Please Enlighten Me

Put another “W” in the books, folks. Last night’s softball game was a victory!

Better yet, I only left with one little bruise on my shin and about three bug bites that blew up to about the size of a quarter. That’s not too shabby, I’ll take it.

This morning, I woke up knowing it was time for a run. I went a little off track from my training plan today and, instead, did this 5-4-3-2-1 Treadmill Run. By the time I was finished with my 5.6 miles, I was more than ready for my iced coffee…


…and I really was a sweaty mess, as evidenced by the sweat dripping down my nose. Pretty classy, right?


But before I move on to breakfast, I have something that I must ask you all.

You see, I’ve been seeing this forever now, but yesterday while I was at the gym, I guess it just really got me thinking.

How in the world do so many of you out there run on a treadmill covered with a towel???


Granted, a lot of the time when I’m running on the treadmill, I’m using some sort of treadmill workout where I need to know what the time is so I can switch my speeds/inclines. But even today, I attempted to try it for one of my five minute intervals and I must have peeked underneath at least eight times….

So I threw in the towel. (Sorry, I had to.) Winking smile

Do you cover the screen when using any cardio equipment? If so, WHY?!?

Please enlighten me. Smile


I decided while running this morning that it was definitely another cereal kinda day, but when I opened my cabinet, I realized I had some decisions to make.


If you remember, I scored some pretty sweet deals yesterday while grocery shopping; one of which got me four new boxes of Kashi cereal for only $8.00.

***By the way, for anyone that has a Price Chopper nearby, Kashi cereals are on sale for $3.00/box, but if you use the iSave machine at the front of the store, there should be a coupon for $2.00 off any four boxes. I also had another coupon for $1.00 off of two, but since Price Chopper has double coupons this week, I doubled it. Boooyahh!***

So since I knew I don’t need four boxes of cereal open, I did some picking and choosing and decided on my tried and true Heart to Heart,


along with a new box: Kashi Golden Goodness. I also decided to stick it out with the Fiber One Honey Squares and threw some of them into the bowl too. You know I hate wasting food.


A quick toss of blueberries and vanilla almond milk, and this bowl was good to go. I really, really enjoyed the Golden Goodness- it reminded me a bit of Wheaties and Raisin Bran Crunch…just without the raisins, duh.


The only thing to keep in mind with this cereal is that it gets soggy real quick. Janae, I’m talking to you here…you need to pick up a box of this for your soggy cereal-loving self. Smile



Alright, I’ve talked enough for this morning…time to go shower. I stink.

Questions for the Morning:

Do you cover the screen when using any cardio equipment? If so, WHY?!?

Cereal: Soggy or Crunchy?


  1. says

    8 bucks for 4 boxes of Kashi?! That is what I call a deal. I like crunchy cereal, with just a bit of milk – soggy cereal just doesn’t get the job done for me. If I want soggy cereal, I go with oatmeal.

    You know, way back in the day, I used to cover my machine because I didn’t want to know how many miles I had left. NOW, I can’t imagine covering the screen. I need to chart my progress and keep track of how I’m feeling. However, I imagine that covering the “time screen” is a reason a lot of people throw that towel on there…
    Jamie aka “Sometimes Healthy” Girl recently posted..Why I Love Summer Running in NYC

  2. says

    I am a terrible person but any time I want to use the equipment for more than 30 minutes and people are around I’ll cover up the clock with a towel so lurkers can’t tell how long I’ve been on. Don’t judge me too much, I’m rarely ever at the gym so I feel okay taking my time when I am there!
    Emily recently posted..This Is Not Goodbye

  3. says

    Amazing job on the run! So glad you asked this question! I could never cover the treadmill screen as I am constantly changing the speeds. Otherwise I’d lose my mind! I do cover the screen of the elliptical with a magazine! I usually program it so it periodically changes the resistance automatically!
    Khushboo recently posted..Pro-tein versus Con-tein

  4. Gloria says

    Of all the cardio machines, the only one I cover is the treadmill. I have to, otherwise all I can focus on is how long I’ve been running for instead of actually enjoying the run.

    Did you try the Rosa Regale dessert wine yet?

  5. says

    I never used to eat cereal because of the soggy factor! I now buy cereals less likely to go soggy quick but still eat them fast just in case!
    I have also wondered about the towel over the treadmill!
    Lindsey recently posted..Almost Summer Saturday

  6. says

    Congrats on your softball victory :)

    I CANNOT throw a towel on my treadmill/workout machine because I always like to switch up my speeds/elevations. I guess it’d be useful for someone who just wants to run at one pace, and doesn’t want to constantly check if a minute has gone by…

    Oh man, I’ve gotta go to my grocery stores and see if they have a Kashi sale. That’s such a good deal!
    Liv @ The Salty n’ Sweet recently posted..Big Plans

  7. says

    I *always* cover the display! Otherwise, I am constantly checking the display. It makes the time go by faster for me. If I’m doing intervals, I don’t keep it covered the whole time, but I will still cover it. It’s totally a mental thing!

