It’s A Good Thing I Like Him

Well, hello Monday. How nice of you to sneak up on us so quickly.

Is it just me, or did this weekend fly by?!? I swear, it was just Friday!

In case you’re just catching up from whatever fun adventures you had going on, here are some of mine from the weekend…

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This morning, the only thing really calling out to me for breakfast was cereal, which was totally cool because I love cereal and would probably eat it three times a day if I could.


Today’s combo: Kashi Heart to Heart + Kashi Golden Goodness + Fiber One 80 Calorie Honey Squares + vanilla almond milk + blueberries. Totally just realized I forgot my chia seeds…darn it.


With cereal, there’s never coffee far behind…iced coffee with skim milk + Truvia, to be exact.


Of course, as soon as I sat down to my delicious morning meal, I got the inevitable brush of the leg, followed by a “plop” of the fetch toy…


Somebody wanted to play…


So we took a few minutes to play some fetch, which of course, resulted in a super soggy cereal bowl for mama. It’s a good thing I like him, like, a lot. Winking smile


While sitting and eating my soggy cereal, I got lured in to watching an infomercial for P90X, and now I really want to do it. But I don’t at the same time…


I’ve always been sort of a sucker for infomercials, no matter what it might be, but seeing the results of all those ripped women on there definitely left me wanting to P90X it up.

We DO have the DVD’s and all….hmmmm.


As a side note, I TOTALLY meant to mention this yesterday, but it completely slipped my mind. Even though it’s a day late, I want to wish our dear friends, Joe & Kate, a very Happy First Wedding Anniversary! It’s hard to believe it was already a year ago that we were celebrating at their amazingly fun wedding!


Questions for the Morning:

Have you ever ordered anything off of an infomercial?

Have you ever tried a workout program like P90X, Insanity, TurboFire, etc.? What did you think?


  1. says

    I’m not a sucker for infomericals except myabe BareMineral they h=got me but not for too long! I only used it for a few months! I haven’t tried P90x but my aunt wants me to start doing it with her while I’m at her house visiting for a month and I’m not sure about it. My boyfriend did it for a while and I didn’t like hearing the guy being all macho all the time it was annoying. I do like other workout dvds though! I just tried Bob Harper’s Inside Out Method Cardio dvd and it kicked my butt so I order his strength and yoga one, too!
    Grace recently posted..A little taste of Michigan Giveaway!

  2. says

    I have never ordered anything off of an infomercial but recently I was at my parents house and the P90x infomercial came on and my DAD looked at me and was like “I want to try that”. haha! The same guy that plays golf and watches TV all day in his recliner. I tried to hold in the laughter!
    Gina @ Running to the Kitchen recently posted..Ireland Day 6 &amp 7- Killarney

  3. says

    I always think the stuff on infomercials looks fun but I never take the initiative to buy it. I’ve always wanted a magic bullet though! I may be asking for it for the bday this year :-)

    I’ve never tried P90X but I’ve always wanted to. I just worry I wouldn’t put the effort in that it requires. I’m much better in group settings at gym classes.
    Jamie aka “Sometimes Healthy” Girl recently posted..Girls on the Run 5K Recap- A Lesson in Runpowerment!

  4. says

    I’ve done both Insanity and P90X and they are AMAZING. You really have to make the effort to commit but it’s well worth it. I still do the workouts for cross training along with running, and they always kick my butt.

  5. Linda says

    I bought the Turbo Jam DVD’s, only I got them on ebay for much cheaper! I also bought the Magic Bullet in the store and I love it – I use it very morning to make a smoothie!

  6. Danica says

    I’ve done P90X, and it’s definitely a legitimate workout program. To do it like they suggest you have to commit about 1.5-2 hours to working out every single day, which can be hard to do, but like I said you definitely see the results. I did the program last year but got sick of doing a workout in my living room everyday, so now I just incorporate a video here and there into my workout schedule.
    I’d really like to try Insanity sometime, too-I’ve heard that it definitely produces results.

  7. says

    I always thought the magic bullet looked interesting but never bought it. Now that there is one at my house though I will definitly buy one! I am addicted!

    As for P90X, lots of my friends had great success, but only if they really stuck to it. I don’t think it is for me though… I like to be able to just take a day off and go for a long walk or hike with my dogs.

    By the way I love the blog and the way you balance healthy living with actual LIVING! Some people get so caught up in being healthy they forget to have a little fun along the way!
    Niki (Life’s a Payne) recently posted..Overnight Oats for Three!

  8. says

    I am a total sucker for infomercials too! It is a good thing I don’t pull out my credit card or I would have a pile of things used once!
    Kelsey recently posted..Day 2

  9. says

    I have P90X, but I never use it. A few friends of mine got really into it, but they all pretty much stopped too. It worked for them, but it wasn’t anything they wanted to maintain for any length of time.
    Love reading blogs while I eat breakfast :) Coffee and a yogurt combo bowl for me!

  10. Stefanie says

    This is random, but I noticed you always use Almond milk with your cereal/coffee and that’s always been my go-to milk too, but I just tried the new Silk Pure Coconut milk in my iced coffe & cereal combo this morning and it blew me away! I’m not even a big fan of coconut-flavored things but I promise you this is just amaaazing, you have to try it!!

    • Courtney says

      Thanks for the heads up! I’ve never tried the coconut milk, but I’ve seen it in the store. Perhaps I’ll have to give it a go!

