Who Knew?

I kid you not when I say that yesterday’s whole vlog experience ended up taking over my entire afternoon. Who knew it would be so hard to convert a file, upload it, and share it. Sheesh!

Thankfully it’s DONE, and you guys seemed to like my goofy antics. In case you haven’t checked it out yet, go grab your morning coffee and click here.

Since I had pretty much had it with technology, I didn’t bother sharing any of yesterday’s eats, so here’s some of ‘em now…

Strawberry-Banana Green Monster


Gala apple with TJ’s almond butter + a prune…


About a gazillion of these…which I’ll get to a little later today…they’re amazing.


And after a necessary glass of wine was consumed, I enjoyed a simple dinner of a cooked sweet potato & roasted broccoli up to my eyeballs.


The broccoli was awesome…just steamed in the micro with some garlic, S&P, and EVOO.


But the sweet ‘tater was fantastic. Again, nuked in the micro, and topped with a little butter, cinnamon, a drizzle of maple syrup, and a dollop of plain Chobani.




This morning, I was up bright and early for the gym, and was able to squeeze in a quick, 9-minute mile on the treadmill before hitting up BodyPump. I actually debated on skipping class today since I’m still pretty sore, but instead, I just decreased the weights back down to what they were last week and I was good to go. Definitely glad I went and felt the burn!


Another mini Quaker Oatmeal Squares box was consumed because really, I can’t say no to this stuff…


which helped make today’s triple cereal combo bowl. Now this is what I’m talkin’ about!


Quaker Oatmeal Squares + Kashi Heart to Heart Cinnamon + Kashi Go Lean Crunch + vanilla almond milk + banana slices + chia seeds.


Pure heaven for me right there…all of my favorites in one bowl. Mmmhmmm. Smile


Of course, we can’t forget the finishing touch of breakfast: coffeeeeee, which was actually made today with a splash of Jay’s Crème Brulee-flavored creamer (we ran out of skim milk). I’d actually rather take the creamer over almond milk in my coffee…trans fats what??? It actually tasted really good.


And so did everything else. Smile


Alright my friends, lots to do today, including some packing! Better get to it!

Question for the Morning:

How do you drink your coffee and/or tea?

Do you ever use flavored creamers?

My coffee is typically one packet of Truvia + skim milk, but I’ll occasionally add a splash of flavored creamer which we always have on hand. I know it’s not the best, but hey, a little splash won’t kill me. Winking smile


  1. says

    I’m trying to kick my coffee habit so I only indulge in one a week and I get it out so I don’t buy coffee creamers anymore but I used to because it was the only thing I needed to add to my coffee:)I love mixing cereals and oatmeal squares rock!
    Grace recently posted..Mother’s Day Tea

  2. says

    I never used to drink coffee that much – maybe once a week but recently I started drinking it more often (every other day or so). But I try and swap for decaf sometimes so I don’t get addicted! haha. I love adding vanilla almond milk to my coffee and sugar free syrups. I haven’t tried any flavoured creamers yet though!
    Lindsey recently posted..Its a good day – FOUND!

  3. Carie says

    Everything looks soo yummy! I try to only drink coffee every other day, but I love mine with flavored coffee creamers. I sometimes go for sugar free creamers though if that makes it any better..haha

  4. says

    I drink coffee every.single.day. To keep it from going to my waistline I add a packet of Splenda and Coffeemate Fat Free plain creamer.

    I LOVE Quaker Oatmeal Squares! I can’t get enough of them, they’re so delicious!
    Samantha recently posted..Day 2

  5. briana says

    I have coffee every morning with splenda a splash of milk and flavored creamer…it just tastes better what can I say?

  6. says

    I love flavored creamers…but I only use a little bit! I just finished off my last bit of peppermint mocha that I bought around Christmas time, and I just bought a new raspberry chocolate creamer…it is DELICIOUS!

  7. says

    I drink TONS of coffee – Black. Yeah, I’m hardcore.

    Question – When you have sweet potato and broccoli for dinner does the hubs eat with you? My husband (a carnivore) would never just eat that… Even though I’d love to eat like that ALL.THE.TIME. Just curious if you guys have different eating styles/habits.

