The Story Of My Wedding Dress

Who’s up for a little trip down Wedding Dress Memory Lane this morning??

Lately, it feels like so many of my close friends are either involved in babies or marriage. If it’s not one, it’s the other, and if it’s neither, then one is inevitably on its way.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining in the least! I love babies, and I love weddings. And more importantly, I love seeing my friends so happy to be involved in one or the other.

Now I’d be lying if I said all the baby talk hasn’t brought about some discussion in our own home. But don’t get too excited…Jay and I both know we’re not ready. We will surely be excited when that day comes, but for right now, we both still want to enjoy being young and married. No need to rush things, right?

The marriage talk, however, constantly brings me back to all of my own wedding memories. Oh, how I wish I could relive that day over and over and over again! Talk about the best day of my life.

Occasionally, I find myself browsing the internet for various wedding-related things and just recently happened to come across a website with some beautiful wedding dresses, called Priscilla of Boston.

I made sure to pass this site on to a few of my friends after seeing that they have a number of trunk shows coming up. A good friend of mine was actually able to find a gorgeous Vera Wang dress at a trunk show and she got it for a steal! So just in case you’re in the market for wedding dresses, perhaps they’ll be a trunk show near you!


Well, looking at all the gowns inspired me to share the story of my wedding dress with you all! Since I didn’t start writing STSL until after the wedding, I missed being able to share all the little details. So…

The first day I went out looking at dresses with my mom, I went to one boutique, found a dress, made a commitment to it, and then a couple weeks later…I completely changed my mind. Disappointed smile

Here are a few pictures of the original dress I chose:


The dress was definitely pretty, and it was unique. The women working at the boutique kept describing it as “Old Hollywood Glam,” proclaiming how “not just anyone would be able to wear this dress, you you pull it off beautifully!”


Well, they were certainly good at their job, because they had me so convinced, that I committed to buying it.Champagne was brought out right after I said it was “the one,” but I couldn’t help but feel worried when I wasn’t getting that “this is definitely the one” feeling inside. I just assumed it would come with time.


Unfortunately, it didn’t come with time, and after looking through these pictures (especially the one with the not-so-excited expression on my face) one night on my computer, I called my mom up crying, proclaiming what a big mistake I had made. Thankfully, luck was on my side, and the order actually had not yet been processed due to some issues with fabric color. So I went back to the same boutique, gave it another try, and eventually ended up with “the one,” which was actually by the same designer as my original dress.

My dress was a Blue by Enzoani, and my favorite part about it was that I was able to design it to be an original. I worked with the seamstress at the boutique, ordered a duplicate set of appliques, and then cut and placed the appliques throughout the bodice and train of the dress.


It was quite a process, but in the end, I couldn’t have been happier with my decision.


I absolutely loved my wedding dress. Smile


(All professional photos taken by Images by Moak)

Now, let’s hear YOUR stories!

For the married gals: What’s the story of you and your wedding dress??

For the single ladies: What kind of a wedding dress do you envision yourself in?


  1. briana says

    I just ordered my wedding dress and it was something I never thought I’d pick but I absolutely love it every time I look at a picture, so hopefully I won’t be changing my mind!

  2. says

    I love wedding talk! I’m not married yet, but the wedding is getting soo close :) I went to an Alfred Angelo store, and before I went I picked out some online to take in as ideas. The woman who was helping me pulled four and said “pick the one you like least.” So I picked it, and when I put it on I was SHOCKED – it was beautiful and fit me perfectly! I just loved it from that moment. Every other dress I tried on was compared to that one. So, the dress I picked was the first one I ever tried on :) Sorry for rambling! It’s just so fun. Thanks for sharing your wedding dress story!

