Do You Eat and Drive?

Top ‘o the mornin’ to ya’ll, and…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Whether you’re Irish or not, I hope you celebrate in one way or another…whether it be wearing your green or enjoying a nice cold beer later on. I am already wearing my green, and plan on taking part in the latter this evening.  Winking smile


I got St. Patty’s Day started with a great workout!

  • 20 mins HIIT (20 seconds @ 9.5mph / 40 seconds @ 4.5mph)
  • 25 mins Yoga (from 10lb Slimdown YOGA)

After getting ready for the day, it was time for some breakfast. And I figured, what better way to celebrate St. Patty’s Day with…

a Green Monster!

In the mix:

  • 1 frozen banana
  • 3/4 cup frozen strawberries
  • 2/3 cup vanilla almond milk
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 2 big handfuls of spinach
  • 2-3 ice cubes

YUMM! Smile


Food Behind the Wheel

So yesterday, as I was driving home from work, the sun was shining bright, which meant one thing: a great opportunity to people watch!

I can’t help it, I absolutely LOVE people watching. I find it just so fascinating to see how everyday people go about their daily lives. Does that make me creepy? I promise, I’m not. Winking smile

Anyways, so as I was enjoying my people watching in their cars yesterday, I quickly began to notice just how many people were either eating or drinking behind the wheel. (Don’t worry, beverages looked to be the norm!)

I became so intrigued that I actually decided to try to count how many drivers I could find eating or drinking while driving while on my way home. Surprisingly enough, within my short 15 minute commute from work to home, I encountered 18 drivers either eating or drinking. 18!!!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly a fan of enjoying a lovely Starbucks beverage while on the road…

or even a little snack…

But I will admit…I have been known to tote some foods with me in the car that are not exactly “driver friendly.” Take, for instance, my attempt to dip a banana into peanut butter container…

Hey, don’t judge me…but don’t do it either. It’s messy. I don’t recommend it! Confused smile

So now I’m curious!

Do you eat or drink (non-alcoholic beverages!) while driving? What do you think is acceptable, and what is not?


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  1. says

    hmm what a great post- I usually eat a bar or something “simple” and “driver friendly” so I can at least have ONE hand on the wheel while I attempt to snack ha but there have been sometimes while I try and eat a MESSY sandwich and it either 1. ends up all over my lap or 2. I swerve everywhere trying to keep it all together. opps!

    Have a great St. Pattys day dear! xo
    cait recently posted..Why I love Fit- Fierce and Fabulous

  2. says

    We had the same breakfast this morning, hehe! I had it from a beer mug too, just to make it that much more appropriate 😉

    I used to eat in the car LOADS (when I had an hour-long commute), so I’ve had everything from yogurt to pizza to an omlette. Yeah, SAFE. not.

  3. says

    Maybe it’s just ’cause I’m a total chicken, but I only drink at red lights. I get thirsty pretty easily and my water bottle is the kind you have to tilt your head back to drink out of, so it just doesn’t seem very safe to do it while the car is moving. 😛 And I’m a fairly new driver, so I’ve yet to need to eat while driving haha. I do think a Clif Bar or even a banana is fine, but I’ll never understand how some people drive while eating huge hamburgers, which I have witnessed several times on the road! If a ketchup-covered pickle fell in my lap while I was driving I would not be happy. :S

  4. says

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Oh Lordy, I love people watching. I could seriously do it for hours. I don’t normally eat or drink while I’m driving because I like to sit and enjoy my food – I feel like I can’t do that when I’m driving (even though I am sitting).
    Colleen @ The Lunchbox Diaries recently posted..Icing Overload

  5. says

    I recently saw a woman eating pizza while driving and was a little surprised! I am not a fan of eating in the car because I don’t really get to enjoy the food when I do that. If I am on a long trip though, I’ll have a nutrition bar or some almonds. I’m always drinking in the car- non-alcoholic beverages of course. :)
    Erin @ The Grass Skirt recently posted..Erin Go Bragh

  6. says

    I don’t eat in the car day to day but when I’m in a rush or on a road trip I always have coffee, water, and some granola bars and fruit! I tried yogurt once…. the key is to try drinking it, but I wouldn’t recommend.

