Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bombers Burritos and Margaritas

by Courtney on April 6, 2011


Sometimes, there’s nothing like a night out with one of your best girlfriends to lift your spirits and put you in a fantastic mood! Tonight, Sarah and I headed out to dinner at a popular local restaurant, Bombers Burrito Bar. If you live anywhere near the Albany area, then I’m sure you’ve probably heard of […]


Nothing Goes To Waste

by Courtney on April 6, 2011


I really don’t like wasting food. Anytime we have leftovers in the house, I always make sure that they get eaten up (whether by me or Jay) or used up in one way or another. Case in point… Yesterday when I was making the most amazing sugar cookies ever, I noticed that the recipe called […]


Crackled Sugar Cookies

by Courtney on April 6, 2011


As promised…here’s your sugar cookies! I’ve always loved the taste of a good sugar cookie. I can remember when I was little, my Mom would often take me to Bradlees (an old local department store…does anyone else remember it??) where they would have some of the most gigantic M&M sugar cookies in their little bakery […]