Resisting Temptation

Okay, I deserve an A+ for resisting temptation today!

At school, I have a special homework incentive program that I do with my students, which allows them to work towards a fun reward at the end of each marking period. Well today, I had to go on my lunch break to pick up their rewards…


Which left me with four Oreo McFlurry’s from McDonald’s staring me in the face. Can I just tell ya how badly I wanted to order one for myself? Disappointed smile


I even debated just taking a small spoonful of one. I mean, who would have ever known, right…?

But then I thought better of it; because had the tables been turned, I’d have been pretty grossed out knowing a student took a spoonful of MY McFlurry!


So today = Courtney – 1 / Temptation – 0  Take that, temptation! Winking smile

Luckily, I had a fairly decent lunch to come back to, considering I had thrown it together in about five minutes this morning.

I made up a simple salad base of mixed baby greens, cukes, cherry tomatoes, and broccoli, then topped it off with a big ‘ol serving of leftover tabouli. I seriously feel like this tabouli salad is never-ending!


On the side, I had a small piece of healthified corn bread with a tiny shmear of butter,


and I also threw in an apple, which was enjoyed as my 3:00pm snack. Simple and satisfying!



Seeing as it’s Wednesday, I was hoping (and planning) on making it to BodyPump after work. Unfortunately, I had some extra work to take care of and missed class. Bummer. I was still really craving some strength training today, so I broke out the ‘ol workout binder!

Over the years, I’ve subscribed to my fair share of health and fitness magazines. Whenever I’ve come across a workout that I think I would do, I rip it out and put it in the workout binder.


Obviously, the binder has been around a while! Winking smile


I actually couldn’t remember the last time I consulted the binder, so I was excited to try something new. It’s always good to mix things up now and then, right?

So I got my gear set up…


Which Cody immediately saw as an opportunity to play.


Soooo, the workout had to wait another five minutes…


Because how in the world could I pass up this face?? Smile


Once the little guy was tuckered out, I got to work, using this workout. I did two sets of each move with no less than 30 seconds rest in between.


I was totally surprised at the sweat I worked up with these moves! By the second set, I was really feelin’ the burn. Smile I finished up with some ab work on the ball and called it a day. Not the most intense workout, but it was just what I needed for today!


Thank you, Annie’s Mac & Cheese, for providing me with a delicious dinner in only 20 minutes tonight.


I cooked up a box of Annie’s Shells & White Cheddar just as the box instructed. Then, to jazz it up a bit, I added in half a can of early peas, salt & pepper, and some leftover chopped ham and onion from Saturday’s egg strata. It was perfect!


On the side, I enjoyed my last remaining piece of healthified corn bread. It will be missed!


This meal definitely hit the spot tonight, but since it was a little on the small side, I’m pretty sure I’ll be needing something later on this evening.


I’m officially one week into my “no sweets after dinner” today and I must say, it’s easier than I expected. Already, I’ve noticed a few things:

  • I’m not craving them as badly as I was before.
  • I’m paying closer attention to my appetite and how my body feels after dinner.
  • I wake up much hungrier than I did before!

That’s not to say I’ll never have a sweet after dinner again. Oh I’m sure I will! But hopefully, this is already getting me into better habits. YAY!

On that note, I’m thinking a frozen mango Chobani may be in order this evening! Smile

Hope ya’ll are having a Wonderful Wednesday!

Questions for the Evening:

What’s the last big temptation you resisted…or gave in to?? Winking smile

Do you ever use workouts you find in magazines?


  1. says

    Going with out animal products and gluten during lent has been interesting especially when im working and surrounded by bread, crackers and cheese at the tastings. Im proud of you for not taking a bite of a students drink, I might have done it haha!
    kate@ahealthypassion recently posted..CSD Day 3

  2. says

    Hey! Good for you resisting the temptation – twice in fact! Since meeting my boyfriend I’ve got into the bad habit of having something sweet after dinner – not good! I may take a leaf out of your book!
    emma recently posted..The Cinnamon Queen –

  3. says

    I’ve done the SELF workouts in the past & usually use some of the Body by Glamour moves. Lately, I’ve been really into the Jackie Warner Power Circuit DVD. I love how complete it is! :)
    Melissa recently posted..Mmmmmelty!

    • Courtney says

      OMG, I looooooooove her workout! Unfortunately, they took it off of Exercise on Demand, so I think I’m going to have to just buy it. It’s incredible…talk about sore abs, right?!?

  4. says

    Good job resisting those McFlurry’s! I have a binder full of workouts from magazines too! I also have a pretty large stack of magazines containing workouts that I have ear-marked to try. I don’t do a good job of circling back to those workouts and actually try them. Thanks for the reminding me to change it up a little and try a new workout!
    Karen recently posted..Couch 2 5K

  5. says

    congrats on resisting that MASSIVE temptation!! :)

    today I spent a few hours at the University library studying and watching video Lectures. at the library there is a vending machine filled with packets of chips & chocolate. i wanted a choc bar to munch on whilst studying but thought about my healthy dinner & upcoming gym session and thought better about that bar of fat & sugar … WIN! 😉

    and yes I use some workouts form magazines! i actually started a binder just like you did, a few years ago 😀 except it included some fashion stuff and nutrition as well ^____^
    Jardan recently posted..Study

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