Friday, May 6, 2011

Fashion Friday: Keeki Nail Polish

by Courtney on May 6, 2011

Happy Fashion Friday!! Today’s Topic: Keeki Nail Polish source A few weeks ago, I was introduced to this Keeki Non-Toxic Nail Polish by Ki from Blue Moon Goods. According to the website, “Keeki nail polish is 100% biodegradable and different than traditional nail polish.  Because of it’s water-based Non-Toxic formula, it does not have a […]


Margarita Cake for Cinco de Mayo

by Courtney on May 6, 2011


Last night was full of all my favorites: Good friends, good food, good booze. Mmmmhmmm. Once the clock struck 5:00, we fired up the margarita machine and toasted to the Cinco de Mayo festivities. To make the margaritas, I used some good ‘ol tequila, along with this Sinless Margarita mix. The company sent it to […]