April 2011

My First 10K!

by Courtney on April 30, 2011


At 6:30 this morning, I was up and ready to go! Before leaving the house, I snacked on a piece of almond butter + banana toast for some pre-race fuel. By 7:45, I was down at the 10K Spring Run-Off, freezing my tush off. My girl Eileen and I drove down at the same time […]


As Long As I Finish

by Courtney on April 29, 2011


So…tomorrow I have a 10K race to run. I have never attempted 6.4 miles in my life. I just figured out where the race actually IS. And up until today, I hadn’t gone for a run outside since November. Talk about being prepared, right? Or waiting ‘til the last minute… Sheesh! I wasn’t sure whether […]


Neapolitan Cupcakes with Ice Cream Frosting

by Courtney on April 29, 2011


Sorry that I’m not sorry for the outrageous amounts of cupcakes you’ve been seeing on here this week. Things got a little crazy. I almost decided to hold off on sharing these Neapolitan Cupcakes with Ice Cream Frosting (yes you read that right!) with ya’ll until next week, buuuuuut I just couldn’t. Especially after the […]


Royal Wedding Cupcakes

by Courtney on April 29, 2011

Happy Friday Royal Wedding Day! Soooooo? Did you watch?? Were you up at 4am this morning?? source I, in fact, was not up at the crack of dawn this morning, but I have been enjoying all of the coverage this morning. I think I’m becoming more and more obsessed with Princess Catherine. Isn’t she just […]



You know that saying “You are what you eat?” Well if it were changed to say “You are what you bake,” it’s very possible that I may turn into a cupcake pretty soon. Welcome to my morning! Raspberry Devil’s Food Cupcake with Raspberry Almond Buttercream I’m gonna let you all in on a little secret […]


My Bad Habit

by Courtney on April 28, 2011

Okay, it’s official. I am LOVING these 5:45am BodyPump classes! I was actually a little apprehensive about today’s class because my body is sorrrre. On Tuesday night, I had my first softball practice of the season. So now, two days later, my shoulders, back, upper arms, and waist are totally feelin’ it. It’s so funny […]


Oops…I Already Forgot

by Courtney on April 27, 2011


Talk about a great afternoon! It was absolutely gorgeous outside, I got to meet a friend for lunch, I ate a delicious salad, AND made a trip to the Fresh Market. Woop! So first, I had the pleasure of meeting up with the lovely Cynthia today for my mid-day meal. Cynthia and I have gotten […]


Creamy Fruit and Tortellini Salad

by Courtney on April 27, 2011


Now that we’ve finally got some warm weather here in Upstate NY, I’m already feeling the itch to be outside. One of my favorite things about the warm weather, actually, are all of the picnics, parties, and barbecues that will inevitably wind up on my calendar. Whenever I attend a party like that, I always […]


A Long Time In The Making

by Courtney on April 27, 2011


Three months, two days, one hour, fifty-seven minutes… Not that I’m counting or anything. It’s been a long time in the making. A long time. But as of this morning, I am thrilled to announce… OIAJ are BACK! Wahooo!! C’mon, let’s all do the happy dance, shall we?? source Ever since finding out that I […]


Jelly Filled Doughnut Cupcakes

by Courtney on April 26, 2011


Okay, so you all know I’m kind of in love with cupcakes. I love baking them…and I love eating them. Another favorite of mine? Doughnuts. Granted, they aren’t exactly the healthiest option out there, so I try to enjoy them sparingly. However, something about making a cupcake into a doughnut just made them seem less […]