Seafood Buffet Snafus + Exciting News

Last night was a celebration night here in OBX…it was Randi’s birthday!


Are her glasses and hat not absolutely fantastic? They came from the fun hat place that we visited a couple days ago.

To begin the celebration, our group headed over to Captain George’s Seafood Buffet for dinner.


We actually came to this same place the last time that we were down here and really liked it, so we figured it was worth a trip back. Needless to say, I think half of the folks down here also had the same idea…there was a wait out the door when we pulled up!


Fortunately, the line looked more intimidating than it really was and we were able to find ways to keep ourselves amused while we waited.



Within about 15 minutes our name was called, but only to be corralled inside into what we all called a “holding cell” for about another 10 minutes.


It wouldn’t have been half bad, had we not had a full view of everything that was just out of our reach


Talk about a tease. But eventually we made it to a table and were given the go-ahead to dig in.

Now I’m going to be honest with you- usually, I’m a complete train wreck when it comes to buffets. I feel like I’m being pulled in a million different directions, I have no idea where to start, I want to take one of everything, and my eyes end up being way bigger than my belly.


So, being well aware of my usual habits, I made a solid attempt to tackle tonight’s buffet with a game plan:

  • Don’t bother getting things I could eat anytime (i.e., chicken, mac & cheese).
  • Don’t worry about salad- yes, I know it’s good for me, but it would have filled me up too fast to enjoy the rest of the goods.
  • Go for the items that will give me my money’s worth…all $31.00 of it!

Keeping these in mind, I scanned all of the offerings first, made some mental notes, and dug right in.

Plate #1: She Crab Chowder, corn muffin, green beans, a piece of salmon, and a few shrimp.


What was left behind: half the salmon (ehh), about 1/4 of the chowder, and ALL of the shrimp.

Why was all the shrimp left behind you ask? Ohhh, well that would be because I was a complete idiot and bit right into the first one…without removing the shell or anything else. Can I tell you bad I wanted to vom immediately after the first crunch of shell and then looking down to see the little legs??? Ohh good lord…it was awful. Snafu #1.


Note to self: It’s not shrimp cocktail when it looks like they can still walk off the plate…ughhh, my stomach still turns just looking at these things!

Plate #2: I redeemed myself with LOTS of crab legs with butter (YUM!), some sautéed zucchini (loaded with butter, booo), and a dinner roll.


What was left behind: half the roll and a few zucchini slices.

Let me assure you…no crab legs went to waste. They were much better than the crab legs I had on Tuesday, AND I wanted to make sure I got my money’s worth! Open-mouthed smile


You guys want to know what else I tried???


Crawfish! Weeeeeee!


I guess I was feeling brave. I tried one…it was gross. And salty. And I proclaimed that I felt like I was eating ocean water. It was then immediately pointed out to me that crawfish actually come from fresh water(??).

Yep, I felt like a bit of a tool after that one. Snafu #2.

So I did the only other thing I knew best…


Hit up the dessert buffet, of course. Winking smile

Out of that plate above, the only thing I ate entirely was the carrot cake, which was loaded with cream cheese frosting and was fantastic. The rest were just so-so, so I bite or two from each was all I needed.

I probably definitely would have gone back for more carrot cake, had there not been more dessert to come after returning back to the house…


Happy Birthday, Randi!


For Randi’s birthday cake, we got her a “Strawberry Cheesequake” ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.


It was good, but honestly, for the amount they charged, it really didn’t wow me. Plus, ice cream cake usually isn’t my top choice.


When it comes to birthday cake, I want real cake. And lots and lots of frosting so sweet that it coats my teeth. Winking smile


This morning, I quickly ate a repeat breakfast from Tuesday, hopped in the car, and headed on down to the local DD’s for some more paparazzi blogging. I think we’re starting to know each other on a first name basis here…


To fuel me through, I got myself a raspberry iced coffee with skim milk and a couple blueberry cake munchkins (because, umm, we all know how much I adore these little things).

It’s looking a little overcast this morning, so I’m not quite sure what’s in store for the day.


All I know is that I can’t believe it’s already Thursday and my vacation is quickly coming to an end. Total bummer.

But hey, on the bright side, I got some really, really exciting news last night…


I was chosen to be a FitFluential Ambassador for the Albany, NY area!

I am *over-the-moon* excited to be a part of such an amazing group of bloggers and can’t wait to see what fun opportunities could possibly be in store!

If you haven’t joined yet and are interested, click here to check it out.


Alright, I think I’ve talked all of your ears off enough this morning…I’m off to finish my iced coffee and get started on my day!

Question for the Morning:

What’s the craziest/grossest/scariest food you’ve ever tried? Did you like it?


  1. Danica says

    Congratulations on becoming an Ambassador!! That’s fantastic!

    I love eating at new places but don’t generally try anything too crazy. The latest “weird” thing I tried actually was duck, and as strange as it seemed to think about what I was eating it tasted really good!

  2. says

    Congrats on your new position!

    I can’t believe that you don’t like ice cream cake!!! I think I’d actually choose ice cream cake over regular cake :)

    Oh man, that buffet was over $30?? That’s insane! Since I’m Chinese, my parents always cook shrimp with the shell on, so I’m totally used to that.

    But crawfish does freak me out a little, and the most disgusting thing I’ve ever eaten was pig intestine… BLEGH
    Liv @ The Salty n’ Sweet recently posted..A Smoothie Under the Sun

  3. says

    Dating a southern boy with a dad from the bayou, I was thrown into my first “crawfish boil” early on, but I have to say I kinda loved it. All the spiciness, the corn and potatoes that are cooked with the little “mudbuddies”, the whole ambiance of the event… it’s a good thing.

