Just Give Me The May Flowers

Talk about a dreary April morning…


Can’t we just skip the “April Showers” and go straight to the “May Flowers?” Winking smile

At least Cody doesn’t mind. As long as there’s birds chirping or leaves blowing, he’s easily occupied.


“I seeeee you little birdy…now if I could juuuust figure out how to break through this window…”IMG_2225

The gloomy, damp weather left me craving something warm and comforting for breakfast, so another buckwheat bowl was in order.


In today’s bowl:

All topped off with some of my granola and a little PB2. I actually really love using PB2 on oats because you can mess around with the consistency. I like it nice and runny so it oozes all over my oats. Winking smile



This morning I was craving some cardio, so I busted out the original 5-4-3-2-1 treadmill workout that I originally found from Kristin. I’ve had quite a few of my friends tell me that they’ve given it a try and that it’s “been kicking their a$$!” Surprised smile That’s awesome.


This afternoon I have a lunch date planned, followed by some QT with my friends Sarah and Mal. You see, had I still had a job, this week would have been my spring break, so I would have been on vacation anyways. And since 90% of my friends also seem to work in schools, they’re on break this week, too. So I have some fun things in store!

Catch ya on the flip side!!

Question for the Day:

What is your dream job?

**Edited to add – For those of you who asked yesterday about where the cute shoes I tried on were from. They’re from Lane Bryant! :)


  1. Lauren says

    Mmm your breakfast looks delish. I haven’t had bananas in the house for too long… I need to get on that! Also, love the Cody pics! Keep ’em coming :-)

  2. briana says

    I am currently a teaching assistant and love all the vacation, but my dream job would be traveling and eating all different types of food and writing about it!

  3. says

    It’s a dreary, cold, wet day here in Chicago, as well! I was definitely craving a bit hot bowl of oats this morning to warm me up. Where is Spring time?! I’m ready for hot weather so I can dig into colder breakfasts like smoothies and yogurt bowls!! :) Enjoy your vacation time!
    Jordan recently posted..Can we just talk about this

  4. says

    It is so dreary here in NYC too. Advantage of working in cube land? Lack of windows so I don’t realize how ugly it is outside 😉

    I need to get some PB2 stat. Another thing on my “To Buy” list that I haven’t gotten around too. Glad you have fun things planned for this week!

    Dream job? That’s so easy! In college I interned at a magazine here in NYC, and ever since, it’s been my dream to get back into the industry. SO, dream job would be Editor-in-Chief of SELF (I love her- read her Editor’s Note every month). Devil Wears Prada is one of my favorite movies because Anne Hathaway reminds me of myself (pre-glam girl- the awkward girl at the beginning of the movie that smells like an onion bagel when she goes in for her interview) 😉 I love to get that behind-the-scenes view of the magazine world, even though I could never survive at a fashion magazine.
    Jamie aka “Sometimes Healthy” Girl recently posted..Around the World in 20 Eggs! Breakfast for Dinna

  5. says

    Hard to be motivated to do much when it’s so dreary! You, my dear, are my idol today! :)

    I would love to be a writer/editor for a magazine like Self or Glamour or really any women’s magazine! It has always been my dream, but I was never brave enough to pursue it.
    Melissa recently posted..Excellent Enthusiasm

  6. says

    my dream job would be to be a full-time blogger, freelance writer (about food, fitness, family and living a healthy life) and possibly a fitness instructor on the side. i have a bazillion things i’d like to do! :) also, i’d LOVE to breed vizslas, but i struggle w/ that b/c of all the shelter pets that need homes.
    Julie @ Peanut Butter Fingers recently posted..When the Music Moves You

    • says

      I LOVE vizslas and used to want to be a vizsla breeder when I was about 11 years old! I have grown up with nothing but Vizslas (Kelsey, Jackie–who lived to be 14–and Buddy, my family’s current almost 5-year-old Vizsla who still acts like a puppy) and can’t imagine not having Vizslas in my life!

  7. Karen says

    Hi Courtney! I had almost the exact breakfast this morning as it’s dreary in Chicago as well. My dream job is a Event Planner where I could work at home and plan fun events throughout the USA. Right now, I am a meeting planner for an Association and it’s lots of fun. Question, I am making a cake for my mom’s birthday this weekend and wanted to see if the Diet Soda would work for a cake??
    Have a wonderful day!!

      • Karen says

        Yes, it was me…:) I’m weird like that and like to second guess myself when making something new. Can’t wait to have my mom try her birthday cake!!

  8. Whitney says

    Dream job is a social worker (def. being accomplished already) in which I’d like to eventually open a soup kitchen/shelter after attending Le Courdon Bleu! I’d love to create healthy, fresh food for people experiencing homelessness. Also, I’d love to be a life skills coach. All these things are within reach and I hope to say, “these were my dream jobs that I accomplished throughout my life” one day. :)

    • Courtney says

      Oh gosh…I’ve really been doing a lot of thinking about this one lately. There’s so many things I enjoy…blogging, teaching, baking, cupcakes, health & wellness, writing…now I just need to figure out how to put them all together into my dream job! :)

  9. Lauren H. says

    I’m going to have to buy some of this buckwheat cereal-looks good!! My dream job would be informing people on all types of health and fitness etc…I have my kinesiology degree now I’m about to start nursing school sooo hopefully after all the debt i’ve accrued in school loans i’ll be able to figure something out :) Maybe a new career path you could try is your own cupcake bakery!? Courtney’s Cupcakes has a nice ring to it :)

  10. says

    Ughhh I feel you about the NY weather. I live in the city and for some reason these clouds just won’t go away! I need to start praying for better weather :)

    My dream job would be as a judge on Top Chef. Can you imagine just getting to try all of those amazing chef’s creations and get paid for it? Or I’d take Anthony Bourdain’s job, travel the world while eating and drinking and then documenting it for people to watch on T.V!
    Rachel @ The Perseverance Diaries recently posted..VIP Status in the ER

  11. says

    I’d love to been certified in massage and personal training (as well as being an RD) so that I could open my own wellness center.

    PB2 is the BEST – it’s so much easier to add to liquid things since it’s powdered then having to melt real PB.
    Claire @ Live and Love to Eat recently posted..Weekend Recap

  12. says

    It still amazes me how a bowl of oats can day after day look sooo good to me! Such a beautiful sight
    Dream job-half interior designer doing hotels-half yoga instructor changing peoples lives.

  13. says

    My dream job would be a recipe developer/travel writer for a magazine. But only if hardcore reporting doesn’t work out in my future!

    Oh, and I just tried your treadmill workout and it’s amazing! You don’t think you’re getting that much done, but it gave me the best 5K time ever! Thank you :)

    Question, does Cody make strange noises when he gets really into watching the birds/squirrels? My cat always makes some kind of croaking noise and it freaks me out all the time!
    Liv @ The Salty n’ Sweet recently posted..Tropical Salad Dinner

    • Courtney says

      So glad you liked the treadmill workout!
      And YES!!! He’s only just started doing it recently, but he makes these really faint little meows/moans. It’s so strange, but the only time he does it is when he’s watching birds…or leaves 😉

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