You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar

Talk about a winning combo…a double date night with two of our best pals, leftover Easter candy (I picked through to get all of the skittles and M&M’s, along with a few Starbursts…I decided to pass on the alcohol chocolates),


and a little more of my own eye candy.

Just look at those baby blues…hubba hubba! In love

The four of us saw Fast Five, and we all agreed that it was a really good movie. We’ve all been fans of the previous ones (duh, if Paul’s in it, I’m a fan) but this one did not disappoint. I won’t give anything away, BUT, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Paul & Vin together….


From the moment I woke up this morning, I already knew what was on the agenda for breakfast.

And I was a little lot excited.


I cooked up another regular buckwheat bowl, but you can bet your bottom dollar that it was the toppings that stole the show today:

A little granola, a drizzle of maple syrup, and half of a crumbled Oatmeal Raisin Banana Muffin. It would have been the whole muffin, but somebody got a little impatient and ended up eating it too soon.




You know, dare I say that I think I’m actually enjoying buckwheat bowls MORE than oatmeal now??? Who would have ever thought…


Just in case you all were wondering…no, I don’t sit in front of my picture window every morning and eat my breakfast. Sometimes I think about pulling up a chair, but that’d just be weird.


Hopefully, one of these days we’ll find a kitchen table to eat at!


No workout planned for today, but I might end up squeezing a little yoga in later. For now, time to go get ready to tackle a bunch of errands in all of this lovely rain we’ve got goin on outside.

Question for the Day:

Where do you eat most of your meals?

At a kitchen table? TV tray? Coffee table? Desk? Floor? Winking smile


  1. says

    Funny you posted about this. Now that I have a kitchen table, I have been trying to be a grown up and eat more meals there, instead of at the coffee table! It’s good, though, because it keeps me from being on my computer the whole time I’m eating so I can actually focus on my food and enjoy it!

  2. says

    I can’t believe that Fast Five was good! I love Paul Walker, but I didn’t think a series with 5 movies could crank out another good one. I just checked the ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, and they were 76%! Definitely need to go see it myself.

    I usually eat my meals on the couch, since I don’t have a real kitchen table either :(
    Liv @ The Salty n’ Sweet recently posted..Buckwheat Noodles- Two Ways

  3. says

    I hate to admit it, but I usually eat infront of the TV! :-(. I was never allowed to do that when I was growing up, but my husbands family always did. He is a bad influence!

  4. says

    I usually eat breakfast on the couch (while catching up on blogs). My husband and I feel very strongly about eating dinner at the kitchen table every night. It’s a chance for us to catch up on each others’ day and enjoy our dinner together.

  5. says

    haha I never even thought about it. I just thought it was a pretty picture :–)

    Glad you got to get your fill of Paul Walker last night. I’ve never been into those Fast and Furious movies. I’m more of a She’s All That type of girl. Remember that movie? Now that’s a classic!

    I eat 50 percent of my meals at a computer, 40 percent on the couch and 10 percent out. Uh oh, according to most health mags, I am not eating in the right places!
    Jamie aka “Sometimes Healthy” Girl recently posted..Given to Fly- Take that Runner’s Block!

  6. CK says

    I love me some Paul Walker!!

    Hey – have you tried Old Brick Furniture for kitchen table sets? They have awesome stuff at really good prices. We’ve been to both their Albany and Schenectady stores and have found items at each!

    • Courtney says

      We tried the Albany store, but I’m planning on checking out the Troy one this week. Hopefully they’ll have something! Thanks for the reminder :)

      • CK says

        Best of luck!! :) Loved the two tables in your post today. Measure your space though, because like you said you don’t want to be cramped. My hubby did the “eyeball” test when getting our table/chair set for the patio and it’s a little cramped. LOL

  7. Danica says

    I eat most of my meals at our kitchen table, but I have a horrible habit of being on my computer WHILE I eat…definitely a bad habit I need to break!

  8. says

    Haha, I’ve never thought Paul Walker was attractive, because he looks like my brother. Literally- they have the exact same eyes and a really similar face, only my brother definitely isn’t in as good shape haha.

    I eat all of my meals at my kitchen table/desk…my apartment is too small for both!
    Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine recently posted..Same Old

  9. says

    I love waking up excited to eat. It happens about…every morning! I have learned to make myself eat at the table so I can really feel like I’m eating and listen to my body. When i just eat at my desk or while i’m reading or studying, it is totally mindless!
    Trisha recently posted..Snack Attack

  10. says

    I can’t wait to see that movie! Paul and Vin are two of my favorites.

    BTW would it be weird to say that Jay sort of looks like Paul?

    Oh and I eat most of my meals either on the futon, using the ottoman as a table or sitting on the floor if it’s messy. I don’t have a table at my place currently
    Cute~Ella recently posted..Sharing is Caring – Best Dessert Ever

    • Courtney says

      Hahaha, that’s not weird at all!! I actually said that to him last night after I realized it too, and he’s like “ummm, no way.” :)

  11. Shayla says

    I should probably sit at the kitchen table, but I can’t see the tv that way, haha! So I sit on my couch and eat, gotta watch my DVR shows while eating my food….it’s the little things that make me happy :)

    Btw, what’s buckwheat like? Is the texture and taste similar to that of oatmeal?

  12. says

    good to hear that the movie is a good one! :)
    i think my other half would want to watch it…cars? guns? action? he’s all over it.

    we moved into our new apt. almost a year ago, and still have not bought a coffee table or dining table…i eat standing up at the kitchen counter :(

  13. says

    when I’m home alone, I eat on the couch. when the boyf is home, we eat at our kitchen bar table. and confession: when I was in 7th grade ‘paul walker’ was my password for email and aol instant messenger. ten years later and he’s still SWOON-worthy!
    Elena @ GagaForGrapefruit recently an instant

  14. says

    Sometimes we actually “set” the coffee table for dinner. We usually eat at the dinner table, but sometimes, you just want to be comfy on the couch. I’ll have our son put out the placemats and silverware and set it up as if it were the real thing. It’s funny but it totally works!
    Kim recently posted..Baby Shower

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