In The Middle Of The Action

Howdy Howdy! Just catching up from the weekend?


For this morning’s workout, I was in the mood to stretch rather than do any sort of excessive cardio. My original plan was a run, but the thought of yoga just sounded so much better. So to somewhat incorporate a mix of the two, I decided on some Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown.

As good of a workout as it was, it was a little difficult to work around this little guy…


All he wanted to do was play fetch, and continued to strategically drop himself and his favorite fetch toy right underneath any downward-facing dogs or plank positions I got myself into. I’ll tell ya, he’s always got to be right in the middle of the action.


What a little rascal! Winking smile


Believe it or not, I actually went savory today. I know, I shocked myself too.


I made myself an egg & cheese sandwich, using a toasted whole wheat English muffin, 1/4 cup Egg Beaters mixed with basil, 1 slice provolone cheese, tomato slices, some ketchup, and a little salt & pepper.


McMuffins ain’t got nothin’ on me! Smile


On the side, I enjoyed a few fresh strawberries. Hey, gotta get my sweet in there somewhere!


This morning, I have a dentist appointment, which I’m really not looking forward to. Hopefully they don’t call me out like last timeEmbarrassed smile

Catch ya later gators!

Question for the Day:

Do you like going to the dentist/doctor?


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    Hahaha. So funny that you mention the dentist. On Friday’s post, I discussed my history with the dentist…and the fact that until recently I hadn’t been in awhile! My dentist canceled on me Friday and it might have been the highlight of my day :-)

    I made an egg mcmuffin for breakfast on Saturday. Didn’t look as pretty as yours hehe. But I gave myself an A for effort! Good luck at the dentist!
    Jamie aka “Sometimes Healthy” Girl recently posted..And I Gotta Say- Today was a Good Day

  2. says

    I know it’s crazy, but I love my dentist! I’ve been going to him since 3rd grade and he’s always so happy to see me! :) I haven’t even gone to anyone else since moving to another state–I always just plan my visits for when I’m home visiting.
    Melissa recently posted..Calorie Blasting Interval Workout

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    I went to the dentist last week, and I usually don’t mind it. However, for some reason my teeth were SO sensitive last week. My gums were bleeding like crazy, and it still hurt even after they put numbing gel on my gums! No cavities though!
    chelsey @ clean eating chelsey recently posted..just laugh

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    I was just at the doctor’s today :( I usually don’t mind going but my doctor is immensely incompetent so I’m in the midst of finding something who is actually knowledgeable. Loving your egg sammie, I’m making one now for lunch 😉
    Jenny (Fit Girl Foodie) recently posted..Fab Friday

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