    • Courtney says

      Well, last night Jay was out, so I didn’t have to worry about it :)
      Typically, Jay would have eaten the sweet potato and a veggie (not that much broccoli…bothers his stomach) but he would have needed some sort of meat to go with it, too. We’re actually fairly similar when it comes to dinner and we both easily adjust to each others’ eating tendencies. :)

  8. says

    I prefer my coffee with skim and splenda, but occasionally I’ll use a skinny nonfat caramel macchiato creamer to spice things up a bit. My favorite kind of coffee is Kona, especially from Wawa. I want them to bring it back!
    Krissie J recently posted..The Market is Back!

  9. says

    Is it bad that I’m really looking forward to the day that I have my own coffee maker and can have it every day? It’s such a treat for me now – but when I do drink it I have two (gasp!) packets of Splenda and skim milk. I love flavored creamer, and if it’s around, I’ll put in a splash :)
    Colleen @ The Lunchbox Diaries recently posted..Cereal Crisis

  10. says

    When I first started drinking coffee, I used flavored creamer, but my mom told me I should learn to like it black (to save on the calories & fat from add ins), so that’s what I did! I do love flavored coffee, though. Boca Java has the best selections!

  11. says

    Awww man. That’s so annoying with the vlog. Last year, when I had to do some social media work for a PR campaign, I bought a FlipCam. They are awesome and make the process SOOOO easy. I feel like they might have stopped selling them but it made everything so seamless for me. I literally just taped the event, flipped out the little USB and loaded the video to my computer onsite. it was like magic :-)

    As you know, I love my DD coffee, preferably blueberry or cinnamon. Then I’ll add in a little skim and 2-3 equals. But I gotta say, if cream wasn’t so bad for me, I’d probably get cream in it 😉
    Jamie aka “Sometimes Healthy” Girl recently posted..Carbs vs Chocolate- A Sticky Situation

  12. Lauren says

    Totally thought that said “quick, 9 mile on the treadmill…” I was like, woah there girl! haha. Glad to know you didn’t kill yourself before Body Pump 😉

  13. says

    My favorite is cream and sugar…although I always feel guilty about adding the cream, so I usually switch it up. At home I use fat free french vanilla creamer (no need for sugar when you use that!), when I go to D&D I get french vanilla coffee with skim milk & sugar or ice coffee with skim milk & sugar…OR a coffee coolatta with skim milk and sugar! LOL Who am I kidding?!? I am a coffee junkie. I pretty much always have a coffee cup in my hand!

    I have a cabinet almost totally filled up with different types of tea! I don’t need to add anything to tea, but occasionally I will add a touch of sugar depending on the kind of tea I am drinking.

    I guess I’m just addicted to caffeine. I’m like you, caffeine has ZERO effect on me. I could drink it while I’m lying in bed and it wouldn’t keep me awake!
    Farrah recently posted..BBQ Grilled Shrimp with Garlic Green Beans

  14. says

    I drink my coffee either black or with a little skim milk. I used to LOVE french vanilla or hazelnut Coffeemate creamer but switched to skim milk when I went to college and they didn’t have the creamer. My boyfriend has funny coffee habits though — he drinks hot coffee black and iced coffee with so much cream + sugar that it’s practically a milkshake!

    That sweet potato looks amazing — gonna have to try it with the Chobani!

  15. says

    Haha I love hearing stories of people having a hard time with little things because then I know I’m not the only one. I can be seriously hopeless sometimes. But your vlog turned out super cute, so I’m glad it all worked out!
    And your sweet potato dinner looks so good!

    I’m not a huge coffee person, but I like tea sometimes. Especially citrus flavors.
    Julia recently posted..Fire trails and the lack of Green Goo

  16. says

    Your vlog was so cute- you’re adorable. :) I’ve been meaning to pick up some sweet potatoes b/c it’s been a while! I almost never use flavored creamer. I’m not one to put anything sugary in my coffee (my dad taught me to drink coffee, and in his world sugar in coffee is a mortal sin) so I’ll resort to black whenever I don’t have milk!
    Megan (Braise The Roof) recently posted..Mindblowing Pantry Enchiladas

  17. says

    I grew up on coffee (thanks to my dad) and I always drank it black (because he did). I still will drink it black, but I found SF flavored coffee syrups a few months ago and now I put a pump of that in my coffee almost every day
    Stephanie Bragg recently posted..Birthday Are you here

  18. Shayla says

    I’m bad and always use flavored creamer in my coffee! I use Vanilla Caramel flavor with 2 packets of Stevia….I love my coffee sweet and the rest of my diet is pretty good so a little flavored creamer for my daily morning coffee won’t kill me 😉

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