Cooking with Cozies and Cody

Happy, Happy Wednesday! How are we all doin’ today??

I’ve been a little on the tired side all day, which has me confused because I actually got a decent amount of sleep last night. Who knows…?

Despite a little extra grogginess, I powered through my Jillian Michael’s No More Trouble Zones workout this morning with “power and intention!” <—Total Jillian talk right there. Winking smile I’ll tell ya, I’m really likin’ this workout…

…and it sure works up an appetite!

For breakfast, I cooked up another creamy catch of buckwheat, using the same ingredients as I did last time.


The granola definitely helped add that little extra “crunch” I’m always looking for. So good!



Today’s lunch was pretty much an exact replica from Monday’s lunch, so I’ll spare ya the details, other than the fact that it was just as yummy as before.


Dinnah Time!

Before leaving for work this morning, I took a couple pieces of chicken out of the freezer to defrost for tonight’s dinner, not yet knowing what to make with them. After rummaging through the fridge, I came across some of this…


A couple weeks ago, I was sent some POM Wonderful juices to sample and had yet to give them a try. I figured tonight would be as good a night as any!


But before getting anything started, I made sure to change into my cozies. Cooking in cozies is a necessity; I love my cozies…I also love that little glass of wine you see there next to me while I’m cooking in my cozies. Oh yes, and I also love being kinda goofy. Winking smile

    IMG_1271   IMG_1272

(After sneaking up on me with that one on the right, hubby’s response was “Oh boy, THAT’s a good one…” Yeah, I’m classy…and thought you’d all appreciate it.)

Perhaps this little bugger is rubbing off on me?


Cody’s always always there to keep me company while I’m cooking. He does a wonderful job of finding himself right underneath my feet no matter where I go. And, of course, he’s always got to be right in the middle of the action.

Case in point: Tonight I did a great job of spilling quinoa all over the floor…


Let me tell you, quinoa is not fun to pick up. Not at all! Disappointed smile


Cody, on the other hand, didn’t seem to mind and was more than willing to scope out the scene.

“Ummm, ok I’m not sure what the heck this is Mom…?”


“But I’m gonna sniff it and play around in it anyways!” Winking smile


Gotta love him!

Finally, the kitchen was picked up and dinner was served! I used a recipe from the POM Wonderful website for POM and Balsamic Glazed Chicken. It was fairly easy to make and the glaze had amazing flavor. Jay and I both decided that we’d make the glaze again but probably put it over some grilled chicken rather than cooking it in a skillet as the directions called for.


On the side we had some super-snappy garlic green beans, which were tasty, but apparently not cooked quite long enough.


AND I made some POM quinoa! I cooked up the quinoa using half water and half POM wonderful juice. It’s awesome, and I think would be even more awesome if incorporated into some sort of breakfast dish…?


That other little side you see there are some baby carrots and onions which were cooked in with the POM glaze. They were super tasty, too.

I’ve now got a sweet tooth that is running rampant, and I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do to cure it…

Perhaps a mug of hot chocolate and some PB + graham crackers will do the trick tonight? I think that sounds mighty tempting! Especially while watching some Modern Family. Open-mouthed smile

Question for the Evening:

What are your cooking essentials??


  1. says

    Ha! I totally change into my cozies before cooking–actually, pretty much as soon as I get home from school! Guess I’m classy, too. 😉 I also have to have something to sip on, whether it’s wine, beer, or good ol’ H2O!
    Melissa recently posted..Island Inspired

  2. says

    Wow…you did a great job of incorporating that POM into your meal…so creative!! My cooking essentials are EVOO, salt and pepper…they can go a long way with almost anything!
    Karen recently posted..Wednesday Love

  3. says

    Love the buckwheat! I still haven’t bought any and I keep wanting to make Ashley’s breakfast bake. Granola always makes for the perfect topper :) I love cooking in my comfy clothes too, and how annoying to have to pick up quinoa but not worse then when I spilled coffee grinds all over the place. That really sucked lol
    Jenny (Fit Girl Foodie) recently posted..Sweetest Thing

  4. says

    PJs/sweats are a must while I’m cooking- something to do wtih not getting the ‘smell’ of what’s cooking on my ‘outdoor’ clothes! I just wanted to say that despite your Downer Debbie post the other day, it’s so great at how you’ve maintained such a positive attitude, it really comes through in your blog/style of writing!
    Khushboo recently posted..Lessons to learn

  5. says

    Hey we have that exact same bottle of POM left over from our New Year’s party – how weird, and I didn’t know you could cook with it – we were making cocktails!

    I can recommend it with a dash of vodka, lime juice, something else (I can’t remember… maybe I can get you the recipe?) shaken over ice topped with a scoop of passion fruit in a martini glass… mm-mmm!

    Shame the bottle is half empty and has been open since Jan… time to go!

  6. Shayla says

    Love it, those are my two essentials too right when I get home, get comfies on and a nice glass of Reisling, ahhhh! :)

  7. amy says

    I immediately put my comfy clothes on when I get home before I do anything.
    I can’t wait to try buckwheat, I bought chia seeds yesterday and when I ate them I felt like they made my stomach bloat alot. They were good though.


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