  3. says

    I have not been married and don’t see that happening for another few years, and I have to say I used to think I knew exactly what I wanted in the wedding dress department, but now that I am older and the time is actually closer to it happening..I am totally clueless. I guess it will make wedding dress shopping interesting! :)
    Chicago Cuisine Critique recently posted..Fancy Schmancy

  4. Kelly says

    I found my dress at a boutique in Austin and loved it. I actually had gone one day after work by myself to try on dresses. I loved this one that I had found. I called my mom and my best friend and told them both I had found it. A few days later my best friend met me at the boutique where I tried it on for her and she agreed that it was perfect. Still I wanted my mom to see it before I made the plunge and committed. (I was paying for my dress myself but still felt like I needed my mom’s approval) About 2 weeks later my mom and I went in and I tried it on. She loved it. But a new dress that had just arrived at the boutique was hanging nearby (not even on display yet) and my mom asked the saleslady if I could try it on. I was hesitant…I mean I had already found (and was standing in) the dress I wanted. I reluctantly tried on the dress to please my mom. And let’s just say mom’s DO know best. As soon as the dress was zipped up I was in love. The old dress completely forgotten. I purchased that dress and to this day (5 years later) I am still 100% thrilled with that decision.

  5. says

    i love love love talking about weddings and i’m not even ENGAGED haha! you’re dress is gorgeous though! i love Priscilla of Boston! my mom bought her wedding dress from that fabulous designer! i can’t wait to hopefully one day follow in her footsteps! Your dress is stunning :)
    cait recently posted..A healthy dose of laughter

  6. says

    I LOVE the second choice. Both gowns are beautiful, but it’s clear by just the look on your face that you feel more “you” in the second!!

    I see myself getting married in a lace dress with an open back. Vera Wang has a gorgeous one I love- in my dreams though :)
    Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine recently posted..Vinyasa Flow

  7. says

    Your wedding dress is gorgeous! I love wedding talk! I’m not engaged yet, but as every girl does I like to think about my ideal wedding from time to time. I honestly have no idea what kind of dress I want. I am so petite I just can’t imagine myself in a big white gown. When the time comes I’m just planning on walking in there with an open mind.

  8. says

    Your wedding dress is so beautiful!

    I also wish I could just relive my wedding day over and over again. I found my wedding dress on the first day of shopping. I had no idea what I wanted. I tried on about seven different gowns before I found one that I loved. I did try on one more after that just to see if I liked it. But I immediately knew that one was not for me and put on the dress I had tried on right before it. With the dress I purchased, I felt very emotional while wearing it and could just see myself walking down the aisle in it. You definitely know when you have the right dress. Good for you for trusting your gut!

  9. says

    Your dress is so gorgeous! Even though I don’t “know” you, it just seems really you. Does that make sense? Anyway, I love it!

    Since I’m already in my 30s and not married, I think I will probably end up with a shorter, more casual wedding dress. I feel like by the time it happens for me, it will seem a little silly for me to wear a real gown. :(

  10. says

    Beautiful dress! You look so happy in the photos with the second one that it’s clean that was the best choice!

    I honeslty have no idea what I would have for my own wedding dress… as much as I love weddings, I’ve hardly ever thought about my own!
    Michelle recently posted..Orzo with mushrooms

  11. says

    Truth be told, I’ve never been able to envision myself in “my” wedding dress. When I told my significant other that he was a little surprised because he always pictured himself in a traditional wedding.

    I have a feeling that my wedding dress will be something I either find on a whim or something I’ve gone and designed myself and found a perfect (not white or any incarnation of white) fabric for me.

    He’s totally cool with me in a non-traditional dress as long as he can wear a top hat and a monocle.
    Cute~Ella recently posted..Sunday’s Cooking

  12. says

    I am a single gal who has always dreamed of my wedding dress being strapless and have really ornate beading on it. But I’m sure once I find the right guy and pick a date, everything will change.

    You looked stunning though, Courtney! Happy Fat Tuesday!
    Ashley Rose recently posted..Trading Places

  13. says

    I was just thinking about this earlier today, I think I have watched too many episodes of My Fair Wedding recently. I love a sweetheart neckline with a whimsical bottom of the dress (in organza or chiffon). I really loved Chelsea Clinton’s dress – only I’d do it more a-line and not a ball gown. I love thinking about this stuff :)
    Caitlin recently posted..Kettlebell insanity

