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All I can say is, thank goodness Jay finally put this baby in the window last night…


Yowsahs it is warrrrrm out there. Typically, heat doesn’t bother me; I wait all winter long for the the mercury to rise. But the one exception is when I’m going to bed, because no matter how warm I am, I can not sleep without at least a sheet over me. Anyone else with me on this?

So needless to say, having a little AC in the room last night to fall asleep to was definitely just what the doctor ordered. I’m still holding off on turning our other unit on which cools off the rest of the house though…

I’m cheap and I don’t want to pay for it running. Winking smile


This morning’s warm temperatures called for a cool, no-fuss breakfast. Are you surprised?


Today’s combo is the same one you saw on Monday, only this time I remembered to add my chia seeds and I held off on adding my milk until after my pictures were taken. The soggy cereal thing was getting old, quick.


And of course, along with my cereal, I enjoyed a nice, sweaty glass of iced coffee.


Can you guys spot the ugly bread in the background? Smile


I swear, my love for cereal continues to grow by the day. I actually have many people often say to me that they don’t understand how I can eat just one bowl and not go back for more.

I will say…it’s definitely tempting, but I honestly feel like my combo bowls are what keep me from going back. Already having so much variety in the bowl, I feel like I’m already getting enough of what I want, and I feel totally satisfied by the time I’m done. So maybe if you’re one of the many who has trouble sticking to just one bowl…try a combo bowl! It works for me, maybe it’ll work for you. Smile

Questions for the Morning:

Are you a cereal eater? Do you combine cereals? Can you stick with one bowl or do you need more?


  1. says

    Ugh it’s so hot out now! I also cannot sleep without some kind of blanket on me and I hate yet to get an AC unit for my new apartment so I’m struggling!

    I love, love, love cereal. I never mix them because I usually only buy one box at a time because I plow through it way too fast! :)
    Rachel @ The Perseverance Diaries recently posted..5 Down- 1 To Go

  2. says

    I’d have to say that cereal doesn’t really fill me up UNLESS there’s fruit in it! And considering I’m the only one in my household that eats it, unless I find a killer deal, I’m a one cereal no mixup lady. But if I had the option…. I think I’d make a “suicide cereal” like those kids at the soda fountains who mix sprite, coke, dr. pepper, fanta, and lemonade.

    gross when it comes to soda, but sounds PERFECT when applied to cereal!
    Jordan P @ food, sweat, and beers recently posted..Welcome to the Jungle

    • Courtney says

      Hahaha I love it!! I totally used to do the same thing with the sodas when I worked at the snack bar of a bowling alley…I went right down the machine with a little of everything. Never heard it called a “suicide” soda! LOL 😉

  3. says

    My mom always taught me that I shouldn’t go to sleep without something covering my stomach or else I’ll catch a cold or get a stomachache or something like that! So now it’s just habit.

    And I DEFINITELY can’t sleep when it’s hot outside. I’ve read that you should go to sleep in cooler temps because of something related to body temps…

    I think I need a cereal bowl with LOTS of fiber, textures and milk that has more fat. That always leaves me more satisfied :)
    Liv @ The Salty n’ Sweet recently posted..Drink the Day Away

  4. says

    I am a big cereal eater. I usually combine Kashi Cinnamon Harvest with Cinnasnaps from Whole Foods & put unsweetened vanilla almond milk on it. It’s actually really satisfying & doesn’t keep me going back for more. I’ve had the lukewarm iced coffee a couple times too due to my impatience :( It’s still better than no iced coffee at breakfast though!
    Dawn @ Blonde on a Mission recently posted..So Many Chores Today

  5. says

    I ALWAYS go back for more when I’m indulging in a sugary cereal, Like Golden Grahams, or Cinnamom Toast Crunch, my favs. I’ll buy a box as a treat, it’ll be gone in NO time!

  6. says

    I LOVE cereal. I could eat an entire box if I let myself!! However, it’s hard for me to eat a bowl for breakfast and then not be hungry again in 5 minutes. So I use cereal as snacks, or toppings for my yogurt. Cereal is probably one of my favorite foods! My trick to not eating more than one bowl is dumping the milk down the sink so I don’t pour more into the bowl! Sometimes it’s sad watching the milk go down the sink :(

  7. says

    I’m not a big cereal person for some reason? Unless it’s raisin nut bran, then I’m all over it lol (what am I, 80 years old?) I can’t believe you haven’t had AC until now, I’d be dyingggggg! I guess since you are so far north you don’t need central AC it that much? I lived in 1 place w/out it in VA and it was very tough when temps got to upper 90’s and 100 esp bc the house was almost 100 years old – talk about inefficient haha. Totally agreed on the sheet thing, I hate going to sleep w/out at least something covering me up, glad I’m not the only one!
    Stephanie @cookinfanatic recently posted..The Farmer &amp The Egg

  8. Diana says

    I loooove cereal but I am one of those people who can’t have just 1 bowl. I am going to give the combo bowl a try but I am wondering how much of each cereal you put in – can you post the details of your average cereal bowl? thx!

