Adventures in Massachusetts

Well, after yesterday, we’ve got a new state to cross off our list



We headed out mid-afternoon for what we thought was just going to be some outlet shopping.


Jay and I usually try to hit up the Lee Outlets at least a couple times a year. We realized the last time we went was back in September, so we were due for another trip.

Our first stop was into the Nike Outlet. I hadn’t anticipated buying anything in here, but there were some good deals, and you know I can’t pass up a good deal… Winking smile


This men’s sweatshirt was on clearance for $11.48…ummm, yes please! I also picked up another pair of warm-weather “cozies” and some new running gear. Before I know it, I’m going to have to start training for my first-ever 15K…the Boilermaker! Surprised smile


Our next stop was in to Harry & David!



We actually used to have a Harry & David’s in our mall but it closed a couple years back. We both decided that’s probably a good thing.


I was psyched to see that they were sampling some limited edition flavored Moose Munch. I gladly helped myself to one three. Winking smile


The Cherry Vanilla was my favorite. SO GOOD!


We ended up leaving the store with a few fun goodies…




In order to keep my wallet from completely emptying, I decided to forego a trip into Banana Republic, and since I didn’t really find much anywhere else, we called it a day.

As we were walking back to the car, I happened to make a comment along the lines of “Oh, I wonder how far away Trader Joe’s is from here?”

Expecting an eye roll, Jay told me to plug it in to the GPS and then followed it up with a “Sure, let’s go!”



I think I fell in love all over again after that.

We made sure to stock up on a few goodies that we can only get from TJ’s…clearly, we are healthy. Disappointed smile


By the time we left TJ’s, it was almost 5:00 and we were starving. We debated on heading back towards home and eating dinner there, but then we figured it would be much more fun to keep the adventure going and find somewhere new!

So we both scrambled on our phones to see what was close and ended up a short drive down the road into Amherst, MA. We were both totally loving how cute of an area it is!


So many little shops and restaurants…I could definitely live near a place like this. Actually, I want to live near a place like this!

So once in a blue moon, I get a really strong craving for a burger and a beer. These are rare, but when they strike, Jay makes sure to jump on the chance! Luckily, we found somewhere that fit the bill.


The Amherst Brewing Company is a full-service brewpub located in downtown Amherst. It seemed like a pretty popular spot!


After scoping out the beer menu, I decided on a Honey Pilsner while Jay wound up with a Corim Irish Red. My Honey Pilsner was crisp and light, with just the slightest hint of honey. It was delicious!


For dinner, I went with the Valencia Style Bison Burger, which was their bison burger, topped with smoked cheddar cheese and a spicy-sweet apple chutney. Different, right? Oh, and of course, I subbed in the sweet potato fries. Winking smile


The fries were incredible, but unfortunately the burger was just mediocre. It was a little overcooked and sort of dry. Jay attributes it to being bison because apparently they’re a leaner cut of meat(?).


Hey whatever, I still dug right in!


Overall, Jay and I had a BLAST on our mini day-trip! What was supposed to just be a quick trip outlet shopping turned out to be a full-day adventure through Massachusetts.


I’m such a lucky gal! Open-mouthed smile

Now, since I just finished up a 45 minute treadmill walk, it’s time to go grab a mug of coffee and make some breakfast.

See ya later gators!

Question for the Day:

What was the last spontaneous thing you did?


  1. says

    Aww, don’t you just love days that turn into that? Looks like you had a great time! You are a lucky gal! As for the bison burger, I use it in our house when I want the man to eat something a little healthier (but he doesn’t want to eat my turkey burgers!) You definitely have to cook it just right to have it be a little juicier. But it still has good taste. You should try it at home, with your cooking/baking skills….you are sure to make a winner!
    Melissa @ Chocolate & Kisses recently posted..All I want

  2. Kate Gifford says

    I went to college in Amherst, it was such a great place to live! That is where I met my husband. We haven’t been there in a few years, thanks for reminding me what a great day trip it is.
    The Pub is another great place to have a burger, they are my favorite!

  3. Shayla says

    I love that you stocked up with more chocolate peanut butter filled pretzels!!! They’re so freakin yummy and addicting – my hubby and I even munched on some last night!! 😉

    • Courtney says

      Hahaha, I was totally thinking of you when I bought these! It was actually Jay that put them in the cart, but I would have done it if he hadn’t. I have YOU to blame for this addiction now!!! 😉

    • Courtney says

      Awww that’s awesome!! It was definitely an adorable little town…we loved it there! Glad I could make you smile 😀

  4. says

    that sounds like the best day ever! Clothes shopping, trader joe’s, and delicious burger with sweet potato fries at a brew pub? umm DEFINITELY BEST DAY EVER haha

    I haven’t done anything spontaneous in awhile, but reading this post definitely makes me want to go to the Lee Outlets :)
    Emily recently posted..Workout Playlists and Fantastical Cupcakes

  5. says

    Your Trader Joe’s trip looks alot like mine…

    I got the peanut butter choc. pretzels and joe joe’s! Beware the pretzels are very addicting!!!! :)

    Oh, and my Granny sends me fruit of the month from Harry and David! I love it, I just got some really good nectarines!!

    The last adventure I went on was camping with my boyfriend! It was so much fun!!
    Tara @ The Game of Life recently posted..Inspiration

  6. Julie says

    Seeing your adventures in MA is making me anxious for my trip back east in a couple months. I’m a preschool teacher and am counting down the 7 weeks to summer vacation! Amherst is definately a fun little town, I went to college there at UMass. Everything looked so yummy at H & D, I’ll have to make sure I stop there too!

    I recently discovered your website and it’s always fun to read, thanks!

  7. Stephanie says

    yay for the BOILERMAKER!!! ive ran it for the past 4 years since its 10min from my house. Its such a fun race. So many spectators and runners its awesome!!

  8. Beth says

    I thought I recognized that TJ’s! It’s the one I go to! Next time you travel through the area, take a left out of TJ’s (opposite direction of Amherst) and head into Northampton…it’s like Amherst, but a bit bigger. They have an awesome brewery and restaurant…the Northampton brewery.

  9. Sarah Elizabeth says

    It’s so funny to hear you write about somewhere I’m so familiar with! ABC is great for cheap, laid-back, and delicious food and beer (love the Honey Pilsner). Moti across the street is also great, and you can’t beat the pizza from Antonio’s! You should visit Northampton next – another adorable college town!

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