  14. says

    I found my wedding dress at the second shop I visited. The first shop my mom and I went to the selection was lack luster and I didn’t LOVE anything I tried on. They were pretty dresses, just didn’t love them. The second shop the sales girl pulled about 8 dresses for me to try on. She listened to all the details i wanted and she put me in the first dress which she said “nails it”. I didn’t look at the dress until I was out in the big mirror. Holy cow! It was so pretty, the one! I still tried the others on to be sure. But my mom, sister and best friend the first one was the ONE. I was so excited. I didn’t want to take it off!
    JaNelle recently posted..Veggisaurus Challenge Update- Vegetarian Pot Pie

  15. says

    I have been married for almost two years (come July), and I have to say I’m a little nostalgic for all the wedding planning some of my friends are doing! It was stressful while it was happening, but so fun to have all the possibilities in front of you!
    I actually wore my mother’s wedding gown, slightly altered. My parents were married in 1976, and she wore a Priscilla of Boston dress. It was pretty, but very much not my style (it had long sleeves and a high neck). We took it to a seamstress who removed the sleeves and neck, and it became a beautiful empire waist gown with lace straps. The best part, we didn’t have to alter the size at all, I was exactly the same as my mother was 33 years ago! I loved wearing her dress because of the sentimentality. It is a classic design now, maybe someday I’ll have a little girl who will want to wear it, too!

  16. says

    1. I got my dress at Priscilla!

    2. I love the dress you eventually chose! I wanted a v-neck like that, but for some reason they didn’t look right on me.

  17. says

    i just ordered my wedding dress the other month! i tried on so many dresses, i thought i’d never find “the one”…but eventually i did :) i ordered a pronovias…can’t wait to wear it!

    your dress is stunning, glad you were able to change your order!
    Erica recently posted..i’m not 30- i’m forever 21…

  18. says

    I’m getting married in June :-) I only had to go to one store. I was on the search for this specific dress, had called a bunch of places to see if they had it. Got a lot of ATTITUDE for requesting a specific dress but it was my day, my money, my dress so I just kept searching. I found a place that had the dress and the morning of decided to browse the web. Well, I found a different dress that I loved but I went to the dress shop still. After trying on the dress I originally went for I asked if she had the “other” dress. She did, I tried it on and that was it! The one! Sometimes you just have to go with your gut! Both dresses you tried were beautiful but the one you chose, that was your dress. You looked beautiful on your wedding day, absolutely stunning.
    Melissa @ Chocolate & Kisses recently posted..Sleepy Beast

  19. Whitney says

    I’m getting married in June and have my first dress fitting this weekend! I look at pictures of it everyday and drool! Wedding is my life right now! :)

  20. says

    I’m so glad you ended up with the right dress! I’m typically really indecisive, so I was shocked that I picked my dress at the first place I looked. (Which happened to be Priscilla’s in Boston). It was a Watters dress and looked like nothing on the hanger. After trying on 6 other dresses, the girl brought this dress in and I looked at her like “you want me to try on that boring thing?”. (I didn’t say that, though). She said “I know what you’re thinking… but this dress seems to have all the things you are liking about the other dresses, all in one dress”. Sure enough, I tried it on, out came the tears, and I had found my dress. As an added bonus, it was on the low end of my price range! She knew what she was doing!
    Michelle recently posted..Claddagh 4-miler Recap

  21. Shayla says

    Gosh I wish I could relive that day too – we’ve been married 3 years and I still think back to the best day of my life. Now my brain is thinking babies – I am 29 so I think we’re about ready! 😉
    I actually accidentally feel in love with my dress. I originally wanted a trumpet style dress (tight in the hips and full at the bottom) but the style just didn’t look right on me and it didn’t feel right. So I tried on a dress that my mom absolutely wanted me to try and could envision me in. I wasn’t feeling the dress whatsoever but I tried it on to please my mom….low and behold right when I put it on I burst into tears and it was “the one”. It was mermaid style, with lace and beading all over, and sweetheart neckline. It was perfect and thankfully I listened to my mom or else I never would have ended up with it!

  22. says

    It’s scary how good sales people can be! The first dress really was pretty, but if it wasn’t right…it’s bad that they had you convinced it was right!!

    I hope I can be skeptical enough to not let this happen to me…but who knows. I’m guessing a pretty white dress and the thought of a wedding day would pretty much cloud my judgment!
    Amanda @ Semi-Health Nut recently posted..Work that Turkey Off!! 3-2-1 Treadmill Routine {3 mile}

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