Easy Buffalo Chicken Wraps

You know, I’ve been saying for the longest time that I am not a spicy food kinda gal. I’ll pass on the hot sauce…give me the mild salsa.

However, it seems that as of late, I’m actually really diggin’ the extra spice.

Case in point: I had not been able to get these Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches out of my head since we had them last weekend…


They were so good, and I actually really loved the extra kick from the buffalo sauce.

Who am I??

When it came time for dinner tonight, I would have loved to recreate them again, but alas, we did not have any chicken thawed out. So instead, I did a little improvising to come up with another spicy winner: Easy Buffalo Chicken Wraps.

The star of tonight’s dinner was this KC Masterpiece Buffalo Marinade, which I received to sample a few weeks ago from the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program.


Since I had a large can of chicken on hand, I worked a little magic with that to come up with these tasty wraps. I didn’t do any measuring, but I did use the following ingredients:

  • 1 large can chunk chicken, drained
  • plain Chobani greek yogurt (~1/4 cup)
  • Buffalo marinade (~3-4 tbsp)
  • Frank’s Red Hot Wing Sauce (splash)
  • diced scallions & carrots (would have also used celery if I had it)
  • crumbled blue cheese (~1/4 cup)
  • salt & pepper


I mixed up the chicken, blue cheese, marinade, and everything else, and let it sit for about 15 minutes to get acquainted. Then I filled the inside of a La Tortilla Factory 100-Calorie wrap with some chicken, tomatoes, mixed greens, and a little extra shredded cheese.

Once it was wrapped up, I sprayed the outside with some butter-flavored spray, sprinkled it with some garlic and rosemary, and heated it through on the stovetop until crispy on the outside, about 5 minutes or so.


While the wraps were heating up, I quick steamed some broccoli in the microwave to round out the meal.


From start to finish, everything probably took less than 30 minutes to complete, which is always A-OK in my book! The wraps had the perfect amount of spice happenin’, especially with adding the Chobani (for creaminess) and the blue cheese crumbles (more flavor!).


I’m glad it worked out because it’s way too hot in the house right now to turn on any sort of oven (even using the stovetop was pushing it!).

Everything was super delish, but would you believe that my big ‘ol salad from this afternoon didn’t bother my tummy one bit; however, ten minutes after finishing this plate up, I’ve got major “bloatation” goin’ on.

Yep, I just made up bloatation. I like it, and I’m stickin’ to it. Winking smile


Me and “the boys” have been sitting in front of two big fans trying to cool off, but mostly just laughing at Cody because he looks just like this.


We actually have to head out for our softball game soon, but luckily it’s a late game, so I’m hoping things will cool down a bit. It’s gonna be a hot one!

Question for the Evening:

Do you have air conditioning where you live? If so, are you using it right now?

By the way…if you do…and you are, in fact, using it…I’m totally jealous and may end up stopping by. Winking smile


  1. Rachel says

    We have AC, but we live in GA and have to have it. Our highs right now are already in the 90s just about every day!

  2. Kathryn says

    I live in Phoenix, AZ….you very we have A/C! We actually turned ours on in February this year, though we didn’t need to use it all the time since then. With summers getting over 115, we rely on our air very much.

      • Jen says

        I do actually! We just got a new one for our bedroom but there is nothing wrong with the one we had in there – this one is just quieter. The old one was actually better at cooling the room down. I just checked with the fiance – its 6000 btu, 2 years old. He was going to sell it at my parents garage sale this weekend. He said $50?

  3. Liz. says

    I think i found your blog via carrotsncake last week and i love it! Its cool that you are local too. I have been reading healthy living blogs for 5 or so years so its nice to see some local ones. We do have our air conditioners on, i need cold when i sleep!

  4. Shayla says

    Wow you’re lucky to be getting such fantastic weather! Here in California, of all places, we’re getting rain all week! Waaaaah :(

  5. says

    Bahah Cody! Cutie, as always. My cat’s pretty much a ball of lazy fluff right now, and I don’t blame him. I still live at home, and my mom refuses to turn on the AC before it’s actually summer. Luckily, it’s really starting to cool down fast :)
    Liv @ The Salty n’ Sweet recently posted..Lights and Cameras

  6. says

    Bloatation. YES! Story of my life, girl! But I love the idea of this wrap . . . might have to try it and risk the blotation. :)

    It is hella-hot out there–heat index of 104 today in Richmond! So, yes, I am hunkered down in the AC. Thank goodness!
    Melissa recently posted..Hella-Hot!

  7. Sam says

    Adorable kitty photos! My cats always get into such strange positions. Those wraps sound delicious. I’m all about the hot sauce, especially buffalo sauce. I keep making buffalo chicken dip.

    I’d love to try those wraps and the sandwich.

    And yes I use my AC. My classroom does not have air, so when I come home I need it to be cool. Plus the cat’s don’t like it too warm.

  8. Danica says

    just turned on our air conditioning this afternoon actually–i can’t stand sleeping another night in the humidity, waking up 4 times a night because i’m too warm isn’t going to fly anymore : )

  9. Jen says

    I have a window unit in my bedroom… the rest of the house is like a freakin oven!!! The cats are hanging out in the bedroom (unfortunately they don’t like it when I shut them in (or out) so I usually have to keep the door cracked for them which leaks out my cool air! My big fat orange man is stretched out on the bed in front of the cool air as I type this!

