A Little Past Its Prime

I have got a GREAT night ahead of me, with some GREAT friends! Sarah should be here any minute to come and pick me up (Jay’s working late so he has to meet up with us later) so I’ve gotta make this one snappy!

Today’s lunch was really nothing you haven’t seen before, but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t delicious.


Carrots & celery along with some very garlicky hommus. Winking smile


A super sweet golden delicious apple (my absolute favorite).


And a fantastic yogurt bowl. Today’s combo included a honey flavored Chobani, topped off with some chia seeds, Cinnamon Burst Cheerios, and trail mix.


I actually picked up this package of Planters Apple Cinnamon Daybreak Blend over the weekend at the grocery store. It was in the “clearance” cart, so for just over $1.00, I figured it was worth it. I assumed that it must have been discontinued…?


But as soon as I munched on a couple pieces, I started to realize…

It’s a little past its prime. Winking smile


Luckily, it’s really only the dried cranberries that feel like they’re going to break my teeth in half, so as long as I weed those out from now on, I should be golden.


Note to self…there’s a reason foods are in the clearance cart! Winking smile

Before I go, I’ll leave you all with a couple links I recently got in an email from Active.com about running. I found them pretty interesting, so hopefully you will too!

7 Healthy Foods for Runners

10 Tips for Beginning Runners

YIPPEE for the weekend! Hope you all had a great week and have an even better start to your weekend.

Question for the Day:

What is the best piece of running (or exercise in general) advice you’ve ever received?


  1. says

    haha I am guilty of purchasing old food too :/

    Running advice: Have fun with it! As soon as it becomes a chore, your running will suffer. You have to be excited about it, and once you are out there relax!! Also don’t be afraid to take days off…. it will only make you better! :)
    Tara @ The Game of Life recently posted..Inspiration

  2. says

    Beat running advice I’ve gotten is to not run for speed or distance but instead to run for myself. When the pressures off, running is so much more enjoyable for me.

    Does adding chia seeds to the yogurt create a plumpier texture?
    Khushboo recently posted..France would be proud

    • Courtney says

      I don’t notice much of a difference in the yogurt, but I also eat it fairly quick. I DO notice a difference, however, when it’s added to my almond milk in cereal!

  3. says

    I LOVE putting trail mix in my oatmeal and yogurt! the only problem is, its so freaking good i tend to eat al 6 or 7 servings in a 2 day span.. whoooppsss. I forgot the brand i get ( its dark green) its has tons of varieties, i don’t even recall the name version I love, i just grab and go ( very helpful information I know 😉 )
    Sarah recently posted..happy friday!

  4. says

    Best piece of exercise advice is form first above everything else and then push it harder each and every time 😀 I hate when I think I’m getting a good deal on something with a coupon and it turns out expired haha. At least it’s only nuts, I bought expired cottage cheese. Bleh :(
    Jenny (Fit Girl Foodie) recently posted..Weekend Wedding

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