    However, the grossest thing I ate was probably…. ugh… a chicken heart. It was also at a buffet, but a brazilian steakhouse where they forked it onto my plate. I tried one, no more for me ever, thanks!
    Jordan P @ food, sweat, and beers recently posted..Eating Good in the Neighborhood pool

  4. says

    The crab legs look DEE-LICIOUS! The shrimp on the other hand (eww)…. The dress you wore to the birthday dinner was so cute!

    A big CONGRATS on becoming a FitFluential Ambassador. You deserve it, after all the hard work you do ! Come on, blogging AND running on vacay; that’s commitment!
    Jodi recently posted..Nice to meet you!

  5. says

    CONGRATULATIONS! I just read through a bunch of the bios and you are among great company. What an honor and of course, well-deserved :-)

    The DD by me doesn’t have blueberry munchkins. boo. You’ll appreciate this: I’m in charge of the interns at my work so for their first day I bought them a bunch of munchkins from dunkin donuts and put a sign in their office that read “here are some munchkins for my munchkins.” hehe

    I tried shark once but I don’t remember what it tasted like. I was 12. But since I never ate it again, I don’t think I liked it.
    Jamie aka “Sometimes Healthy” Girl recently posted..Got Stress

  6. says

    Congrats!!! That is so awesome :) I LOVE your blog…and btw, I’m loving blogging since I started it last week- thank you so much for taking the time to email be back!

  7. says

    I hear ya on the shrimp with legs thing! I studied abroad in Spain and the shrimp were ALWAYS like that in every dish. Picking legs off got old real quick. Have you ever seen a shrimp alive with it’s head? They are so gross looking! It will make you not want to eat them ever again.

  8. says

    Frog legs! They really didn’t taste too bad, you just have to get over the fact that it actually looks like a frog leg… you eat it like a chicken wing and it kind of tastes like an extra chewy chicken wings lol… bon appetit!
    Mac recently posted..Bad News Bears

  9. says

    Congrats on the FitFluential Ambassador! That is so exciting! It’s looks like you’re having a great vacay! That cake looks delicious… I could definitely be eating that right now instead of my breakfast :) Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  10. says

    Congrats on FitFluential!!! your blog cracks me up!
    and not sure my grossiest thing but your shrimp reminded me when I took my then 10 yr old to St Augustine, where she ordered shrimp and got totally grossed out cuz she had to peel them to eat them (needless to say she did not peel them) and I cant touch shrimp since I’m allergic to them so the manager actually came over and peeled them for her (nice little place in historic St. Augustine) and then she devoured them trying to put the image of legs, etc. outta mind!
    Tara Burner recently posted..Thankful Thursday-June 16-What are you thankful for

  11. says

    I’m really not into seafood, so anytime I try anything from the ocean I’m “venturing out.” My boyfriend likes seafood, so he usually “makes me” try things off of his plate. I think he just likes the funny faces I made when I’m eating things like mussels and clams.
    Emily @ Perfection Isn’t Happy recently posted..CoverGirl for a day

  12. says

    Congrats on becoming an Ambassador! You represent the health and fitness world well.
    My boyfriend is Chinese so basically all the grossest things I have ever eaten have been at his family dinners where I don’t want to offend any of the older generation…tripe, roast chicken (the head comes with the rest of the meat), lots of slimy things I couldn’t identify…I think this was all extra gross for me because I was a vegan until I started spending more time with his family and it became pretty much impossible.

  13. says

    Congrats on the Fitfluential news!! That is very exciting!! Craziest food that I’ve tried? Probably tripe, which is cow stomach. My grandpa actually makes it (well, he gets it from a store and then cooks it, lol) and I used to love it as a kid. Then I found out what it was and it all went downhill from there, lol.
    Liz @ Tip Top Shape recently posted..In Love

  14. says

    Congratulations on becoming a FitFluential Ambassador!!! That’s a real achievement! Good job :)

    Awesome buffet, too! I love those things..honestly, they’re my favorite place to go when going out to eat. And I like your thoughts on not choosing a salad. Usuaully that’s a “tip” for buffets..but heck, for $31 you definitely don’t want to eat just a salad.

  15. says

    people are gonna think i’m crazy, but i’m not a huge raw seafood fan, so i’m gonna say raw oysters. i cannot handle that! once someone sent us a complimentary platter of raw oysters, and no one on the table liked raw oysters (blasphemy, i know) and the waiter wouldn’t take it away until all of it was gone. i think i had to down about four and i thought i was going to chuck it all up! :/

    but on a positive-trying scary things experience, the first time i met my fiance’s parents, they tried to get me to eat escargot (snails?!?! EEEW!) but to be polite and get on their good side, i obliged. I LOVED IT!!!!! YUMMMMMMMMMY!

  16. Annamaria says

    LOL I find it funny how you don’t eat the shrimp shell or legs!… when cooked properly, those are the best parts! 😉 It must be a cultural thing though….

  17. Jen says

    Craziest (and surprisingly not all that gross) thing I have ever eaten was a live termite. We were in Belize and the tour guide was talking about how they are extremely high in protein and he ate some right off of the nest. Of course some of the rest of us had to do it too! This might sound nuts, but they taste like wintergreen!

  18. says

    I have a really hard time with buffets, but more because of the sneeze guards than anything else. I’m a little germaphobic! Those crab legs would have me tempted, though! I love me some crab! And the desserts? Swoon! But it’s such a bummer when they aren’t as good as you’d hoped! Hate that!

    Congrats on your FitFluential status! You’ll be perfect for the job! :)
    Melissa recently posted..The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants


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