Totally Tabouli

You guys are seriously all so sweet! Thank you so much for all of your awesome words of encouragement after mentioning my one day success this morning. I really have a feeling you’re all going to be a major contributing factor to my success with this challenge. WOOO!

Check out today’s lunch. I tried something NEW today…

Tabouli Salad!


A few months ago, I picked up a box of Fantastic World Foods Tabouli Salad and finally decided to prepare it last night while I was making dinner. It’s super simple to do, and only requires adding boiling water, diced tomato, and lemon juice. I also added some chopped cucumber and scallions into the mix for extra flavor.

For today’s lunch I portioned out probably 3/4 cup of the tabouli salad, paired it with two leftover chicken tenders, and enjoyed it cold. I am LOVING this stuff! I’m so glad I have a bunch left. Smile


Along with my chicken & tabouli, I enjoyed a sweet treat of cantaloupe. It was soooo tasty!




I seriously debated on eating the same exact thing for dinner tonight, since Jay and I decided on a minimal effort meal. However, it’s nights like these where I have the good ‘ol blog to thank for keeping me from being so boring. Winking smile


I heated up a can or Progresso Light Vegetable soup, and bulked it up a bit by adding in some extra frozen veggies and the last remaining chicken tender. The extra goodies helped, and it ended up being pretty decent for being a canned soup.


But the real star of the show was my last-minute garlic toast. Ohhhhhh my goodness…


When I realized we had no butter in the house, I had to get creative; I don’t know about you, but dry toast does not fly for me.

So I sprayed each slice of bread with some I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray (kept on hand for emergency reasons…like today!) and then sprinkled them each with some Garlic Parmesan seasoning. The seasoning is actually from our Dean Jacob’s Bread Dipping Seasonings set that we have from Le Gourmet Chef. One slice then got the remnants of some reduced fat mozzarella cheese I found in the cheese drawer. I popped ‘em both in the toaster oven, and voila!


The garlic toast turned out absolutely amazing! I couldn’t get over just how much flavor it added. I’m seeing many potential possibilities for this seasoning in my future. WOW!!!


Tonight, Jay and I are now headed up to visit some friends of ours in our old bowling league. Most of you probably don’t know that we used to bowl every Thursday last year, but there was only a few weeks left in the season when I first started blogging, so I never talked about it much.

We’ve been trying to make it over there for a while now, so it should be fun to catch up with everyone!

Hope you all have a great “Jersday” night! Winking smile

Question for the Evening:

Do you participate in any organized sports/activities?


  1. says

    My dinner tonight was quite similar. Let’s hear it for the quick & easy soup!

    I am in a running group, but I’ve never done any organized teams . . . I guess they have leagues around here for the spring. Might have to look into some broomball or something!
    Melissa recently posted..CtrlAltDelete

  2. says

    I would never make it through baking without stealing a bite – kudos to you :)

    Funny you mentioned the garlic bread – just this week I discovered a super simple combo I think you’d love! Arnolds sandwich thins (whole grain white) sprayed with olive oil cooking spray, sprinkled with garlic powder and fresh chopped basil. Pop ’em in the toaster oven – SO good :)
    Liz (Little Bitty Bakes) recently posted..Nutter Butter Stuffed Peanut Butter Chip Cookies Super Peanut Butter Cookies

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    That looks so good! I’m in the “use a sandwich round for quick and easy garlic bread” camp over here. They make it to easy not to.

    I play kickball locally for WAKA. I’m taking the spring season off because I’m to busy to commit at the moment, but hopefully I’ll be able to play again this summer
    Cute-Ella recently posted..Sunday’s Cooking


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