A Pizza to Rock Your Socks Off

For being a Monday, today really hasn’t been too shabby. How ‘bout that??

It must be the amazing dinner I just finished…

Or maybe it had something to do with the kick-butt workout I started my day off with this morning. Only 2 hits of the snooze button allowed me a little extra time than normal (maybe I’m making progress!?). So I took advantage with a quick, 1-mile warm up on the treadmill, at a 6.5 – 7.0mph pace.

After that, I followed things up with another sweaty session of Jillian Michael’s No More Trouble Zones. I’m totally loving this workout lately, and have actually been enjoying it in place of BodyPump. I’ve been going through a “BodyPump is boring” phase, so I’m glad I’ve been able to find something to take its place for now!


Needless to say, my workout definitely left me with a grumblin’ tummy! Once I walked out into the kitchen, I couldn’t believe that I had almost forgotten about THIS…


Empty peanut butter jar!! You know what THAT means…


OIAJ BIAJ! Yes, Buckwheat in a Jar!

I used the same combo as Saturday (minus the carrot cake cupcake) and I am happy to say that BIAJ is just as enjoyable as my beloved OIAJ. It’s definitely a mighty fine substitute. PHEW! Open-mouthed smile



I kept things pretty simple today, but was still enjoying my little rainbow of color I was able to incorporate. Call me crazy, but I just love colorful meals!


In addition to some celery sticks and an orange, I packed up a small portion of leftovers from last night’s Mac & Cheese dish. We only finished about half of it last night, so we’ve still got a good amount to go!


And for a little sweetness to round out the meal, an always-delicious strawberry Chobani. Lunch was actually broken into 2 parts (as usual) today: mac & cheese + celery sticks first, followed by orange + Chobani around 3:00. Perfection! Smile


After work, I had a couple quick errands to run, including my first round of immunotherapy. Things went smoothly, and there’s really nothing to report on, except the fact that I get to have 4 shots every time that I go…how did I get so lucky?? Winking smile

So by the time I got home, I was feeling a little pick-me-up was in order…


Two Nutella Chocolate Chip cookies definitely did the trick. I made sure to enjoy them now, since they’re off-limits after dinner! Luckily, I don’t think I’d be craving them much tonight anyways, after the incredible food I just consumed…

Tonight’s dinner was inspired by a recipe I came across in the March issue of Cooking Light Magazine

Homemade White Pizza with Tomato, Basil, & Pesto. Open-mouthed smile

We started with a Trader Joe’s garlic & herb pizza crust (which Jay did an amazing job rolling out…I can’t stand rolling out pizza dough, I’m terrible at it!) then topped it with some store-bought basil pesto, fresh tomato slices, and a few dollops of reduced-fat ricotta cheese.


Next, we added a mix of part-skim mozzarella + 6-cheese Italian blend.


I couldn’t believe that this was baby was homemade!! Surprised smile


Once it was out of the oven, I topped it with some fresh sliced basil leaves and some cracked black pepper.


Holy delicious! I’ve actually never tried making a pizza with pesto before, but I can definitely foresee this happening again in my future. It gives the pizza a completely different flavor…it will totally rock your socks off! Winking smile


I devoured two slices and I’m currently trying my very best to hold off on digging into a third…


We’ll see how successful I am with that. Winking smile

I’m actually hoping to have a little extra time to read more of my book tonight…I honestly haven’t gotten very far since the last time I mentioned it!

Question for the Evening:

What rocked YOUR socks off today?? Smile


  1. fsugirl! says

    This fabulous recipe! Mmmm…. how do you have the energy to make creative and delish(no doubt!)recipes? I’m tuckered out by the evening and eat the same old boring stuff: salads, sandwiches, Green Monsters,blah blah blah. 😀

  2. says

    The pizza looks fabulous!
    By the way, I tried a new (to me) tea that you might like for an after dinner treat since sweets are off-limits: Mango Black Tea from Trader Joe’s. It has a wonderful flavor, with the perfect amount of natural sweetness from the mango. When you’re at TJ’s next time, you should try it – or we can do a foodie swap since there’s one a few blocks from me! :)
    Courtney @ The Granola Chronicles recently posted..Cali Tour- Stanford University

  3. Darcy Pogue says

    Eating dinner with my hubby and 2 amazing girls rocked my socks off today! AFter a down day yesterday, it was great to see them and talk to them about our days. I am so lucky to have the 3 of them in my life!

  4. says

    Such a cute blog! I have major pizza cravings sometimes so I’m always a fan of the homemade version. They always taste sooo much better. Today I got a taste of an Mexican Chocolate that was slightly spice and grainy, and to put it in your works – “rocked my socks off”! Helloooo monday
    Jenny recently posted..Slow start

  5. says

    I got totally jealous when I saw your empty PB jar! Why are OIAJ so much better than oats with just PB mixed in? What is that???

    My tofu stir fry that I made for dinner rocked my socks! And the Malbec I had with it was 100% delish, too! Happy Monday, indeed! 😀
    Melissa recently posted..Don’t Kung With the ‘Fu!

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