  10. Mandee says

    Ok that wrap sounds awesome! I’m totally getting some rotisserie chicken this week and trying it out! I’m obsessed with buffalo anything… I snack on buffalo wing almonds at work. They are sooo good.

    And I have totally had the AC on… It was so hot in our house, I couldn’t take it anymore!
    Mandee recently posted..Patrioticakes!

  11. says

    We’ve been turning on our window and wall units in the early evenings to help with sleeping and give the kitters a break. I wanted to hold out longer, but we got a short spring yet again.

    This post looked SO delicious it made me crave a buffalo wrap myself! I was happy to have some components to make my own. The bf loved it. Thanks for the inspiration! <3

  12. says

    Everywhere in Mumbai is air conditiioned but I actually prefer sitting with the windows opened/fan on! It gets too way too cold for me! Everyone in my office thinks I’m nuts but I sitting bundled up in shawls/cardigans most of the time because it feels like i’m in an ice bucket when the AC is on! When I’m sleeping, however, it is a different story- i need to blast the AC!
    Khushboo recently posted..Pro-tein versus Con-tein

  13. says

    Thankfully, we have air conditioning. I went to turn it on for the first time on Thursday last week and it wouldn’t work! I was freaking out! For two days in was 87 degrees in my house and it was SO NOT FUN :( boo!!! We have a pool, so that helps during the day, but sleeping in this heat is impossible. Luckily, we were able to have someone come and get the A/C back up and running over the weekend so we are nice and chilly again :)
    Farrah recently posted..Everything Brioche Hamburger Rolls

  14. says

    That wrap looks wonderful. I live in Wisconsin and we don’t have AC. We live in the frozen tundra for a good 6 months out of the year, so when the heat comes, bring it on! It can get really hot and humid in summer though, and it really stinks with no AC :(
    Tanya @ Sunday Baker recently posted..Chicken Tortilla Dippers

  15. says

    We would die without AC in Eastern NC. Highs in the upper 90s and heat index in the 100s. Whooooooooooshhhhhh.
    But I will say that I didn’t have AC in my dorm my freshman year in college and I survived. Barely. Of course they installed AC the next year.
    Emily recently posted..Smokey Robinson’s Vaca

  16. Taylor says

    Hi Courtney,
    I just recently discovered your blog and I love it! I have read back on some of your past posts regarding your stomach issues and just wanted to offer my two cents which may hopefully help you out a bit. I started getting stomach issues when I was around 17 (I am 19 now) and have undergone numerous tests which have offered no answers/solutions. As a result, I have pretty much had to just closely monitor how I react to certain foods. This is what I have come up with:
    1. I am sensitive to wheat/gluten. I was not diagnosed with Celiac Disease but I find that when I eat too much of it I get awful stomach problems (think bloating, constipations, excessive fullness etc.) that last for days and even weeks at a time so I am pretty much gluten-free except when I go out to eat and on special occasions.
    2. I can eat dairy but try not to eat too much of it. I try not to get more than 2 small servings a day (like a piece of cheese on my sandwich/salad, a little milk in my morning latte, or a chobani as a snack). Cheese and yogurt usually leave me feeling fine (again, as long as I don’t eat too much of it) but I try to avoid milk (except in my morning latte : ) ) b/c it seems to make me feel the most bloated and uncomfortable.
    3. Regarding the big salads, I totally know what you mean when you say you get the worst problems after you eat the healthiest foods! So frustrating b/c, like you, I love healthy foods the most! However, I have found if I chew the more fibrous foods (salads, raw veg, apples, etc.) down to applesauce (sounds gross I know) I rarely get problems anymore. This makes sense if you think about it b/c these foods are naturally harder to digest so you need to help your intestines out a bit by breaking them down a little more.
    I still have a picky belly, but have found through trial, error, tears, frustration, and more that this is what works for me. Based on what you ate yesterday, I am guessing that the salad didn’t bother you until after you ate dinner b/c maybe that combined with the gluten in the whole wheat wrap was a little too much for your intestines to digest, leaving you super bloated. Just a thought. I hope this helps and that you can find some answers. I am in the same boat as you and wish we could find a solution to our tummy problems! Hopefully some day!

    • Courtney says

      Hey Taylor!
      Thank you so much for your insights. It definitely sounds like we’re in the same boat, and a lot of what you said really makes sense! Definitely some things to keep in mind!

    • Courtney says

      A little bit, but if I can handle it, anyone can! Just adjust the hot sauce to your liking…my hubby likes his spicy too, so I gave him a little more :)

  17. says

    Wow, that’s a great recipe – I am definitely going to try that!

    I have window a/c’s but they’re not installed yet! I can’t do it myself, I need a big strong man! So, I’m dealing with it with fans for now!

  18. says

    I think it’s funny that I tend to want spicier food in the summer time when it’s hot out – but then it seems so much more spicy because of the heat outside? Is that just me?

    Also, no, we don’t have AC – here in Seattle, we need it maybe twice a year and we have plenty of lakes, rivers and what-have-you to make up for the lack of AC. It is however, raining today so I’d appreciate if the sun would at least make an appearance :)
    Kim recently posted..Baby Shower Round 2

  19. Gopinath says

    I think you should travel to India to train your tastebuds for spicy food. Your recipes are great. My only issue is I dont get any of your sauces here in the counters.

  20. Madge Boyle says

    I was freaking out! I still have a picky belly, but have found through trial, error, tears, frustration, and more that this is what works for me. Here in California, of all places, we’re getting rain all week!
    Madge Boyle recently posted..Many Cures


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