Monday, April 18, 2011

Too Much To Handle

by Courtney on April 18, 2011


Tonight, Jay and I had to make a trip over to my parents house so he could help them with a little “incident” that happened over the weekend… Would ya check that out?!? Apparently, all of the wind from this weekend was too much for this ginormous pine tree in my parents’ yard. So sad. […]


Fruit and Veggie Overload

by Courtney on April 18, 2011


Good news my friends! Dentist says I have no cavities AND my outrageous coffee addiction was not questioned or scolded. Even though I love my hygienist and she’s super sweet, I’m happy to not be heading back for another six months. By the time I got home from grocery shopping, I was pretty hungry, so […]


In The Middle Of The Action

by Courtney on April 18, 2011


Howdy Howdy! Just catching up from the weekend? I got pretty honest and cleared up some speculation. I baked a bunch of cupcakes. I had a breakfast date with two great bloggers! *********** For this morning’s workout, I was in the mood to stretch rather than do any sort of excessive cardio. My original plan […]