The Little Things

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make me happy…

Like getting a Shellac manicure from my favorite salon



Or going to Target and realizing that they had honey graham Clif Z Bars on sale for $1.98 (only that kind though!)…


Or snacking on my favorite kettle corn, and still wondering why in the world it’s so amazing…


Or realizing I have some super ripe bananas that can be baked into my favorite Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies


Only to then realize that I was out of chocolate chips, but found an even better substitute in the form of a Pure Dark Chocolate Slab that was sent to me months ago from the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program


Which then led to an even better batch of cookies, thanks to the shreds of chocolate being dispersed throughout the whole cookie…


But don’t forget about the big hunks of chocolate too…



Yes, sometimes it’s just the little things that make me smile, and today has certainly been full of them. Speaking of the little things, have you ever checked out Julie’s “The Little Things” posts? They’re great…and you can even submit your own!

Now I’m off to enjoy another little thing in the form of cheering on hubby at his softball game with some of my favorite people.

Question for the Evening:

What was a little thing that made your day?


  1. VanessaG says

    The little things make me happy too! Today, it made my day when I was running at a park and two women stopped me to ask where do I get my t- shirts. I have xc t-shirts that say “Day by day, mile by mile,” “Never Give In”, and one that says “i run the world.” I told them that I got them in college when I ran xc. I guess they just made me feel proud and happy for some reason cause I’ve been in a good mood since. Yep, little things make me happy. :)

  2. briana says

    Quick question about the shellac manicure, do your nails have to be long? I’m an avid nail bitter….the little thing for me today is that I have ben and jerry’s in the freezer for dessert!

    • Courtney says

      I don’t think so? They polish them like regular polish, it’s just the special UV light that is different I think?

    • Jen M. says

      NOPE!! Your nails are better off being on the short side with a shellac mani! Most of the colors will last 14 days (and um, the “Tutti Frutti, which is a bright pink that I LOVE and always get complemented on, lasts for-ev-er!) And since the polish sits tight for so long (provided you don’t pick at it!!), it’s best to start with shorter nails, otherwise you end up with talons at the end of the two weeks!! My best friend does them for me, I love love love shellac manicures!!!!! Try it!!

  3. says

    My little thing of the day was that I just went to a new spray tan place and not only was the lady super nice but I then found out the spray smelled amazing AND was 95% organic! I now smell like vanilla cherry blossoms and that makes me happy.

    Your Mani looks great! And your rings are sooo pretty.
    Mandee recently posted..Hostess Cupcake Homecoming

  4. says

    Little things for me today…

    -having a beer with a great friend an hour before my exam after studying for 4 hours STRAIGHT!
    -having our exam be easier than the previous one!
    -finding a half eaten chocolate bar from Wednesday in my cupboard!

    Excellent post, really made me look back on the good things today :) !
    Niki (Life’s a Payne) recently posted..Amys Guest Post – Fighting Temptations

  5. says

    I can’t believe those cliff bars were only $1.98!! Such a steal. The little thing that made my day today was taking my dog for a walk. She’s so sweet :)

  6. says

    I love the Z Bars although I’ve only tried the S’more flavor. This is going to sound crazy to most of you but I cookd an egg sunny-side up for the first time last night! Omg, what was I doing all these years just eating the whites 😉
    Khushboo recently posted..23 years wiser

  7. shaffy says

    what made me happy…? taking the day off from work, waking up late, finding my secret stash of chocolate fudge popsicles intact in the freezer (the army didn’t realise they existed, i guess), and…….. my new treadmill got delivered from the store!! woot woot!!


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