    • says

      mmm – that sounds good!! I bought some for my fiancee to use in his morning smoothies, but I haven’t ventured to try it out yet… I’ll have to give it a go in my coffee tomorrow morning! We got the So Delicious Vanilla Coconut Milk (yep, the one sponsored by Jillian Michaels, ha) and it wasn’t all that more expensive than organic milk that I used to buy…

      Thanks for the tip!
      Allison recently posted..Sunday Top Ten

  11. Sarah says

    I have Insanity. I was going to stick with the program, but after a few days, I found that my ankles and knees were sore from it. I still do the DVDs (Pure Cardio is my fav) when I want a quick and sweaty heart pumping workout. But doing them everyday was a bit to hard on my body (and got a bit boring). I like to mix in running and strength training as well. I have been thinking about getting the P90X, but I have a feeling that I will get bored with it, or unable to commit the 1.5-2 hrs a day, EVERY day!

  12. says

    I have all of the P90X DVD’s but have only used a few. Yoga, Core, Stretch (LOVE this one) and Ab ripper. I really like them – I use them as a supplement to my running, since that’s my main workout form.

    The yoga is HARD – 90 minutes – but if you’re in for a SERIOUS stretch, do it. You’ll be sore the next day (or two haha) but it is totally worth it. I have never felt so stretched out in my life as I do after I do the P90X Yoga!
    Samantha recently posted..Another Missed Workout Day 16

  13. Sarah Elizabeth says

    I love P90X! I’m a skeptic of most DVD workouts, but P90X has won me over. It’s intense! And it’s great to have around if you ever want to switch things up, stay home for a workout, or have something there to give you a little extra motivation. I also have a lot of guy friends that love it (and Insanity)! I would highly recommend it. :)

  14. says

    ….I have the P90X DVDs but havent used them :-( I think its because its so nice outside, but I think it will be used more in the winter (hopefully haha)

  15. says

    The boyfriend and I just did an Insanity workout yesterday and it was INTENSE! I love it though. We are cheaters and don’t buy the videos. (Shhhhh:0) He downloads them from the web, so instead of doing the whole thing, which I think would bore me, we just do them now and then for a change. We have done some P90X videos and some Insanity videos and I prefer Insanity.
    Angela @ Pinching and Packing recently posted..NYC on a Budget

  16. says

    I did P90X for a straight year (the lean program) and got absolutely ripped and got asked to do fitness modeling. I did a little and then I moved to Asia and got mistaken for a MAN. several times. I love P90X though, the program is great. I love it so much my boyfriend had to put a ban on Tony Horton for a while. So I took up running…but I still do the Ab Ripper X program a few times a week. It’s 16 minute abs and allows me to maintain a more girly version of the 6 pack :)
    Crista recently posted..Public Service Announcement

  17. says

    I love cereal as well! If I could, I completely agree…I would eat it all the time!
    As for the p90x, I’ve really great things about it…I just have yet to try it. Maybe one day I’ll try it, too! Haha
    Kayleigh recently posted..Did the sun come out

  18. says

    I’ve never bought anything off an infomercial, but I love me some P90X 😉 Cory bought it after one of my uncles did it for the 90 days and lost about 20 pounds. I’ve never strictly followed the plan, but I do use them on the days that I can’t make it to the gym. You should give them a try! Plyo, Kenpo and Legs & Back are my 3 go-tos. And x-stretch is GREAT for an off day!
    Colleen @ The Lunchbox Diaries recently posted..Getting Back on the Bandwagon

  19. Samantha says

    My mom did P90X and lost 35lbs! She is awesome. I borrowed the dvd’s just to try them out and I did like them, but as with all dvd’s I find that I get bored with them after awhile. Even though there are 10 dvd’s and you rotate them I think it would get repetitive. I do BodyPump (as well as Spinning, Kickboxing, and Boot Camp classes) at my gym and love the interaction and the direct motivation from the instructor. I like to switch it up and that’s what works for me. If you want to try them I say give it a go!

  20. Megan says

    I tried P90x, but since I had other workouts I would do, I couldn’t do it for 90 days straight. Kudos to those that do! It does get a little repetitive, which is not for a mostly ADD person like myself. My brother and I are thinking about trying the Insanity dvds! They literally seem insane, but they also just use your bodyweight and don’t last as long as the p90x ones. Some of those workouts are over an hr! Yoga is 90 minutes- ridiculous

  21. says

    I’ve done P90X. I think it is great! I am a cardio junkie so it was hard to focus more on the weights. But it is worth it. And now that it is over, I go back and do some of the weights DVDs on different days if I feel like getting my muscles worked hard
    Trisha recently posted..More Bang For Your Buck

  22. Karina says

    I liked p90x ok, but it didn’t have enough emphasis on legs that I would’ve liked! Insanity is.. Well.. Insane.. Seriously, hardest workout I’ve ever done! Turbofire is awesome but my favorite is ChaLean Extreme because of all the weightlifting component– it really works! I could watch infomercials for hours though:)

  23. says

    I am always a sucker for informercials. I have p90x and turbojam. I like both of them, and felt that they gave me a good workout. The thing with dvds are that they get kind of boring, and for me, I personally like working out in the gym. It makes me workout harder! P90x in the winter time is great though!
    Juju recently posted..Beef and Vegetable Soup – Quick

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