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Alright, so I guess I have more of an idea about this whole “covering up the treadmill” thing we got happening. After reading all of your comments, it appears as if there are a few different reasons as to why people do it, all of which make perfect sense after thinking about it.

I, however, will still not be participating, and watching my screen like a hawk. Not for calories, not for speed…but just because that’s how I roll. I admire all of you who can keep everything hidden. More power to ya!


As delicious as my morning bowl of cereal was today, it definitely was not enough to hold me over after my long run. So a couple hours later, I snacked on a couple handfuls of trail mix and another Lemon-Raspberry Muffin.


When it came time for lunch, I was seriously all over the place. You know how it is when you just go grocery shopping and you have so many goodies to choose from that it’s hard to decide?

Ok, maybe that’s just me…I have that whole indecisive problem thing…

But thankfully, I was eventually able to throw a few things together…

One of my purchases yesterday was a big, juicy honeydew melon, which I diced up last night, so I had a small bowl of that.


I was also craving veggies (of course) but wasn’t in the mood for a salad, so I made a little sampler plate with carrots, grape tomatoes, and cukes.

I’m now rockin’ some killer garlic breath, thanks to my massive serving of Gar-La-La that I bought on Saturday to use as a dipper for my veggies. The stuff is awesome.


Last, I made myself a little mystery tortilla…any guesses as to what’s inside? Winking smile


Well, if you guessed peanut butter, pear slices, and cinnamon, then you were right on target.


Definitely full of variety, but utterly delicious. Now I just need to get my hands on some gum or something lemony…


Maybe I’ll find what I need at Target, since I’m on my way there now. I don’t really need to go, but it’s air conditioned…

And my house still is not. ‘Nuff said!

Question for the Afternoon:

Do you prefer a lot of variety at your meals or just one or two things to choose from?


  1. Danica says

    I also have the hardest time deciding on a lunch when the fridge is fully stocked…I definitely agree about having variety in each meal. I like there to be little bits of a few things, and this is the same for when I got out to eat–I love to try some of everything!

  2. says

    Straight after grocery shopping I’m super indecisive, but then I stick with what I open and attack that before moving on. That or I go for what’s going to expire sooner. Can’t let it go to waste :)
    Stephanie Bragg recently posted..Pizza Hogs

  3. says

    Mmm that lunch looks delicious! I’m on my way to Trader Joes for some weekly grocery shopping myself… I think I might have to pick up some yummy veggie dip so that I can follow suit!
    Anita recently posted..Cabin Camping

  4. says

    Ahh I love honeydew!

    O, and BTW I am leaving for Guatemala in 13 hours, so I won’t be commenting on your blog for a good 10 days. Sorry to leave you, but I will have a massive post when I get back :)
    Katherine recently posted..Giveaway Winners

  5. says

    I can never decide what to have for a meal so I usually have little snack plates.. It always satisfies my craving for sweet and avory things :)

  6. Mandee says

    I’m the same way with a fully stocked fridge!

    And I throw anything and everything in when it comes to salad and wraps! That pear one sounds great!

  7. says

    Those fresh veggies look delicious!

    I love having variety, but I end up eating so much more when I have all the options. Coming home from the grocery store and taking a little bite of everything is one of my favorite things!
    Morgan @Endorphaholic recently posted..Mental Toughness

  8. says

    I’m all kinds of about sampler platters. Reasons why I love family style food and buffets. Good to know I’m not the only weirdy who doesn’t think it’s odd to pair sweet foods with savory (ie: garlic-y) foods.

  9. Liz says

    Yes!! I just got groceries on Monday, and every meal has been all over the place because I just can’t decide which goodies I want first!

    Great post!

  10. says

    I feel the same way about covering the treadmill! I do a lot of interval/timed workouts and feel like I’m looking at the time my entire workout – it’s my guiding light :) As for new groceries … I get excited on my drive home from the store thinking about what I’m going to munch on first!

  11. says

    If I was cooking for just myself I would fill up my plate with a little bit of everything. Unfortunately, I also have to cook for three other people who aren’t quite as easy to feed as I am (boo!). I usually save my crazy food plates for lunchtime when I can have fun with it.
    Farrah recently posted..Everything Brioche Hamburger Rolls

  12. says

    I cannot do 1-component meals. I love variety and I think it runs in my family- our dinner spread always contains at least 3-4 things! As much as I enjoy it, I can only imagine how much easier packing lunch would be if i rolled with 1 component meals!
    Khushboo recently posted..Pro-tein versus Con-tein

  13. says

    i’m totally with you when it comes to towels over treadmills! i can see where people who do it are coming from but it would just bug the heck out of me. usually i adjust the grade/pace throughout my run, but even if i wasn’t, having the screen covered up actually makes me MORE curious about where i’m at in my run! haha…but to each their own. :)

    i also have a horrible case of indecisiveness, the more options i have the worse off i am! i’m a total mess in the actual grocery store because i keep seeing things i want and then end up taking waaaaay too much time and then spending too much too. 😉

  14. says

    OMG! Peanut butter and pear sandwiches with cinnamon are literally my favorite! I’ve probably posted about them/raved to others enough to be categorized as crazy about the combo

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