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Hey hey hey! We’ve got ourselves a couple winners, folks! Thanks to everyone who entered my Goji Gourmet Giveaway. I’m so glad to see that I’m not the only one obsessed with cookies.

Congratulations to our two lucky winners…







Congrats Alexa & Tara! Please email me your shipping info ASAP (sweettoothcourtney[@]gmail[.]com) so we can get those gift certificates out to you! Smile


So keep your fingers crossed, but tonight I’m supposed to have another softball game. We’ve got tornado watches all around our area, and if luck hits us just the way it usually does, then it will probably start to downpour juuuuust as we pull into the parking lot of the field.

So since that means tonight’s dinner is probably going to consist of a pb&j or something else boring, I thought I would share something a little more fun.

Yesterday, I practically hugged my mailman when he delivered this amazing package from Foodzie through the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program.


When I first got word of Foodzie, I was immediately intrigued. According to their website, they are an online marketplace where you can discover and buy food directly from small passionate food producers and growers. They’re devoted to supporting small companies from all over, which I think is great. I’m always for supporting the little man!

In addition to being able to shop online, Foodzie also offers a monthly Tasting Box subscription, where you can opt in to receive a box each month made up of six different items from various regions. Here’s what May’s box looked like…



I’m actually trying really hard to not dig into everything all at once, which is definitely not an easy task. Especially when I have things like these Alfajores staring back at me…


…just look at that dulce de leche center. YUM!!


I’m really looking forward to experiment with these gourmet salts in some cooking sometime very soon. Don’t they just sound amazing?


Some more goodies…



These…I’m not too sure about. I’ve seen ‘em around, but I don’t know…seaweed??


The one item I did break into today was this Authentic Almond biscotti by Biscotti Bari.


I’m not going to lie, I’ve really never been much of a biscotti person. However, I am now 100% converted…especially if they taste at all like this one did. WOW!

The whole biscotti was only 90 calories (not sure if that’s average?) but either way, it was just amazing. And you know how I love me some almond!

If I had an extra $19.99 to spend each month, I would be signing up for this Foodzie box in a heartbeat. But hey, ya know…they do offer gift subscriptions.

Just sayin’… (cough cough…mom…dad…cough cough…) Winking smile


Alright folks, I’m getting the countdown…gotta go get ready for some softball action!

Question for the Evening:

Have you ever had a subscription to any sort of food/drink/wine clubs?


  1. Shayla says

    Wow that’s awesome! My hubby and I belong to the Chandon club and for a monthly fee, we receive a shipment of about 2-3 specialty wines and champagne every 3 months….I have to say it’s a nice lil surprise and being that I absolutely adore champagne, it’s by far the best club I’ve every joined! :)

  2. says

    Ooh congratulations to you gals! I’m so jealous that I didn’t even see this giveaway, but all the better that such great bloggers can get to enjoy these great looking goods!
    Olivia recently posted..Smiley Award! –

  3. says

    It would be fun to know that a box like that was coming every month! Give the seaweed a try, I was a little skeptical of the Trader Joe’s brand, but I liked it. I crumbled a few sheets on a rice and vegetable stir fry for a little crunch a few weeks ago, and it was a success!
    Colleen recently posted..Hospital Food Win!

  4. says

    Oh my — that truffle salt is reeeally drawing my attention. I’m thinking a pesto goat cheese pizza topped with truffle oil and sprinkled with the salt?! Make my mind stop fantasizing!
    I’ve always wanted to join a wine or cheese monthly club/ subscription. Maybe a monthly salt club is in my future?

    • Courtney says

      Haha, I like it!
      And I’d also like for you to come and make that pizza you just mentioned 😉

  5. says

    I am in a wine club. It’s really a great deal and if I don’t like any of the wines, I can get something different, no questions asked! Love that!

  6. says

    HOLY MOLY! I’ve had those exact alfajores before in San Francisco. they’re sooooo bomb. I actually just looked up a recipe the other day because I have been craving them lately. Might bring them into work so I just have one or two :)
    Amy recently posted..Smoothie and Kitten Lovin’!

  7. says

    I *just* looked at the Foodzie site the other day and had considered it but wasn’t sure because it just said they were “samples”. I think your box of goodies looks really nice! I may have to look at them again! Thanks for posting :)
    Farrah recently posted..Banana Split Pie

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