    I like crunchy cereal. Well, crunchy anything, really. I like my food to make noise! :)

  8. says

    I cover my treadmill only when i run. I do this becasue i stare at the the time and it goes by soooo slowly, feeling like my run is longer then it is. I obviously can’t do this if im doing intervals but on long runs (which is mostly what i do) I have to cover!
    Brooke recently posted..Day 9

  9. says

    I hate soggy cereal!! I generally don’t even eat cereal with milk on it because I hate it so much.

    I never cover the screen — I like to know how far I’ve gone and how much time I have left. I used to hate running outdoors before my garmin for the same reason, unless it was laps around a lake or track or something.

  10. says

    Sometimes I cover it when I don’t want to get too wrapped up into the numbers. As a recovering anorexics, numbers used to be very important for me. When I watched the calories go up, it became too much about the calories and less about the workout!

    I LOVE crunchy cereal so much that I actually stopped pouring my milk directly into the bowl. I now have a cup of milk on the side just in case I want some, but I love the crunchy-ness!
    Kayleigh recently posted..If beauty were time-

  11. says

    I cover my treadmill when I am at home, it’s harder for me to run at home and when it’s covered I am not 100% focusing on the miles/calories I just focus on my running (although I peak every 5 minutes or so and finally at 20 minutes I throw off the shirt thats usually covering it up!) At the gym however, I do not cover it but I do stare at it a lot since I do intervals :) Cereal for me is CRUNCHY~I do not like soggy cereal. Never have!!
    Bethany recently posted..Skittles and Bethany NOT FRIENDS

  12. says

    I wish I could get that deal on the cereal!!!
    as far as cardio…I dont use treadmill but do have bike in my condo and yes most times I do cover it but with my ipad since I’m usually in a twitter party (fitblog, fitstudio, mamavation, runningchat) so it’s ideal place to lay the ipad
    Sometimes I’m reading a magazine
    It’s the place I go to get good cardio while doing something else and I’m not too concerned w/the display since I put in 75-90 mins on it and am more concerned w/just keeping up with the pace and getting my time in lol
    I prefer running outside though I think my condo gym has a treadmill in it, not totally sure since I’ve never been down there!
    so i’m guilty of covering my panel on my bike but I justify it :)
    Tara Burner recently posted..How many push ups

  13. says

    I always cover my cardio equipment! It’s way too daunting to have the time staring me in the face the whole time, when I run outside I don’t stare at my watch the whole time!

  14. says

    i would love to be in your position to make a decision of which of all those wonderful cereals to eat!

    I never knew how runners covered up the treadmill. I’d be so curious to see what im doing! I also change my pace and everything often too, so I wouldnt be able to do it.

    Although, maybe it’d be fun to try one day if I had to do a long run on a TR.
    aubrey @ italktofood recently posted..EVERYTHING i eat challenge

  15. says

    I used to cover the screen of the treadmill when I was just running to cover the miles. When I consistently run at the same pace, it is torture to have that screen glaring at me, telling me I’ve only been X amount of miles with X more to go. However, now that I almost always run hills, do speed work, or both I don’t cover it for two reasons: 1 – It’s impossible to correctly change the settings if you can’t see the screen and 2 – Speed work and hills make the time go by faster (IMO) so there’s no reason to cover the screen. I bet the people you see doing this are running at consistent speeds and inclines and are trying to distract themselves from constantly looking at the screen.
    Kelly @foodiefresh recently posted..Backpacking day 1

  16. says

    I cover up the display occasionally, usually when I know I want to get in a difficult workout. If I’m able to look at the screen, I psyche myself out, checking how many minutes I have left way too frequently. If I cover it up, I can listen to my music or watch TV without the added distraction/pressure of the ticking timer.
    Emily @ Perfection Isn’t Happy recently posted..A letter to my 17-year-old self

  17. says

    When I used to belong to a gym, I would cover the screen because I could NOT know how much was left or it would be torture. I would either set a distance or a program, so I would never have to know or manually adjust anything!!
    Amanda recently posted..Milo Man 2003-2011

  18. says

    All of those boxes of Kashi make me jealous.

    If i’m just doing a regular, steady run, i tend to throw the towel on the screen for multiple reasons. first, i find it annoying to see how far i have to go. personal preference.
    but the main reason is because I don’t want to see the calorie count. I was a compulsive exerciser with an eating disorder for a long time, and ran strictly for calories. now that it’s actually FUN for me to run, i don’t care about the calorie count, and don’t want even a chance that i’ll be triggered.
    Veronica (Run Write Repeat) recently posted..Dirty Day

  19. says

    The only times I covered the the time on workout machines was when I was very casually working out on the few machines in my dorm. Sometimes I would take a break and have a light workout by watching a TV show on my laptop while on the elliptical or if I was doing some reading for classes on the bike.
    If I’m actually trying to get in a focused workout I peak too much and it becomes a problem.
    Julia recently posted..Happy Memorial Day!

