White Chicken Chili Surprise

Healthified Corn Bread! (see recipe below)

Healthified Corn Bread

Tonight’s dinner was quite the little surprise: unbelievably easy to do and super delish to boot! Smile

I bought a big pack of chicken over the weekend that needed to be divided up and frozen, so I left out two small breasts to incorporate into tonight’s meal. On a whim, I picked up a packet of this McCormick White Chicken Chili Seasoning Mix after realizing it was both on sale and I had a coupon. You can never pass that up!


Jay had been fighting me on making this for over a week now because he “hates beans,” but since he was working late this evening, I pulled a sneak-attack on him. Winking smile

Let me just say…WOW. I completely underestimated how good this little packet of seasoning could be. The chili has fantastic flavor and definitely quite the kick to go with it. Yowsahs! Surprised smile Better yet, it was done in less than a half hour…SCORE!

I topped my bowl with a tiny dollop of light sour cream, which helped tame down the spiciness.


To my surprise, Jay even came home, first turned up his nose, but then proceeded to eat an entire bowl while proclaiming how good it was more than once.


To go along with my white chicken chili, I whipped up a batch of healthified corn bread…because I’m always looking for an excuse to make corn bread. Winking smile

Topped off with a little real butter = really delicious.


I used the recipe off the back of my corn meal canister, making just a few slight substitutions, which go as follows:



While going back out to the kitchen to clean up, I suddenly found myself digging in for a second piece of corn bread. It was too tasty to just have one. And besides…it’s healthified, so it’s ok, right? Winking smile


Time to go settle in on the couch and watch tonight’s Bachelor finale. I have not watched a single episode, but these previews for tonight have totally sucked me in! I LOVE me some TV drama! Smile

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Question for the Evening:

What are some of your favorite pre-packaged meals or meal starters?


  1. says

    Dear Court:
    Thank you for MAKING my night. You have no idea how many times I have attempted to make a ‘healthified’ corn bread..there is always something that is just a little ‘off.’ You know what I mean?? So I CANNOT wait to try this recipe!!! YAY!
    Also, what recipe did you use for the chicken chili? It looks delicious..and I’m kind of thinking I want this tomorrow for dinner. It just looks THAT yummy 😀 Thanks for sharing- you rock!
    Enjoy the Bachelor…I’m watching it now too :)
    Holly recently posted..Final Fitting DONE!

    • says

      Haha, oh Holly you are so sweet! :)
      I seriously LOVED the corn bread, so I hope you do too! And the chili recipe was right on the back of the seasoning mix package. All it requires is chicken, olive oil, water and white beans! I added a can of diced tomatoes to add a little more flavor. :)

  2. Brendon Gonzalez says

    Consider this dinner for later this week! Thanks for the great idea

    PS Why don’t more men comment on this blog? lol

  3. Missy says

    That looks good! I have always wondered about how their white chicken chili mix tasted – now I will buy it!.
    The Bear Creek Country Kitchens tortilla soup mix is really good and easy. I just add boiled chicken, a can of tomatoes, and can of mexican corn and serve with baked tortilla chips and lowfat sour cream.

  4. Karen says

    YUM!! I will have to make this even though my husband “hates” beans as well but I think I can get him to eat it.


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