Fashion Friday: Rompers

Usually when I wake up in the morning, Cody is right there to greet me. Sometimes it’s to play fetch, but normally, it’s just to cuddle. I love me some Cody cuddles!

So when I didn’t immediately see him waiting for me this morning, I started to wonder where he could be? After a few minutes of searching, I finally spotted him.


Those birdies reeeeally had his attention this morning! Winking smile


I woke up rather hungry today, so I went right to the kitchen and started breakfast. Another bowl of Pumpkin Buckwheat was callin’ my name!


With some extra drizzly PB2. Smile


It’s sooooooo good.


So you know what today is, right? RIGHT???

Happy Fashion Friday!!

For today’s topic, I’m really interested to hear all of your opinions on this one…


Seeing as though I’ve been to the mall twice this week, I noticed that many of the stores are now carrying rompers. I remember trying one on last year while shopping in Forever 21 and deemed myself a hideous mess. It was just not for me.

However, I’m starting to wonder if maybe I just tried a bad one? They are coming out with tons of styles for these things!


And some of them are really cute! For example, my fellow fashionista, Gina, recently picked up a couple from Express that I really like.


Here’s a few other places that also have quite a few to check out:

I don’t know, I guess I’m just still on the fence with this one. Cute, but maybe not for me?

So I’d LOVE to hear what you guys think! 

Question for the Day:

Rompers: Yay or Nay?


  1. says

    SUPER adorable IF you find a cute one AND if you have the right body type… Some have shorts that are TOO short but I say go try on a bunch of different styles and see!
    My must have right now are maxi dresses… SOOOOOO cute,comfy, and flattering!! :)

  2. says

    Not for me. I’ve tried one on and it’s just a hot mess. I’ve been shopping a couple times and I’ll pick one up thinking it’s a dress, but the be super let down when I get in the dressing room and actually try to put it on! And I agree with Ella – how the hell do you go to the bathroom? Pull it to the side? Take it all the way off? I don’t like outfits that require that much coordination and forethought haha.
    Colleen @ The Lunchbox Diaries recently posted..You Hurt Yourself While Running in Place

  3. says

    I’ve been wanting to buy for a while. I actually love them, since I’m really short, so it’s like a mini-dress, but not too revealing since they’re actually shorts.

    I think Urban Outfitters carried some cute ones last year. Give them a second try!
    Liv @ The Salty n’ Sweet recently posted..Tropical Salad Dinner

  4. says

    I like to think of rompers as one piece bathing suits…with the right style, colour, and design they can look super cute and trendy! That being said…theyre clearly not for everyone! Try on different styles and buy for your body type.. I think if you bought one, try it on with a belt so your waist doesnt get lost in the fabric and to break up the “onsie.” Im curious to see the other comment on this post!
    celina recently posted..MODEL MUST READ

  5. says

    I’ve tried on a MILLION and found ONE that I like. It’s so tough to find one that looks good on me. I’m lackin in the chest department, so they tend to make me look like a toddler.

    It’s sad, because I really do love them on some girls!!

  6. says

    Wasn’t a fan initially but rompers have defo grown on me. Not only are they cute but rompers are perfect for summertime: minimal clothing is necessary in the heat. Although take it from someone who owns a few- they no fun when the bathroom calls!
    khushboo recently posted..Breakfast of chia-mpions

  7. says

    I am on the fence about them as well! I wonder if you need to be super tall and skinny to pull them off, in which case, I will stick to skirts and dresses. I’ve been eyeing them during my spring shopping trips, too, so I might have to try one on just to see how it goes!

  8. Rochelle says

    Love rompers, think they’re super comfortable…until you have to go to the bathroom. The one I got has cute criss-cross straps in the back that serious make it a pain to get in and out of the bathroom quickly. Maybe I’m just picky but it gets annoying after wearing one all day!

  9. says

    i love rompers! but it’s so hard to find ones that are flattering! i need ones w/a dropped waistline…which i have a hard time finding! :)

    funny conversation w/my grandma:
    grandma: is that all connected?
    me: yes, grandma
    grandma: so…..when you go to the bathroom…you’re sitting there naked?
    me:……yes grandma.


  10. says

    i love the way rompers look on the girls in the magazine but i have to agree with the bathroom issue (it was the first thing that came to mind when you asked what we thought). they remind me of one piece bathing suits and you have to decide to either keep it on and pull it over (hoping you don’t pee on it of course) or you decide to pull it down and try to manage holding it so it doesn’t touch the floor. could you really imagine doing this in a public restroom?? it’s bad enough trying to squat, balance, grab some t-paper and find a place to put your purse…how in the world would i figure out how to hold on to the romper too??!!

  11. Whitney says

    Rompers are a must for summer time!!! I have quite a few of them and I love how you can make them casual with flip flops or dress them up with wedges! They are so extremely comfortable. I think you should give them another try :)

  12. Annmarie says

    I tried on that exact romper at Express a few weeks ago! I was sooooo close to buying bc I thought it was so cute… but like you I was wasn’t quite sure! I’m not sure if I can pull it off..

  13. Kaitlyn says

    my roommate wears them all the time and they are SO cute on her. she is shorter though (about 5’3′ and has a big butt, so she fills out the rompers perfectly and they are so flattering on her.) I on the other hand, am with ya. the two or some ive ever tried on, i refused to even come out of the dressing room.
    i am going shopping tomorrow though so maybe i will give it another go and try some new styles on. ill keep ya posted. 😉

    secondly, im really interested in getting some PB2 but when i went to the website it seems you can only order 4 jars of it at a time!?!?! as a lone college student, theres no way i need 4 jars. plus, i dont even if i like it yet? is it as good as PB? i always top my oats with pb like you do here. PB2 help/feedback please!

    • Courtney says

      I hear ya on that one. My honest opinion of PB2…I don’t like it enough to have on a sandwich, but I LOVE it on top of oats and mixed into things. I’m almost down to the bottom of my jar, and it’s taken me a while, but I think it was worth it! Maybe see if you can find a few other people to go in on an order with ya?

  14. Christina says

    I have been wearing rompers since they first made a reappearance into the fashion world (2008), and 3 years later I feel kind of weird buying them (since I have been buying them for years) so I have stopped. but I do love them!

  15. says

    I’m reading this super late but had to comment because I’m obsessed with rompers! I have five or six that I can think of right now, ranging from a fancy BCBG one that I wore to a cocktail party to a Target romper for weekends! Give them another chance!!
    Colleen recently posted..Pickles in my Mole

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