If You Love Cheese…Try To Win Some


I know I say this a lot, but I only say it when I truly mean it…so I’m going to say it again… Tonight’s dinner was absolutely amaaaaazing. And if you guessed Panini was the menu item of choice, then you were right on target! I took out the good ‘ol panini maker for tonight’s…

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A Must Try Yoga Video


WOW…I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a more intense workout from yoga than I did today! (Well, except maybe that one Hot Yoga class, but that’s an entirely different beast…) I flipped on Exercise on Demand and came across a whole slew of workouts ready for the choosing. I wanted something that was no more…

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My DIY Wedding Invitations


Let’s Talk Weddings! I recently received an email from a reader asking about my wedding invitations. I realized that this is something that I’ve never had the chance to discuss here on the blog, since this was well before I even started blogging. So I jumped on the chance (or excuse) to talk about another…

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