  7. says

    I can’t lie that I have been tempted to eat in the car before while driving. The worst is when I’m hungry & just got some food to-go. When the smell starts permeating the car, it’s really hard to resist and grab a bite or two.

    Your smoothie looks amazing! I think I might throw in some Superfood into my smoothie so it adds some green. :)
    Dani recently posted..A Pound for a Pound

  8. Shayla says

    Haha if that makes you creepy than I’m one with ya!! I love people watching too and my hubby makes fun of me for always doing it….I just find it so intriguing too how people go about their day and the little idiosyncrasies you catch people doing.

    I rarely eat my meals in the car because I really like to enjoy my food, I like to make it special and savor it :) But I will definitely drink something, like a water or coffee, or I’ll have a small snack to tide me over to my next meal or have a pre workout snack while I’m driving to the gym.

  9. says

    I’m such a people watcher too! Sometimes I do it without noticing! Then my bf gets upset because he thinks I’m not paying attention – of course I am though! I’m a woman and I can multi-task! :)

    My thoughts on eating & driving:
    Eating one-hand snacks behind the wheel – ok. Eating a full on hamburger/meal behind the wheel – not ok. People should definitely pull over if they’re gonna do that!

  10. says

    I’m more of a drinker behind the wheel, but I eat sometimes. I usually try and keep the food simple though if I’m eating and driving.

  11. says

    I started my day with a lovely green monster as well, It had to be done :)

    I used to eat in the car ALL THE TIME! But that was back in the day when i was counting calories and eating my meals at the same time every day. If it was “dinner time” i had my dinner wrapped up and ate it wherever i was.

    Now i dont like driving and eating at all! I cant enjoy what im eating if im driving. Although snacking is another thing :) I could snack anywhere on anything haha
    Sarah recently it the weekend yet

  12. says

    i usually have a coffee or water that i drink in the car, but eating…not normally. i’m not coordinated enough for that. hahaha. i may steal an occasional fry or 2 if there’s fast food in the car though…
    Erica recently posted..lacquered up

  13. says

    I’m totally guilty of eating in the car. Usually if I’m in a hurry on my way to work or church I’ll try to eat a yogurt or apple in the car…an apple is much easier than a yogurt :)
    Jordan recently posted..A Quick Recap

  14. fsugirl! says

    I generally don’t eat while in the car. I usually only drink water or coffee or Green Monsters. But, I chew gum…. that doesn’t count, right ? 😉 Happy St.Patrick’s Day! 😀 Just curious, are you Irish? I’m basically 110% Irish (if that’s possible!) 😉

  15. Brenda says

    I eat my breakfast every morning on my way to work while driving! It’s always a peanut butter, banana, and chia seed sandwich.

  16. Heather T says

    I eat my breakfast every morning while on my way to work. It’s usually and english muffin with peanut butter but I have eaten oatmeal (in a mug, not a bowl) while driving to work.

  17. Nikki says

    Before my boyfriend and I moved in together and I stayed at his house, and would drive an hour home the next day, I ate oatmeal in the car. I would get hot water from a gas station for free, bring my own oats and mix it. It’s borderline messy.

  18. says

    I do eat and drive. But I feel that when I drink and drive (not alcoholic beverages of course haha) I have more control. Eating takes more concentration I think. Probably not good to do either

  19. Jennifer says

    I’m surprised I’m the first to bring this up, but I avoid eating in my car whenever possible because I don’t like crumbs in my car! And I hate getting in someone else’s car and seeing crumbs, ick! I have noshed on granola bars and I have sneaked fries, but even as careful as I am, I’ll still wind up finding a granola bar crumb or piece of fry salt on my seat when I get out of the car, sick.

    I drink in my car all the time, usually water, coffee or tea, but I put a straw in pretty much all of my drinks, so it’s not distracting at all – my eyes don’t even have to leave the road! 😉


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