Two of My Favorites: Shopping and Baking

Hey Hey! How’s everyone’s Saturday been so far?

Mine has pretty much been split between shopping and baking…two of my favorites!

The shopping was more of a “time to stock up” trip to Sam’s Club, but we ended up with some goodies. It’s amazing how much the money adds up when we shop here. But luckily, a lot of this stuff will last us a long time, so it’s totally worth the initial shock value.


I was actually kind of hoping that we’d come across some good samples while shopping, but I only came across one lone pinwheel appetizer. Regardless, it was good…and I’ve actually had them before. Winking smile


I did a lot of grazing this afternoon in between baking, but I did end up stopping to have a delicious snack of cottage cheese, strawberries, and pineapple chunks.


Cottage cheese + pineapple is one of my favorite combos. Always so tasty. Smile



Oh right, so I mentioned I did some baking today, right?

The other day as I was going through some of my baking equipment, I came across these egg shaped pans which I knew would be PERFECT for Easter.


Better yet, I came up with a recipe that would be just as perfect for tomorrow.


Jay and I have a brunch to attend tomorrow morning, followed by “dinner” at my parents’ house. If you remember, we’re actually having “breakfast for dinner” so I needed something that could work double duty.

Enter: Jelly-Filled Doughnut Cupcakes


Of course, I had to try a bite. You know, just to make sure they were okay to take tomorrow.


They’re definitely okay to take. Winking smile


I made a mix of mini egg-shaped doughnut cupcakes plus regular cupcakes, and I put together a plate to take to each gathering.


Uhh ohh. Unfortunately, there were a few that just didn’t make the cut. I guess they’re just gonna have to stay with me. What a shame…


Don’t worry, I’ll have a full recipe up for you during the week! Smile

Oh yes, and as if the doughnut cupcakes weren’t enough…


I also baked up a new batch of Chocolate PB Cup Cupcakes.


You may notice that the frosting looks a little different on these bad boys. Well, that’s because it is. I got a little creative today and came up with a Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Frosting.


Oh yes. I went there. It’s outrageous.


And don’t worry…that recipe will be comin’ your way this week, too. Winking smile


Now after being stuck face-to-face with sweets all day long, I’m about ready to sit down with a big ‘ol salad that looks a lot like this one that I had last Tuesday.

It’s just me & Cody tonight, since Jay’s out for a “Guy’s Night.” I’m planning on popping in a girly movie, puttin’ on my cozies, and just chillin’ for the rest of the evening.

Sound like a plan? Winking smile

Question for the Evening:

If you could only pick one treat from above, which would it be: doughnut cupakes or peanut butter cup cupcakes?


  1. says

    There’s not a Sam’s Club near me! :( I hate that because I know it can be great for savings long term. MAN those Chocolate and PB cupcakes look amazing, that’s my favorite kind!!!
    Lauren recently posted..Happy Earth Day!!!

  2. says

    I am so impressed! They both look gorgeous and I’m sure I wouldn’t turn down either one, but I’d have to go for the Jelly Doughnut Cupcakes! I’m usually not all that big on jelly or doughnuts, but since I’ve made your Chocolate PB cupcakes before, I want to try another one of your recipes! You have some cupcake genius going on here, girl!
    Melissa recently posted..Weekend Recap

  3. says

    Peanut butter cup cupcakes all the way!! I actually don’t like jelly donuts, weird right? I like custard filled… I think that should be your next recipe :)

  4. says

    That salad looks perfect!
    Sams Club left Canada a couple of years ago, and there’s been a whole in my life ever since. I loved their cheap produce. We moved to Nova Scotia from Ontario about a year ago and the cost of groceries here is just unreal.

  5. Caitlin Hancox says

    All of your cupcakes look so amazing! You should start a cupcake business! They look straight out of a professional bakery, even better! I live in PA and would drive up to NY to get some! :)


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