  20. says

    I do cover the treadmill with my towel if I’m having trouble motivating myself to run for a period of time. Then I turn up my iPod and go as long as I can without checking. It allows me to focus on something other then those digital numbers. They can drive me nuts if I’m just trying to cover distance. However I have had numerous people ask me why I do that or laugh out loud when they pass my treadmill :)

    I like my cereal crunchy CRUNCHY CRUNCHY!!!
    Crista recently posted..Day 14 – Hump Day is my Monday

  21. Erika says

    I ALWAYS cover the screen, that way I’m not disappointed if I’ve only run something lame like 1 min when I feel like I’ve been on an hr! Ha that’s why I download upbeat music to my iPod so I’m singing along. It also helps when the TV’s on in the gym or I have a magazine, it totally takes my mind off of it

  22. says

    I cover the screen on the elliptical when I”m using it because I usually just push as hard as I can for the allotted time. I do it because I find working out on gym equipment extremely boring, so I swear this makes the time go by faster when you can’t see it! On the treadmill though, I’ve tried, I peek – plus I’m usually doing intervals.
    Samantha recently posted..Valuable Lesson Learned Day 15

  23. says

    that looks exactly like my cabinet! I love all kashi cereals. or at least most of them. They never disappoint. I try to do the whole cover the treadmill thing but it never works for me!
    Alexis recently posted..WIAW!

  24. Jordan P says

    I agree with most of the other comments, I like to cover the machines with the towels so I don’t realize how long I’ve been on (OR how long I have left!!) I also don’t like to know when I’m doing inclines or the resistance goes up (on ellipticals) so my body just adjusts.

  25. says

    Good job on the softball win!

    I can’t ever figure out why people cover the treadmill screen. I HAVE to see it. Otherwise I get obsessed with knowing what it says. Once I start getting tired I play games of trying to count along with the timer or random things that keep me distracted.

    As cereal goes: Not soggy, but not crunchy. Leave it in just a little bit so that its in the middle, a little soggy, a little crunchy :)
    Stephanie Bragg recently posted..Pizza Hogs

  26. Erin says

    I typically read a magazine while I run (even as fast as 8.5 mi/hr I can manage it, that’s was my fastest when I did 5-4-3-2-1 this morning). Reading makes the time go faster and it makes it so I’m not checking the time ever 30 seconds!!

    Mainly crunchy, sometimes soggy. . .

  27. says

    I do it sometimes (not as often as I used to!) to keep me from seeing how long I had been on there for, to prevent the “are we there yet” thoughts. Now that I’m doing more intervals, I have to see the screen, and I don’t get as bored as I used to! Good thing, because that darn towel used to always fall off and I almost tripped about a 1000 times! 😉
    Jessica @ Bright-Eyes & Bushy-Tales recently posted..Burger Time

  28. says

    I have wondered about that too. A couple of weeks ago I accidentally (!!) glanced over to the girl on the treadmill next to me which prompted her to hectically throw her towel over the machine. The towel, of course, fell down and with a look of panic in her eyes she jumped off the machine and ran towards the locker rooms. The only explanation is that some people are trying to hide their stats from others. Why, I have no idea!

    But after reading the comments I do understand the idea of covering up your stats in order to run freely.
    Yacine recently posted..Looks aren’t everything

  29. says

    I cover the TM because I run on there for a loonngg time, as much as 15 miles so I do it so I’m not staring at the screen the entire time. But, if I’m doing a shorter, interval run like you do I’ll watch the screen the whole time :)

  30. Shayla says

    Whenever I’m on the treadmill I always always have to cover the screen so I don’t know how many miles I have left….and even better, I have the wicked ability to read while running (not very fast, just a 9:30 min. mile), so I get to read while running and I just love how the time goes by sooooo fast!! And I can usually approximate how far or how long I’ve gone by how many songs I’ve listened to so I don’t have to keep checking the screen 😉 Although when I’m doing intervals, then yes obviously I can’t read and have to look at the screen….and I’m a crunchy cereal girl!

    • Shayla says

      Oh, and it’s always a magazine, not a book, that I can read. One like Shape or Self that’s easy to read and I can scan the words over easily :)

  31. says

    I used to cover up the time with a towel because I would look down every 30 seconds and the workout seemed to take foreverrrrr. I don’t do it anymore because…well, I guess I don’t hate it as much 😉 Or, I just avoid looking at the time! And as for the cereal – oh girl, it’s gotta be crunchy!
    Colleen @ The Lunchbox Diaries recently posted..Brand Spankin’ New

  32. says

    i used to cover up the monitor because i would find myself just staring at the time and a minute would pass so slowly and i’d start thinking about how slowly the minute would pass and how i didn’t want to do it anymore. lol. i’d cover it to force myself to look elsewhere.

  33. says

    That is so funny! I always yell at my boyfriend because he covers his with a towel…but I tried it and I ran further than I ever did before! I swear it works lol

  34. says

    My screen gotsta stay uncovered! While I understand that watching the clock tick may make some people think the time is going slowwww, I just get SO BORED without regular updates. Sometimes I even watch the clock for minutes at a time.


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