Few Things Are Better Than This

If there is one thing that I have learned since this past Christmas, it’s that there are few things in life that are better than fresh baked, homemade bread!


It wasn’t always pretty, but thankfully, I think I’ve finally found my go-to loaf: French Baguettes!

If it wasn’t for my bread machine, I don’t know if I’d have ventured into bread-baking. I seriously just LOVE this thing. It’s such a snazzy contraption. Smile


I have yet to venture outside of using the recipe booklet that came with the machine, but there are some incredible-sounding recipes in there.


Would you believe that there’s a chocolate chip cookie bread recipe in there? Ummm yeah, that’s definitely a must-try…along with those cinnamon rolls. Winking smile


Tonight’s baguettes came out just as good, if not better, than my last batch. Here they are just after rising and getting ready to hit the oven…


Mmmmm…warm, crusty French bread is my paradise. Smile


To go along with my bread, I cooked up the Potato Corn Chowder soup mix that we bought this past Saturday.


And I must say that, despite being a pre-packaged soup mix, this chowder had some serious flavor! The recipe called for using 2% or half and half, but I only had 1% on hand, which is why mine looks a little thinner. Nonetheless, it still tasted great AND was a little more “healthified.” Smile



Not to mention the fact that it acted as the perfect base for some bread dunkage!


Topped with a little butter…


This meal was definitely the whole package! Smile


Of course, as soon as we sat down to eat, somebody was ready to play some fetch


So we played a few rounds until he tired out.


But before we knew it, he was back once again…


but this time, to cuddle. He’s my perfect cuddle buddy!


And I intend on cuddling with him all night. Smile

Question for Tonight…Fill in the Blank:

Few things in life are better than _________________.


  1. says

    . . . a glass of good wine after a long day.
    . . . coffee and Food Network on a Saturday morning.
    . . . the first time in the spring you get to sit outside for a drink or dinner.

    Have a great night, Courtney!
    Melissa recently posted..Speedy Soup

  2. Jen says

    Looks soooooo good! I’m so jealous, fresh baked bread really IS where it’s at, and yours has me drooling, yum!

  3. Floey says

    Ahh sooo jealous of your fresh bread with butter :( I don’t have a bread maker and don’t have the time to make my own bread 😛 Send some to So. Cal? 😀

  4. says

    We just went to register for our wedding and didn’t register for a bread maker… You (and chocolate chip cookie bread) have me regretting this decision! Maybe I should go back and add it!


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