I Can Roast A Chicken!

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So tonight’s dinner was a new adventure for me…I roasted a chicken.


Alright, I know it doesn’t look pretty. What can I say? I got a little anxious and ended up ripping the skin during prep. So although it may not look perfect, it still tasted pretty perfect. Smile

Better yet, it was actually pretty easy, too! I used this recipe as a base to start prepping my bird, but ended up adding a little extra to suit my own tastes. So I got the naked little guy washed and dried, and then it was time to get to work.


First, I started out by mixing the spices together for the rub. Yes, that’s a little orange zest in there! Also, please take note of my makeshift roasting rack. I think it’s one of the only kitchen gadgets I don’t have, so I made my own using a cookie cooling rack and the rack out of my toaster oven. Hey, it works!


Next, I rubbed half of the spice mixture underneath the skin of the bird.


Then, I rubbed a little bit of canola oil over the top of the skin,


along with the rest of the spice mixture.


Finally, I squeezed about half of an orange over the top for a little extra flavor. Mmmm mmmmm. Smile


Before tossing the bird into the oven, I punctured a lemon and pushed that sucker right inside.


I could not help but laugh while I was doing this, after I did this, and even right now as I’m typing this. Sorry, I’m mature, I know. Teehehehe.


I also ended up adding a little bit of garlic in there as well, because hey, you can never have too much garlic. Well, except for this one time…yowsahs! Disappointed smile

After about 1:45 in the oven, my little timer popped and it was time to eat!


Jay took care of the carving, thankfully. Cody is going to have some awesome chicken scraps tonight! Winking smile


The chicken turned out so moist and tender, and FULL of flavor!! I actually had to give myself a pat on the back for this one. Winking smile


    Along with our chicken, I cooked up some brown rice (in chicken broth instead of water) and Tina’s Best Roasted Broccoli Recipe.


    She’s not kidding…this recipe is phenomenal!


    And it went perfectly with my chicken.


    If I only had the time and patience to cook like this every night…


    Hey, at least we’ve got plenty of leftovers! Open-mouthed smile

    Time to go clean up the dishes and then give my hands some much-needed lovin’ with a manicure. Saweeeet!

    Question for the Evening:

    Have you ever roasted a whole chicken or turkey?


    1. says

      I roasted a turkey once. I was young and didn’t know what I was doing. (Now I’m just old and don’t know what I’m doing.)

      I followed the directions with the thawing, prepping, temperature, etc…but it was not done on time. It was thanksgiving and me and my bf at the time had to eat…so I took it out of the oven, cut off some slices, and microwaved the part we wanted to eat so we wouldn’t be eating Thanksgiving dinner on Black Friday.

      This is why I just look at good food pictures on blogs now. < —-no talent in the kitchen

    2. says

      I have roasted a chicken. And yes, I giggled when I shoved the lemon up its butt, too! :)

      This looks like the perfect thing to make early in the week and then do lots of fun things with all week long!
      Melissa recently posted..Melissa Smash!

    3. says

      I have tried before but it never comes out right! I’m not sure what I do wrong lol. Good for you for cooking that on a weeknight! I know I don’t have that much patience. I usually wait until the weekend : )

    4. says

      Yep I sure have! Last year in college we had a grandma’s potlock were you brought food your grandma made. I roasted a chicken. My grandma would have fried it but the dietician in me couldn’t do it
      Ellie recently posted..Can I go back to bed

    5. Thetreadmilldiaries says

      I actually think your roasted chicken pic looks mighty tasty. LOVE stuffing them with lemons & then roasting – it definitely makes them juicy.
      Thetreadmilldiaries recently posted..Crunchy &amp Cool

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