One Lonely Can

Apparently one savory breakfast per weekend is all I need, because this morning I woke up craving nothing but sweet!


Yesterday while at the grocery store, I happened to spot one lonely can of pumpkin hiding towards the back of the shelf. I haven’t been able to find any for a while now, so I’m sure you can imagine my excitement.

I’m tellin’ ya, it’s a good thing there was nobody in my way, because I most definitely would have tackled ‘em for it. Winking smile


I made sure to incorporate my new-found pumpkin into this morning’s buckwheat bowl, and ohhh myyyy. Talk about delicious!


In the mix: creamy buckwheat cereal, vanilla almond milk + water, 1/2 mashed banana, raisins, chia seeds, vanilla, cinnamon, and pumpkin pie spice.


All topped off with some granola & a small scoop of The Bees Knees PB. The stuff was so awesome…just check out that melting action! Open-mouthed smile



I actually didn’t eat breakfast until almost 11am this morning (!!!) because Jay and I slept in a little later than normal. We stayed up until 2:00am last night trying to deal with a blog issue that was just recently brought to my attention.

Apparently, there is a blog that is currently stealing many of my posts that you see here…word for word, pictures and all. I ended up spending almost two hours on the computer trying to figure out copyright infringement and all sorts of other things. I’m still trying to determine what my next course of action should be, but overall I’m really just sort of disappointed in the whole thing. I mean, who would really want to purposely steal someone else’s work??? Annoyed


Anyways, I’m sure things will all get worked out, and there’s certainly things that could be worse, right?

Oh yes, and I know that some of you asked what I thought of last night’s movie rental. My honest opinion? It wasn’t that great, which I was pretty surprised about because I’m a huge fan of Reese Witherspoon and Paul Rudd! Maybe tonight’s movie choice will be better?? I’m feelin’ a drama!

Time to go tackle the rest of my Sunday! Smile

Question for the Day:

What’s your favorite movie genre?


  1. Kate says

    I love action movies myself but I love a good chick flick that can make me boo hoo! Also your breakfast this morning looked amazing! I hope you got everything worked out with the blog!

  2. says

    I adore Paul Rudd, any movie with him in it is sure to be a winner 😉

    Sorry to hear about the blog stuff. Lots of the content I write for work gets ripped and used by content farm sites, so I know how aggravating it is! Hopefully you get it straightened out soon!

  3. kara nicole says

    that is so upsetting/creepy that someone would do that! I hope you get things worked out!
    I love anything funny! aka The Hangover, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, etc. and I am also a HUGE Twilight fan! gotta love Rob Pattinson! 😉

  4. says

    Sorry to hear about the blog problem – it is a bit messed up but I’m sure things will be sorted (hopefully with a minimal amount of stress)!

    I love tinned pure pumpkin, you reminded me I should stock up in case it disappears like it did last season.

    I really like horror, action, and psychological thrillers.. & sometimes comedies.
    Heather recently posted..turtles are subtle

  5. says

    Sorry to hear about the blog thing. That is horrible!

    As for movie genres, I love love romantic comedies. However, my heart belongs to a genre I call “Cheesy Sports Flicks.” In this category, some of my faves are Rudy, Cool Runnings and Remember the Titans. They always get me motivated :-)

  6. says

    So sorry to hear about someone copying your blog. That’s absolutely awful! I really recommend The Fighter for your second movie choice. It was really great.

  7. says

    I clicked the link that you posted on Twitter that directed me to that site – it looks like that site is also posting content from My Baking Addition (I think that’s the blog name). I wonder if Jessica (again, I think that’s MBA’s names) knows about this…hmm….

    Hope you get this figured out. It’s so bizarre!
    Courtney @ The Granola Chronicles recently posted..Good and Bad

  8. says

    Why would someone do that? That’s so disappointing, especially when it seems like the blog world is usually pretty great. Rooting for you to get it all sorted out!

    At least you had some pumpkin to take the edge off! 😀
    Melissa recently posted..When Plans Fail

  9. says

    So sorry to hear about your blog trouble!! I can’t believe the trouble some people go to just to hurt other people. Have you thought about putting a watermark on your photos? That might help with the photo copying!
    Karen recently posted..Schedule Success

  10. says

    I’m SO sorry about the blog problem :( I saw it on your twitter the other night & was like whaaaaaaa?!? that is just insane. And really sad that someone would do that. Lame!
    I hope you are getting everything figured out!!
    Holly recently posted..Opening Day 2011

  11. says

    That is definitely strange someone is using your posts :( (Unfortunately, it doesn’t surprise me in this day and age!) How do you get a copyright for your blog? I wish you luck and hope this person is immediately STOPPED.
    Suzanne Spray recently posted..Power Up Your Health…

  12. says

    Sorry to hear about your blog issue. Seriously, what it the point of copying someone? Why bother? As for my favorite genre, I’m all about psychological thrillers. Arlington Road is my favorite. I love movies when I can’t predict the ending!
    Brenda @Year 25 recently posted..Saturday Explorers

  13. fsugirl! says

    How horrible! What kind of lazy bum rips off a fabulous blogger like you? Keep up the great work! 😀 Favorite movie genre is DEFINITELY romcoms that don’t require much thought! 😉

  14. says

    I’m so sorry to hear about your blog issues! It’s terrible that people think just because it’s the internet, they can steal someone else’s work. It’s totally creepy they are using your photos too. I hope you get it sorted out soon!

  15. says

    That’s HORRIBLE that someone would steal all of your posts. It’s hard work to be a blogger! I’m just starting out and realizing this…
    I’m jealous you got pumpkin!! I almost used up my stash, and I went to the store today and no luck! Ugh. I might resort to buying some online though because I give a tablespoon to my dog too each day to keep him healthy.
    Kristi @ KristiAteIt recently posted..Hibachi!

    • Courtney says

      I had someone email me to let me know…thank goodness they did, because I don’t know if I would have ever found out otherwise!

  16. says

    I can’t believe someone would steel your blog word for word. Like everything?? I mean are they pretending to be you?? I mean I dont’ get it because you talk about you and Jay all the time. How could someone rip that off. Crazy world!

    • Courtney says

      It’s really strange…they’re not only taking my posts, they’re also taking them from a few other sites as well. I don’t get it…?

  17. Teri says

    How frustrating!!! I’m sorry! Hope you are able to get it all resolved soon! Copied and all there’s no way she can live up to you! :) lol

  18. says

    I can’t believe that someone would do that to you! I saw your tweet and I was in shock, people seriously need to get a life :( I hope you get it all sorted out, I love reading your posts and only yours 😀

  19. Shayla says

    Ugh what an awful thing for someone to do to you!! I hope you got it all figured out and us readers all know who the true and fabulous Courtney is!! 😉

    I hope you liked The Fighter….hubby and I loved it and next on our list is Black Swan! Oh and I love The Bees Knees too….but it will never top Blizzard Butter….I don’t think any PB will!! :)

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