My Bad Habit

Okay, it’s official. I am LOVING these 5:45am BodyPump classes!

I was actually a little apprehensive about today’s class because my body is sorrrre. On Tuesday night, I had my first softball practice of the season. So now, two days later, my shoulders, back, upper arms, and waist are totally feelin’ it.

It’s so funny how you can have a normal weight lifting routine, yet as soon as new moves are incorporated (aka swinging a bat, throwing a ball, etc.) you’re sore all over again.

Thankfully, by lightening up the load on a few of the tracks in class today, I was able to complete everything and felt like a mac truck hit me pretty good. After class, I hopped on an elliptical for 30 minutes of intervals, alternating between going forward and backward.


It had been a few days since I last had a cereal combo bowl…


So I made sure to change that around this morning. Today we’ve got Kashi Go Lean Crisp, Honey Nut Cheerios (sorry to steal from your stash, Jay), and some Frosted Shredded Wheat with vanilla almond milk and banana slices.


Tasty, as always!


I also had some iced coffee with skim milk today, which I brewed up last night before going to bed.


As I was looking through my cabinet for a glass this morning, I happened to come across this one which I’m not sure I even realized we had…


It’s actually from the restaurant where Jay and I got engaged. Smile


Apparently, I must have snuck it out the door with me?

Yeah, I guess I sort of have a bad habit of “collecting” things like that.

ShhhhhhhI’m like a ninja. Ninja


It’s a pretty nasty one out there today…


Which I think has caused my little buddy to attempt to take shelter from his normal window spot.


“Make it stop, Mom!”IMG_2627

Thankfully, we’re not experiencing anything nearly as bad as some of those across the south did yesterday. I can’t believe this crazy weather these days! My thoughts go out to all of those who were effected by those crazy storms.


Time to tackle today!

Question for the Day:

Have you ever taken a “special souvenir” from somewhere? Winking smile


  1. says

    Haha everything in this post made me go, “hey, that sounds just like me!”.

    I’ve been so sore from exercise lately, from hiking–which is not normal for my body–to upping my weights at Body Pump. When I went to Body Pump this morning (at noon, not 5AM!), I was dying! I didn’t think I could go any lower on the squats or I’d be permanently stuck there :(

    And my boyfriend’s daily cereal “stash” is Honey Nut Cheerios too!!

    Hope your weather clears up 😀
    Liv @ The Salty n’ Sweet recently posted..The Last Meal

  2. says

    Oh dear . . . yes. I may have *several* pink plates from my fav pizza place in college . . . but they’re so cute. I just couldn’t control myself.

    Love the Honey Nut Cheerios! Now I have a craving!

  3. says

    haha too funny, It was only last night I asked my mom where she got her salt and pepper shaker because I thought it was adorable! She responded by saying that she took them from a restaurant when she was younger on her and my dads first date, I laughed. There has been many other times that she has told me stories like this when she was with her friends and taking wine glasses etc, I was like you are a rebel!
    Kimberley recently posted..Weekly Wednesday Roundup!

  4. fsugirl! says

    Haha, I’ve never taken anything… I’d probably get caught! Hope your weather clears up…. not to make you jealous or anything, but it’s going to get up to 87* and be very sunny here in Florida! 😉

  5. says

    YES! I tend to collect things from the dining halls at school. I mean, its pretty necessary… I mean I’m going to need utensils for my apartment right? And I don’t always use all of my money for the week… so I really think its okay : ) I may have also collected a pineapple and zucchini.
    A funny story actually, I went to Easter Brunch with my family and they had these chocolate chip cookies that were amazing! So I could have taken a napkin and put about 7 cookies in my bag… but I will neither confirm nor deny that.
    Courtney Melia recently posted..GOOOOOOD

  6. ashley says

    i just went to my first ever body pump class yesterday morning! this morning i felt like i was run over by a semi and then backed over again buuuuut i loved the workout and can’t wait to go back!!! :)

  7. says

    My fiance and I saved the cork from our champagne bottle on the day we got engaged… we have it near our front door in a pretty bowl and it makes both of us happy whenever we see it. We didn’t “steal” it though because it was a champagne bottle at our home… but none the less!

  8. says

    I have totally ninjad pint glasses and menus from some special spots. i still have the novel of a pie menu that i stole from my first trip out to Arizona to visit my bff when she moved there in high school.

  9. Katy says

    Hey Courtney, I think I may have asked you this before, but I wanted to ask again…

    What is the Vanilla Almond milk like? What does it taste like, etc? Did you like it write away, or did you have to get used to it? I’m trying to slowly cut dairy out of my diet and I LOVE skim milk in my morning cereal. So, just wanted to ask :) I need to find an option, and I’m not sure I want to go the Soy route. Thank you!

    • Courtney says

      I LOVE the vanilla almond milk in my cereal! I, too, used to just have skim in my cereal…now I really only use it in my coffee or to drink regular. But the vanilla almond milk is definitely creamier with a subtly sweet taste. I think it makes the cereal taste soooo much better…but then again, I’m never one to not like things a bit sweeter. The creaminess took a little bit to get used to (definitely different from skim) but now I love it. It’s also awesome in my smoothies, too!
      Hope that helps. :)

      • Katy says

        Great, thanks Courtney! I’m always one for sweet, too :) I have a bunch of organic skim in my fridge now, so I’ll probably drink that up first, then give the vanilla almond a shot! I appreciate your thoughts! That is one good think about the blogging community, when you’re a little hesitant to try something, it is nice to see what others thoughts are!

        Also, what are your thoughts on PB2? I notice you use it and I’ve been wanting to try it. (If you don’t mind another question!)

        • Courtney says

          Not at all!
          LOVE PB2 on my oats or mixed into yogurt, but it’s not my favorite for making a sandwich or toast out of. I stick to regular PB for that stuff. 😉

  10. says

    Your Lake Placid references make me :). Hmm, special souvenirs? We ended up bringing up about 15 hurricane glasses after a night that got a little out of hand at an Orlando Piano Bar. You got take home the glass if you ordered a drink, but I have no idea how we ended up with so many…and my fiancée refuses to get rid of them.
    Amanda recently posted..Wake Up Amanda

    • Courtney says

      Awww, now YOUR comment made me :) I LOVE piano bars!!! I went to my first one in Indianapolis a few years ago and had a BLAST! I wish there was one near me…

  11. says

    I wish I could pull myself out of bed to take an early group ex class. This may happen at some point in my life, but not now! I love morning workouts, but my morning workouts start at 10! UGH!! the life of the self/un employed!
    Chelsea recently posted..Thai Wraps and Sticky Rice


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