Hurry Up, 5:00

“Cody, what’s up bud? What in the world are you staring at?”


“Oh nothing, mom. I’m just about to pounce on that amazing looking salad you made for lunch today. Don’t you worry about it…”


I guess I can’t blame him.

It was a pretty fantastic salad.


Honestly, it wasn’t much different from my typical, veggie-packed salads, but it was the addition of my leftover Sautéed Zucchini and Tomatoes that really took it from an 8 to a 10 on the awesome scale.


Super awesome. Except for the fact that it seems like anytime I eat a salad for lunch lately, my tummy blows up like a balloon. It’s so attractive…


I don’t know about where you are today, but it is absolutely beautiful outside. Sunny, hovering around 70 degrees…it’s seriously my kinda day. What makes it even MORE exciting is that hubby and I are headed out for some fun later this evening, so it’s giving me something to look forward to. Unfortunately, it’s only 2:20…

Hurry up, 5:00! Smile

Question for the Afternoon:

It’s 5:00 on a Thursday, it’s beautiful outside, and you have no plans…what would be your ideal way to spend the evening?


  1. Ashley says

    Does Cody actually try to steal your food? One of my cats does. I once discovered him chowing down on a bowl of rasberries after I stepped away for a minute. I would swear he is part dog.

  2. says

    Hanging out in my living room with my kids and boyfriend watching a movie, eating some great food and also listening to a thunder storm :)

  3. says

    Haha my cat is definitely not a vegetarian. He wouldn’t give my salads a second glance if they didn’t have meat on them!

    And I get pretty bloated when I eat a lot of veggies, too. It’s like I’m pregnant with a veggie baby…

    Unfortunately, it’s pouring rain where I am, but if I could do anything at 5:00 it would be exploring a new area of this city and finding a hole in the wall for dinner. Plus dessert afterwards!
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