Well Wouldn’t You Know

Well wouldn’t you know.

As soon as Jay and I pulled into the parking lot of the softball fields last night, the skies opened up…


Since the storm was supposed to be a fast mover, we all waited it out in our cars.


But then the thunder and lightning got crazy!


So the game was cancelled and we headed home. I’m not going to lie…I wasn’t too disappointed about not playing. I guess I was feeling a bit lazy yesterday evening. Smile

I guess it’s a good thing the laziness was happenin’ last night, rather than this morning though, right? I hit up my usual BodyPump class, which was preceded by 15 minutes of intervals on the elliptical.

I’ve had a few people ask lately what exactly my elliptical intervals look like…honestly, I never really paid attention until today (since it’s a built in program), so here’s me trying to break it down for ya…

Time Resistance Crossramp Stride
0-2 mins 2 4 Forward
2-4 mins 6 10 Forward
4-6 mins 2 4 Backward
6-8 mins 6 10 Backward

Continue repeating minutes 0-8, alternating stride every 4 mins. I really like alternating my stride forward and backward because it each way works different muscles and feels like a more complete workout.


Once I got home, I decided to get the shower thing out of the way for the day, even though I’ll probably be sweating my face off in no time. Once that was taken care of, it was time to dig into breakfast, which was already waiting for me in the fridge.


Overnight OIAJ! It’s been way too long my friends…too long. I was excited. Can you tell?


In today’s OOIAJ:

  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 1/3 cup vanilla almond milk
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 1/2 mashed banana
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla Whey protein powder
  • 2 tsp chia seeds
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • raisins
  • granola (added this morning after a big ‘ol stir of the oats)

It was incredible.


And so was the glass of iced coffee that my wonderful hubby left for me this morning, since there wasn’t enough for both of us…


But I mean, really. It’s the least he could have done…I just sent him into work with a dozen cupcakes this morning. Winking smile


I’m determined to make a bigger dent in my to-do list today than I have the past two days…I guess I’m already ahead of the game though by having my shower taken care of.

Time to get crack-a-lackin’!

Question for the Morning:

Do you prefer cardio workouts that are more steady-state or full of intervals and/or other changes in speed/incline/etc.?


  1. says

    I’ve only recently discovered how great intervals are. I definitely used to run and bike or any other kind of cardio at the the same pace for a longer time. Now I realize that nothing gets my heart beating and me sweating like running intervals. I feel it so much more!

    I’ve never tried natural Jif before. Is it any good??
    Liv @ The Salty n’ Sweet recently posted..Sweat and the City

  2. says

    I’m DEFINITELY a fan of mixing the workout up, I get so bored if I’m not changing incline or resistance on a regular basis!

    Also, at least one strap of whatever you’re wearing in your OIAJ picture is really cool looking! (leaving me wondering… is it a dress? a shirt? a strap that leads to nowhere…. the world may never know!)
    Jordan P @ food, sweat, and beers recently posted..Welcome to the Jungle

  3. says

    If I’m in the gum, intervals all the way. The thought of doing 40+ of steady cardio would make me lose my mind…and feel robotic! I make the exact same overnight oiaj combo just sans the protein powder! Came wait to ‘hit the jsckpot’ any day now!
    Khushboo recently posted..23 years wiser

  4. says

    You’re making me feel so lazy right now! I still need to get my workout in for the day haha. Getting right on that after this comment 😉 I’m more of a steady state person even though I know intervals are better for your heart.

  5. says

    I love overnight oats in a jar! I think it’s my favorite breakfast ever :-) I just started doing it a month ago. I love how it gives me an excuse to polish off a jar of peanut butter. I like interval training but when I want to be lazy it’s a little harder to push myself on those intervals.
    Jamie aka “Sometimes Healthy” Girl recently posted..Ode to Coffee

  6. says

    I hate hate HATE doing speedwork, so I usually prefer steady cardio, but if I’m feeling tired or bored, I go for interval sprints – the shorter distances and quick-hit goals keep my mind from settling into a static zone-out mode. Since I’m working out more in the mornings when I’m sleepy and spacey, I’m doing more of the interval stuff to get my brain engaged!
    Faith @ lovelyascharged recently posted..Chocolate Wheat Bran Breakfast Cookie

  7. says

    If I’m on the treadmill, intervals for sure! Running outside, I just go to go. I’m not very good at tracking my pace or anything like that.

    Enjoy sweating your face off! 😉 It’s funny that you say that because I always get so grossed out when I feel like my makeup is melting off. And when it gets on my sunglasses? Ick!

  8. says

    I switch up my cardio by doing weights in between. I do all of my workouts at home, and this just works the best for me. Plus I get bored so easily! I agree too..you have great skin!
    Tanya @ Sunday Baker recently posted..Heat

  9. says

    I prefer doing intervals because the time goes by faster :)

    ps. I read your two posts yesterday (the ones that you were very open/honest about… written a year ago?) and I commend you for being so brave! <3
    Leanne (Bride to Mrs.) recently posted..Spruce Up

  10. says

    I need intervals when I’m on machines, but can’t stand them when I’m outside. Since I’m not currently a gym member, I’ve been missing my incline walks/runs.
    Julia recently posted..Active Hangout

  11. says

    I prefer interval workouts because it keeps my attention better. Otherwise, I get really bored pretty easily, but with intervals, I am always keeping track of what I am doing so it is much easier (at least for me).
    Kayleigh recently posted..Did the sun come out

  12. says

    OOIAJ look SOOO great! I can’t wait until my PJ jar gets lower! I have organic nut butters, so they come in a shallow reusable container, but it will still be perfect! You and the hubby look like it was a fun night even with the rain!
    Claire recently posted..Foodie on her Friday

  13. says

    Did you pitch a fit, exclaiming how bummed you were that the game was cancelled? cuz i totally would have, even if i was secretly ecstatic that it was rained out. not that i’m a drama queen or anything :)

    i prefer a mix of steady running and intervals throughout the week. but that’s probably because i’m used to being in “training mode” for races all the time, and the long slow distances combined with speedwork are crucial. for elliptical, i mix it up with intervals, usually, in order to break out of the boredom.
    Veronica (Run Write Repeat) recently posted..National Running Day

  14. Danica says

    Usually I prefer to have intervals in my cardio workout. It helps me avoid getting bored, plus I’ve heard that intervals makes you burn a lot more calories since you’re adjusting what muscles you’re using or the amount of work your muscles have to do

  15. Amy says

    i hate cardio personally, I’m a weights kinds girl. Love them.
    Oh, went to get the Shellac manicure today and left with just a plain mani. I decided I didn’t want the upkeep, sounded too much like acrylic nails to me and the soaking off sounded like it may ruin my nails. I’m still au naturale!!!

  16. says

    I much prefer intervals! I can’t remember the last time I did a steady cardio session for the entire workout – I get too bored and all I think about it how hard I’m breathing or how tired I am.
    Kayla @ Sprouty Buns recently posted..Disco Dreams

  17. says

    I def prefer intervals! it makes it go by so much faster, and i know if i push myself for 5 minutes i have two minutes to recover. I feel like i work out so much harder with the intervals.

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