Cupcakes for her to bring to work tomorrow, so I’ve been working on those, along with some Butterscotch Blondies for the winner of Katie’s bake sale.


Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure I undercooked the blondies a little too much, so I think I’m going to have to make another batch. I guess these will just have to stay here…

Awww shucks. Winking smile


Since I got right to work, I actually really never sat down for a breakfast, and had been nibbling throughout the morning. Of course, I had some coffee.


But I also snacked on some toast.


Now this toast isn’t just any toast. This is from a homemade French baguette, made by yours truly!


I baked this bread up on Thursday, using my bread machine to mix the dough. It may not look too fancy, but I was surprised at just how good it came out. Who knew! Smile


We’ve both been snacking on it the past few days, and today I topped mine with some peanut butter and some peanut butter cream cheese.


Say WHAT? Peanut butter cream cheese?!? Yes, I kid you not…


I got two lovely containers of this Trader Joe’s PB cream cheese from a lovely reader, Shayla. The two of us did a little bartering back and forth, and in return for some of the PB cream cheese, I sent her a jar of my favorite Blizzard Butter.

Thanks again, Shayla! Smile


Now I’ve gotta get my act together and get moving so I can head to the grocery store, maybe (hopefully) squeeze in a workout, and finish up those cupcakes, all before heading to my parents house for dinner a little later on.

It’s a busy one!


  1. says

    Sounds like the best possible way to be busy! I love busy days filled with fun things! Have you guys tried Kinect yet? I am OBSESSED! I don’t own an X-Box or play video games AT ALL for that matter, but I could definitely get on board with purchasing one of those puppies! SO much fun!
    Melissa recently posted..Surprise!

  2. Shayla says

    You’re the sweetest Courtney and you’re so very welcome….I’m so happy to see you’re enjoying it!!! Thanks so much again for my special treat too!! :)

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