  9. Juani says

    I am like a 5 year old – I need to sleep with my feet covered,cos I’m still scared the boogeyman will grab my feet (ps.I’m 28).So in summer I have a hard time sleeping if my feet aren’t covered,but I also hate having too hot feet :( I know,I’m full of crap.Right now,it’s winter here,and my feet are totally freezing at night – I sleep with thick socks (sometimes 2 pairs) and still need to use my boyfriends furnace-like feet for heat :)

    I LOVE combining cereals,and especially in summer,I could eat cereal for breakfast,lunch and dinner.

  10. says

    I feel ya on the sheet, sista! I just can’t fall asleep without one. And I am most definitely a cereal eater… I would probably have it at every meal if I could. Although I rarely mix cereal, I do need more than one bowl.

  11. says

    I used to eat cereal like it was my job . . . now, not so much. Not sure why that is because I love it!

    I am with you on the AC at night, but I’m cheap, too! Every time it kicks on, I hear a little “ka-ching!” like my money is slipping away. Hate that!

  12. Stefanie says

    Cereal used to be a huge weak food for me, I could never stop! Nowadays, I mix a couple types of cereal so its about 1-1 1/2 cups worth, use 1/2 banana, blueberries & chopped strawberries, and it keeps be so satisfied & full!

  13. says

    All my brekkiebowls are ‘wild’! Typically it’s oats with the following: Kashi granola, almonds, peanut butted, and fruit preserves! You’re right, the variety keeps me satisfied!
    Khushboo recently posted..23 years wiser

  14. says

    I adore cereal! Yesterday, I actually had cereal twice (once for breakfast and once for my before bed snack). I’m really into dry cereal right now…I always used to have milk, but now I love the dryness and crunchiness! Cereal is honestly my weakness…when I first started recovering from anorexia, I would binge on cereal I just loved it so much! (Luckily, my binging days are long gone!!!)

    I never combine cereals…but I might just start after reading all your posts!

    And I usually have just one bowl. The way I can do that is I tell myself: “you’ll be eating for the rest of the day, so there is no reason to eat so much now. If you want, you can have a whole other bowl later tonight for your snack. You don’t want to go through the whole thing in one sitting!”

    PS I also need at least a sheet over me, no matter the temperature!
    Kayleigh recently posted..Did the sun come out

  15. says

    I NEED at least a sheet over me when I sleep… I think it stems from a very bad kitten sized fritz who would attack any exposed toes in the middle of the night lol

    I definitly love combining cereal! My fav is banana and chocoalte cheerios!
    Becca recently posted..Setting Your Intentions

  16. says

    So funny, I’m TOTALLY with ya! I have to have a sheet + a blanket. If it were my way, I would have it set to 59 degrees at night, like it always was when I was growing up– the artic 😉 But I have a wuss on my hands…aka the HUSBAND (<– yikes did I just say husband?! lol!) who likes it a bit warmer :)
    Holly recently posted..Getting Prepped for the BIG Day!

  17. says

    I am the exact same with sleeping with sheets – I prefer to have the comforter too!! My plan, when I land in a cash surplus, will be to have AC in my room that is auto controlled to be super cool when I sleep, but slowly warm up when I need to be awake – that way I won’t be tempted to stay in a nice warm cozy bed because my room would be nice as well!!

    A lot of the time I will have cereal as part of a yogurt and fruit bowl. That really helps to keep me full longer without going back for 2nds, 3rds or 4ths :)
    Kelsey @ a piece of kelsey recently posted..New Recipe of the Week!

  18. says

    i totally need at least a sheet on me. i cannot sleep without something covering me. i don’t know why that is!

    i love cereal, but it never keeps me filled…

  19. says

    I totally need atleast a sheet on me to sleep. I can’t sleep with nothing over me! I had my boyfriend install the AC the second there was an inkling of heat lol….I just bought placemats from TJMaxx because they reminded me of the ones you always use and I love them! I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the same brand.. they came in a four pack in plastic but I can’t remember the name!

  20. says

    love combo bowls! Right now I have been eating fiber one with kashi. w/ banana and soy milk. (I will say, it doesnt stop me from going back for more!)

  21. says

    I need at least a sheet and two bowls of cereal before I can even think about sleeping! I am a cereal monster! I like to combine dry cererals for snacking and I usually mix a more sugary cereal like Kashi Honey Sunshine with plain cheerios. Cascadian Farms Chocolate O’s is also insanely delicious with peanut butter!
    Shana Powell recently posted..Let the beet drop


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