Do You DARE To Win My Giveaway?

Do You DARE…to enter my SOYJOY Giveaway?!?

SOYJOY has recently launched the “Do You Dare Challenge” on Facebook and they want to get YOU in on the action! By checking out their Facebook page, you’ll get the chance to enter any dare for yourself that you can think of. It can be something fun, crazy, inspirational, or just plain silly!

By doing so, SOYJOY has offered to give away a fitness pack FULL of gear to one lucky STSL reader!

SOYJOY Prize Pack

An awesome backpack, camelback water bottle, a dri-fit t-shirt,

Water BottleT-shirt

a workout towel, and a box of SOYJOY nutritional bars!


How sweet is that, right?? Smile And even better yet, just for “liking” their Facebook page and entering your dare, you’ll get a free SOYJOY bar!

So, obviously, you’re all welcome to come up with your own dares…BUT, just in case you’re having trouble coming up with one, here are some ideas I came up with!


  • Add one extra workout a week…step it up!
  • Incorporate one new workout this week.
  • Say 5 positive things about yourself every day!
  • Try out a new food! Chia seeds? Quinoa?
  • Bake a new recipeI’ve got PLENTY for you to try! Winking smile

I’ve dared myself to do ALL of the above!!


How To Enter:

  1. Go to the SOYJOY Facebook page and “Like” it. You will automatically have to do this in order to enter your dare on their page.
  2. Leave a comment on this post telling me your DARE! Maybe we’ll all be able to get some fun ideas going!

Want a shot at some extra entries??

  1. Take one of MY dares, and leave a separate comment giving me the details of how you’re going to fulfill it! Remember…I DARE YA! Winking smile
  2. Go to the Sweet Tooth Sweet Life Facebook page, and answer the following question… “If I had to choose TRUTH or DARE, I would choose _________ because _________.”


***I will randomly choose a winner on Saturday, March 26th. GOOD LUCK!!***


  1. Jessica says

    I think I’ll take your, “say 5 positive things about yourself dare”. I’m constantly thinking negative about myself….and if you don’t believe in yourself, who will?!

  2. ashley says

    i am going to bake, “courtney’s apple crisp,” this weekend when my inlaws come over for dinner! i am going to make it exactly like your recipe says…..i know it will come out great!!!

  3. says

    mmmm soyjoy is so yummy! i dare you to…give cody a special treat today!
    and i dare myself to.. bake a new recipe. i want to bake your cinnamon chip scones, but i can’t find those cinnamon chips anywhere! i’ve tried thinking of substitutions (toffee chips? butterscotch chips?) but nothing sounds as good as cinnamon chips! bah!
    btw, i’ve just started reading your blog a few days ago, and i must say, somehow, you seem so personable and likeable! definitely will keep reading ~
    michelle recently posted..Sushi overload

  4. Jordan P says

    Oh, second, I will HAPPILY take the dare to cook a new food. I never really used to like much food from the sea, but since a bunch of my friends are going to New Orleans this weekend, I decided to try out a shrimp jambalaya with my other buddy that won’t be making the trip! It’ll be like we’re really there (well, not really, but our bellies will think so!) First time making shrimp, wish me luck!

  5. Jordan P says

    Finally, I have a dare for YOU (and everyone else)!

    Take a workout that you already do and amp it up.

    If you’re into yoga, push yourself further in a pose than you ever have!

    If you do body pump, go up a few lbs on a squat track.

    If you are into step, add a little addition height to the step!

    I just upped my weight in BodyPump recently, and I’m TOTALLY feeling it… but even when I thought I couldn’t go any further, my body didn’t feel the limit and took me to that next level!

  6. Lindsay@Brownies For Brunch says

    I dare myself to bake something I’ve always doubted I’d be able to do…i.e. dealing with yeast and breads! I want sourdough bread so I’m gonna go for it!

  7. dena b says

    I dare to do Jillian Michaels video, no more trouble zone 2x per week..This is a huge dare, no phoning this one in:-))

  8. Carly J says

    I like them on facebook! And my dare is to buy the next speciality item featured at the grocery store! I always taste the samples but I never buy them because I usually just stick to my grocery list!

  9. Whitney L. says

    I dare you (and me) to stop buying so much processed foods and start cooking a LOT more… ie. crackers, pasta sauces, pasta, bread, energy bars, yogurt, etc. can ALL be made at home although I usually purchase these items. Anyone else kinda scared of making homemade yogurt with one of those yogurt maker machines?!

  10. Samantha says

    This is just the motivation I needed! I have taken the add one extra workout a week dare. Right now I always say I’m going to work out 6 days a week but never seem to. I never skip my runs (I’m training for my 2nd half marathon) but I have a hard time motivating to do cross training. Now, I have to, because I cannot bail on a dare!!!!

  11. Jae says

    I dare you to try a new food: SOY FLOUR :)
    Im going to bake protein enhanced bread with it. Protein is my body’s friend :) it works for me 😀

  12. Heather S says

    I dared myself to calm down a bit and enjoy this time left with my husband before he leaves for his first deployment instead of making myself crazy worrying about it everyday.

    geez, that will be a tough one!

  13. Megan says

    My dare is to try new workouts! I’m in a rut right now with always running, but it’s starting to affect my knees (

  14. Erin says

    I’m also going to take one of your dares — a new workout! I get Self, Fitness and Shape and I’m constantly tearing out workouts but I never do them. This week I will actually do one!!

  15. says

    On your facebook page: If i had to chose truth or dare, I would choose truth! I think it’s harder to be honest with ourselves and others than most dares in life would ever be!
    Susan recently posted..Goodbye first 10!

  16. Kalyn says

    Oh, & I am daring myself to try new tofu recipes. I’ve only made it twice and wasn’t a fan, but I think I can spice it up now!

  17. kacie petersen says

    your dare to Try new recipes. I am going to try 2 new recipes a week to mix dinner time up a little. I hate getting stuck in a never changing dinner menu!!!

  18. Megan says

    And I’m taking your dare to say 5 positive things about myself every day, love this dare. I’m going to start as soon as I wake up in the morning so that positive thoughts resonate throughout my day.

  19. Malika says

    I’m going to take your TAKE SOMETHING NEW dare! I’m going to try…
    Believe it or not I’ve never tried the stuff and I’m excited to.. I’m going to buy some this weekend! Hope it goes well…

  20. Malika says

    I dare myself to only weigh myself once a week.. I have a bad habit of checking way too often so hopefully this will keep me from doing it :)

  21. Christine Linden says

    I took your Incorporate one new workout this week. I started my week with a bike ride, on my bike I got for Christmas it’s been at least 18 years since I road a bike. It was a great work out :-)

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